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Too Many Boys

Marty Stevens
Bel Ami  
Casper Watts , Chris Casablanca , Danny Saradon , Ethan Clarke , Gianni Fabian , Johnny Surabaya , Liev Safran , Marc Vidal , Matt Phillipe , Matthew Gray , Renato Amoroso , Ricky Martinez (II) , Roman Prada , Stefan Keller , Steve Jennings , Tim Hamilton
Czech BoysEuro-Muscle GuysTwinks, InternationalDocumentary

Too Many Boys

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A spontaneous party serves up heaping handfulls of Bel Ami boys.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Johann Paulik is all grown up! Lurking beneath his fuller face and larger frame are the remnants of the slighter superstar that his legion of fans all over the world came to love and adore. Here, he serves merely as a narrator, guiding the viewer rather than titillating the viewer. The set-up for Too Many Boys is fairly pedestrian - producer/director George Duroy has given the keys to his pad to Johann for safe keeping. This is perhaps a mistake on Duroy's part, but a lucky stroke for Paulik, his buddies, and everybody watching.

The opening party sequence will certainly make even the most cynical porn lover throw a rod, regardless of whether you hate twinks or can't get enough. One of the things that Bel Ami is unparalleled at, is capturing the coltish, unscripted horseplay of their models. Boys will indeed by boys, and the testosterone flows at breakneck speeds while Duroy vacations.

Paulik addresses the camera dead-on, telling us that he has invited the "newest boys" to the house to surprise Duroy with a small film (Paulik produced this venture). Paulik puts the statuesque Gilles Marais into his employ, sending him around to interview pairs of partygoers moments before they hit the sheets.

Tim Hamilton tops Chris CasablancaWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Tim Hamilton tops Chris Casablanca
Tim Hamilton (Pillow Talk), a sunny blonde with a toothy smile, can't keep his paws off Chris Casablanca's crotch. They head to the kitchen, Casablanca dropping to his knees to work Hamilton over. Hamilton's build is close to perfect; he's not puffed up, but packed with just enough muscle to drive Casablanca (and the viewer) crazy. Casablanca is considerably taller and leaner. He wouldn't have been my first choice of model to pair with Tim Hamilton, but this double shot of blonde works well. When Hamilton squats down to return the oral favor, he's sumptuous. His energy here is different than previous performances (Greek Holiday), but no less engaging. Casablanca's prick is challenging, incredibly long and stick-like. When he hikes one foot up on the counter, exposing his hole for Hamilton to fuck, you see how lanky he really is, spindly like a young pony.

Tim Hamilton cannot keep his paws off Chris Casablanca's crotch. Back at the party, Gilles works the room, a small camera crew in tow. He's no Barbara Walters, but his horny grilling of the models is fun to watch. He comes across Renato Amoroso (Flings 2) and Casper Watts, and charms them into recalling an wet encounter they had earlier that afternoon, shown in flashback, Watts joins Amoroso in mid-soak, bathing to work off the frustrations of the day. Watching these pups get soapy may be the highlight of the entire film. Renato has come into his good looks, even sexier than his appearance in Personal Trainers 8. It's still a surprise to see him topping, mostly because Watts just naturally seems to be the more aggressive model of the pair. But that's exactly what we get, Amoroso still dripping like a wet dog as he takes Watts' ass tubside.

Danny Sarandon (Lukas in Love) and Ricky Martinez, a model who bears more than a passing resemblance to the renowned singer, break off from the party and sneak off to a small room to enjoy some one-on-one time. With their underwear still bunched around their thighs, they let their pricks do battle while kissing hotly. Sarandon gives such great head, that Martinez can't keep from blowing his load, cum running rivers down Sarandon's right shoulder blade. Not satisfied, Sarandon fucks his buddy in the cramped space, skunking him when he's finished.

Gilles Marais interviews too many boysWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Gilles Marais interviewing too many boys
The camera crews capture another waterlogged encounter between Marc Vidal, remarkably handsome with this strong jaw, and Gianni Fabian, the weakest link in the chain that is Too Many Boys. Fabian doesn't quite seem to fit the BelAmi profile, and the chunky, oversized earrings plugging his ears like tub stoppers are a turn-off. He has the foresight to take them off inside the hot tub before things really get underway with Vidal. Vidal deliberately spills good champagne over his pecs, the foam perfectly rushing through his cockbush, sliding down the considerable length of his cock and finally into Fabian's open mouth. Both of these lads are hung, but Fabian loses his hard-on when Vidal plunders his ass. Who can blame him? That's a lot of dick for one tiny hole.

Steve Jennings' Bel Ami Birthday Cake

After a brief lovemaking session between eager models Matthew Gray and Johnny Surabaya, all the guys take a break from chugging champagne just long enough to surprise Steve Jennings (Enchanted Forest) with a birthday cake. The sweet cake ends up smeared on Jennings long torso, the pack of young men stepping up at random to eat off his abs.

Jennings has one more birthday gift to open - Liev Safran (aka Lukas Loner in Newshawks). Truth be told, it's Safran who seems to be the lucky recipient; Jennings' thick dong is a beauty, and the camera is placed mere inches away from Safran's lips, teeth and tongue while he savors the taste of hot dick. Jennings, his muscular build, and the meat between his legs made a considerable splash in "Personal Trainers 8", sending happy viewers over the top when he slurped up the loads of both Dano Sulik and Sebastian Bonnet.

Here, he gobbles up Safran's load, his fist jacking on Safran's prick in a concerted effort to get every single drop of cream. Still not satisfied, he fucks Safran within an inch of his life, Safran's face contorting with pain/pleasure. No question - this is the hottest anal action in Too Many Boys.

Two more pairings (Ethan Clark with Roman Prada and Matt Phillipe with Stefan Keller) round out the film, but regrettably, humpy Gilles Marais never gets down and dirty. Despite this small shortcoming, this film falls right in line with all things BelAmi.

The models are undeniably some of the world's most beautiful young men.well, at least in the world of gay porn. All are smooth with supple, unspoiled bodies, a real treat, even though nary a one is sporting any real body hair. These are bona fide, textbook twinks. Back to back, the scenes are regrettably formulaic (kiss/pet, swap blowjobs, one tops the other). I'd recommend watching this film over repeated sittings; it's simply too much sweet sugar to digest all at once without risking a stomachache. But still, how could there ever be too many boys?

Too Many Boys Photos:

Matthew Grey sucks Johnny SurabayaWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Matthew Grey sucks Johnny Surabaya
Ethan Clarke and Roman PradaWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Ethan Clarke and Roman Prada

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