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Tommy's Tale

Chi Chi LaRue
Falcon Studios   FVP151
, Brad Patton , Chase Hunter , Chet Roberts , Clay Foxe , Erik Campbell , Jacob Hall , Maxx Diesel , Talvin DeMachio , , Tyler Gunn

Tommy's Tale

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Tommy Brandt presents his fun tales

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Falcon's newest video, Tommy's Tale, is one of the hottest flicks from the San Francisco studio that we have seen in some time. It is a showcase for blond Tommy Brandt, a spunky musclebottom who has been appearing in many of the studio's recent films.

Brandt is a cute little fireplug, and his fans will enjoy seeing his tail in all four of the movie's scenes. His plucky frame, and high energy carry the movie well.

Another good thing about the film is that it includes two of Falcon's other currently most enchanting exclusives - Jacob Hall and Tyler Gunn (Drenched).

Jacob HallWatch on or Watch VOD
Jacob Hall
The film's first scene shows Brandt in a sudsy bathtub, enticing superdaddy Chase Hunter over for a love session.

The pairing is a great study in opposites. Hunter is tall, thin and angular. Brandt is short, muscular and broad.

Hunter has a big, long dick. Brandt has a hot, big bootie. The two fit together perfectly. Brandt provides the on-screen proof that he carries one of the most fuckable asses around.

His buttcheeks jiggle when Hunter hits it from behind. Later he turns on his back. Legs-up, the blond takes every last millimeter of cock to the hilt. Moaning and groaning, Brandt spills his hot load onto his smooth abs as Hunter continues to saw away.

After this first class starter, Brandt shares an experience where he participates in a spontaneous orgy. The seven man pile-on takes place outdoors at night. For us, this scene was slightly flat - just another large group orgy.

Among the high points is Tyler Gunn, who always grins like he's having a wonderful time there in the sexual frenzy. Along with Talvin De Machio, Chet Roberts, Clay Foxe, Bobby Williams and Brad Patton, they engage in a big train of ass eating. Patton Shows off his topping skills by poking his huge uncut python into several butts.

De Machio gets to screw a happily grinning Gunn. At one point there is a lengthy sequence of Bobby Williams riding his round butt up and down on Patton.

Rammed by Maxx Diesel

Scene three takes a fun turn - our bottomboy star shows off his top skills. Here he is paired with, of all people, the towering, bald Maxx Diesel.

Some may be turned off at the sight of the diminutive Brandt screwing the much larger Diesel (aptly named). However, we happen to appreciate the arousing nature of going full bore on a much taller football player build -- it's hot.

And so is Brandt banging Diesel's big smooth cheeks from behind. Definitely, show more of Brandt's humping skills in the future. Their sex concludes with some dildo buttplay.

The film closes with a hot interracial three-way between Brandt, humpy brunet Jacob Hall and a sweet-faced black guy named Erik Campbell. The three move through a satisfying series of sexual pyramid positions.

In a nice touch, all the performers are also versatile. Campbell looks hot getting plowed. And Hall with his fat cock and hot ass looks hot in just about every position he takes.

This is not a two-part epic filmed in an exotic overseas location. Tommy's Tale shows off the talented tush of Falcon's magnetic blond boytoy Tommy Brandt. It hums nicely at all levels.

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Tommy's Tale Photos:

Chase Hunter behind Tommy BrandtWatch on or Watch VOD
Chase Hunter behind Tommy Brandt
Tommy Brandt tops Maxx DieselWatch on or Watch VOD
Tommy Brandt tops Maxx Diesel

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