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Toolbox: Drilled

Chris Ward
Fisting Central (from Raging Stallion Studios)  
, Eric Evans , , Robert Black , Sean Steele , , Simon Cox , Wilhelm Dragon
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Toolbox: Drilled

The hit fisting film of 2004

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Out of the fisting factory that is Raging Stallion pops out another trilogy of movies that sets the standard for this popular hardcore fetish. The Toolbox Trilogy will not only please regular fans of fisting, but it also reaches out to new viewers who may not realize how hot this kind of stuff is to watch.

The first installment, Drilled, contains five riveting scenes that feature a cast of new men, many enthusiastic performances, and intense action. It also enjoys the fine original music and production values that punctuate every Raging Stallion film. One notable feature here is director Chris Ward's trend of casting cute, younger models in his fisting movies.

For example, in Drilled's first scene, we see R.S. boytoy Shane Rollins happily delving into the delights of hairy daddy Wilhelm Dragon. Their duet is an arousing display of opposites - Rollins as fisting top vs. Dragon as fisting bottom. There are more: young vigor to older masculinity, smooth skin to hairy, black jockstrap to red jockstrap.

However both are total sexpigs. It takes Rollins ninety seconds from the film start to have his wrist fully buried inside his partner. Dragon is a great new discovery who sets the tone for the entire movie. Rollins punch fists him in an unforgettable visual that looks like he's dipping his paw into Cool Whip.

During this entire sequence, Rollins wears a black jockstrap fully showing off his smooth bubble ass. His butt looks so fine, the camera can't keep it out of the entire visual. Altogether this is an amazing opening. However just when the fisting action seems to end, out comes a speculum.

Wilhelm Dragon and Shane Rollins
Watch on FistingCentral
Wilhelm Dragon and
Shane Rollins
They insert the stainless steel spreader into Dragon's hole, opening the orifice for Rollins' big cock. Rollins steps up and screws him with this device on, making this one of the most innovative and fine fucks in memory. Rollins finishes by standing aside and jacking out a big, gooey load from his cock. Dragon looks at his co-performer in awe.

The next scene brings the Dark Prince of Fisting, Simon Cox, back out for a performance to top all others. Here he is worked over by blonde Australian Brendan Austen (Hardsex), a real hottie who makes his hardcore debut here. Austen just rams and rams an arm-thick dildo into Cox's sphincter.

In an intense sequence, the camera shows Austen's wide eyed face, the sliding dildo and Cox's hole that keeps pushing back into it. After this Austen produces a functioning electric drill. Attached to the end is a whirling butt-plug that Austen screws directly into Cox's ass. This brings completely new meaning to man vs. the machine.

Austen performs all this like a pro. Next Cox flips on his back, legs up in the air. Austen proceeds to push his gloveless hand right up inside his gut, working his way in and out of the wide tunnel. This scene also is a notable pairing of opposites. Together they form a solid compound.

In more memorable moments, Austen removes his hand from Cox's ass, which pulls out to form the shape of a small volcano, drooling out its own lava. Austen finishes by fingering this amazing orifice as he jacks off.

The next scene presents newcomer Sean Steele, a ripped muscleguy whose enthusiasm for self pleasuring his own hole shows few limits. He debuts my hammering himself with a dildo. After working with one for awhile, he tosses it aside and a new larger one is tossed to him from off-screen. He totally gets into this series of ass implements.

After impaling himself with one that resembles a black canister, he fists himself. As a pure solo scene, Steele performs spectacularly by never losing his beat or enthusiasm. When he's done, Steels bends over and shows his worked-over ass right into the camera.

Scene four pairs ravenous bottomboy Jarek with Eric Evans, a hirsute musclestud that appears in other Raging Stallion films. Here Evans makes his fisting debut. He works over Jarek, who is locked up in a cage. Their entire interaction is through the metal bars. Jarek, who also fisted over in Probe, is a remarkable fair haired twenty-something whose wonderhole takes fists with gusto.

Evans works him over with his muscular arms, sinking it into the hairy hole. This is another pairing of opposites - smooth vs. hairy, younger vs. older. This scene has a problem however. The cage may be an arousing situation, but it restricts the camera from getting as many memorable visuals as the other scenes. However in a hot ending, Jarek stands with Evans' fist inside him as he jacks out a very nice load.

The movie finishes with a hot four way that is probably one for the history books. Dragon lays back in his jockstrap, his big arms folded back behind his head, coaxing Robert Black to push his hand into him even more. Next to them the malleable Steele is on his back, begging for Evans to keep going. These daddies engage in a whirlpool of fisting that transpires so naturally that the scene literally has almost no edits. It unfolds just the same way as it did live before the filming crew. Their fourway finishes with an amazing set of climaxes from all the performers that must be seen to be believed.

Drilled has already soared to Raging Stallion's top selling fisting video of all time. It is a hot mix, full of scenes that will burn right into the picture tube.

Toolbox: Drilled Photos:

The Toolbox Series
Brendan Austen fists Simon Cox
Watch on FistingCentral
Brendan Austen behind Simon Cox
Robert Black fists Wilhelm Dragon
Watch on FistingCentral
Robert Black inside Wilhelm Dragon (fore) | Eric Evans inside Sean Steele (back)

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