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Too Good to Be True

Derek Kent
Studio 2000  
Andy Hunter , Cade Devlin , Hunter James , Jacob Ridely , Jason Harley , Rusty Wood , Ryan Hard , Trae Spencer ,
HunksGarage Mechanics/Plumbers/Repairmen

Too Good to Be True

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Trevor Knight Bottoms. To Good To Be True?

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Fans of Studio 2000's exclusive Boy Next Door Trevor Knight will enjoy his appearance in not one, but two of the scenes in the Derek Kent film Too Good to be True. The scene in which he flip-flops with delicious French-Canadian Jason Harley, is arguably the high point of the film, and one of Knight's best performances. The entire film contains fun action that will please all viewers.

Knight starts the movie off in a sensual make-out session with Hunter James. Both men's silhouettes show them self masturbating in the dark. Knight likes what he sees, so he ask James to turn on the lights. This romantic encounter permeates with sensuality entrancing the viewer. After receiving a scrumptious blowjob and exchanging a sixty-nine with James, Knight moves a little further down to pleasure James with a monumental rimming. Knight uses a two-finger preparation then flips James on his back to pound him missionary.

Cade Devlin and Ryan HardWatch Now
Cade Devlin swallows
Ryan Hard
The action starts slow and gentle, then Knight adjusts James into doggie-style followed by side-saddle and crescendos James to limax while still pounding his pretty little blonde ass. Knight's intense sweating during their sex illustrates the model's intense dedication to his profession. Finally, James leaves for vacation and gives specific instructions for Knight to house sit.

The next day, while doing dishes, something catches Knights eye. He rushes outside to get a close-up. In voyeuristic fashion, Knight watches through a fence as lanky Rusty Wood and blondboy Trae Spencer (Real & Raw Las Vegas) enjoy each others bodies with their tongues. Wood positions himself in a kneeling position sucking off Spencer while he lays back on a picnic table. meantime, on the other side of the fence, Knight spits for lubrication and pulls on his staff. Spencer returns the oral pleasure bringing Woods close to climax after placing him on the bench. However, Woods controls his own destiny maneuvering Spencer back onto the picnic table then penetrating him with wild abandon. Spencer rides Wood's elongated wood bringing himself to final climax followed by Woods then Knight. Enjoy the beauty of outdoor sexual escapade that includes voyeuristic action.

Later that evening, we find Knight chatting online when the door bell rings. Knight dismisses his invitee by stating "Sorry buddy, your not what I expected. Sorry."

In classic Greg and Marcia Brady fashion, Knight's next visitor, Ryan Hard, dismisses him in the same way. Knight watches from his doorway as his buddy, Jason Ridley, encounters and invites Hard to his home. During this, Cade Devlin relaxes on the patio of Ridley's home with a cold beer. Devilin and Ridley waste little time in caressing kissing and stripping down Hard. Ridley showcases his oral expertise on Hard as Devilin teasingly caresses Hard's succulent ass.

Andy Hunter Delivers Pizza

Pizza boy, Andy Hunter, rings the front door bell but gets no answer. Hunter hears noise from the backyard and makes his way to the patio. As he turns the corner, he encounters the threesome and drops his delivery in surprise. Hard gestures for Hunter to make it a foursome but a spooked Hunter runs off. He returns shortly and tentatively joins in the action. Hunter impales Ridley from behind while Ridley continues his mastery of oral manipulation on Hard. Hard changes positions with Hunter and rides Ridley from behind while Hunter sucks on Ridley. Hunter's reversal into an enthusiastic participant after his initial shyness intensifies the action of this awesome scene.

Not to be outdone, Devlin shows his bottom prowess by bucking on Hard's hard-on. Meantime, Hunter regains his position from behind Ridley and pounds him into submission. Hunter repositions Ridley into a missionary position as the camera pans in for a close-up of Hunter's large tool's in and out action. The great camera angle catches the slow slide of excess lube from Ridley's ass crack down his back. Pizza boy delivers geyser after geyser of his special sauce while Hard administers a stunning facial for bottom boy Ridley.

The next morning, Knight awakens to the phone repairman, Jason Harley (Driven) at the door. After letting him in and offering any assistance necessary, Knight follows the French-Canadian, ultimately asking Knight to help him support the ladder. Knight makes his move here, tentatively testing the boundaries. The oral manipulation moves from the ladder to the living room couch where Knight proceeds to skull fuck the French-Canadian.

Knight eventually positions himself and rides Harley doggie-style. Harley, after using knight's tool for all it is worth, flips Knight and impales him missionary. Harley continues his power-bottom position by riding Knight to orgasmic climax.

The suprising ending reveals why this film is Too Good Too Be True. Packed with Studio 2000's signature all-American hottie models, this film drips with sexual heat. Add this one to your collection and see how it ends.

Too Good to Be True Photos:

Too Good to be True Four WayWatch Now
Cade Devlin rides Ryan Hard as Andy Hunter pounds Jacob Ridley
Rusty Wood fucks Trae SpencerWatch Now
Rusty Wood tops Trae Spencer

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