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Tommy Lima in Brazil 3: Soccer

Alexander Pictures  
Antonio Bello , Caspar Araujo , Esteban Paes , Fernando Paes , Ivan Correa , Jacome Rosales , Joam Jorge , Marcelo Sousa , Mario Coelho , Mateus Fogaca , Paulo Colimbra , Tommy Lima , Vasco Fernandez
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Tommy Lima in Brazil 3: Soccer

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Tommy Lima enjoys a rowdy soccer game, as well as lots of goalie sticks.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

After watching the final part of the Tommy Lima in Brazil DVD series, which shows our favorite new star taking in a hugely attended, rowdy soccer game in Rio de Janeiro, the following adage comes to mind: The thing about gay porn is that the English invented it, but the Brazilians perfected it.

As Brazil continues to dominate the world in soccer, when given the opportunity these guys rank just as high when they are naked and fucking each other.

Director Alexander and his production staff are not ethnically Brazilian, yet they effortlessly film these stunningly hot man sex in the best most consistent ways we have seen from a production company. Do not overlook these choice movies.

Disc three of the series closes out Argentinean porn star Lima's sex filled visit to Brazil, and in no way is that final flick dull or boring. If anything, it's hotter than the first two discs. Why is that? Well, frankly, what red-blooded male can not get off watching gorgeous soccer jocks frolicking in locker rooms, showers and saunas? The result is arguably Tommy Lima's best porn video.

Lima here continues to be a real stand-out. If he had the support of a major film studio behind him, he'd win adult film awards. Watching the broad shouldered brunet's handsome, cut frame getting manhandled by the Brazilians never grows old.

This movie is also replete with three-way action. All five of the sex scenes involve trinities, and Lima participates in three of the five. In between all thirteen of these models, there's plenty to pass around.

Brazilian Dicks from Tommy Lima in Brazil

Mario Coelho Mario Coelho Marcello Sousa Marcello Sousa Fernendo Paes Fernendo Paes
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A big question to ask here is, if you were attending a sports event in a new city, would you bravely saunter into the locker room and check out the action? Tommy Lima does. This is perhaps one of the best lived fantasies ever captured. After all, showering with all the hot jocks on the team is only just a few steps away.

Tommy Lima gets fucked in the locker room. Down in the bowels of the stadium, he finds Esteban Paes and Mateus Fogaca in the locker room. They call him over to suck their hard, uncut cocks. Leaving their Petrobras red and black jerseys and soccer shorts on the floor, they immediately get down to serious action. Both Paes and Fogaca have very thick cocks, which becomes evident when they literally stretch Lima's jaw wide open to the max.

Fortunately by this time, Lima knows that the best way to handle such sticks is up his ass. The guys take turns ramming his butt in full to the hilt, culminating in spicy hot ejaculations.

What else is there to do after this? Go shower off, of course. Lima nonchalantly heads to the showers were other soccer players are getting sexually rowdy. Vasco Fernandez is another built bottom who inserts himself between two tops, Caspar Araujo and Mario Coelho, who seem to be carrying on with a lively locker room conversation while simultaneously tugging at their half-hard dicks.

Fernandez seems to be trailing Lima's shadow this entire trip, his ass taking up the slack whenever the title star's butt needs a rest. Or perhaps this guy is going to be Alexander's next big thing.

After some solicitous soaping in the shower, Fernandez bends over a convenient seat so that Coelho drills him bent over. In a hot visual, Araujo watches this, and later slides on in for his turn. The tops cum big loads on Fernandez's smooth chest.

Meanwhile, Lima seems to be getting along very nicely with two other guys in another shower area. He's mugging down with two more ripped studs: Marcelo Sousa and Antonio Bello, a charismatic model who first worked for Alexander by bending over in the steamy 2006 movie Bananas from Brazil. Bello plays the top now, using his own big unpeeled banana to ream Lima's lovely butt.

This is only after the very studly Sousa gets his own turn at Lima's very sweet cheeks. This is another first-class three-way where the guys are all turned on by the action, and the third man out is just frothing in anticipation watching Lima's getting his brains fucked out right in front of him. And in a big surprise, Bello turns his friend around who had just been topping Lima, and fucks him. Bravo!

Jacome Rosales' Sauna Three-Way

I'm getting fucked in the sauna!
Just because Lima has to take a breather here, does not mean that the other guys have stopped screwing around.

Over in the sauna, we meet an exciting new, dirty minded boy who lives it up his ass: Jacome Rosales. He gets things started between himself, and the hugely hung Paulo Colimbra and Joam Jorge (8 Inches from Brazil).

In another one of the movie's world-class three-ways, Rosales smoothly persuades both of these guys to bury their meat up his butt. Colimbra looks great returning to the series after fucking the title star in a memorable pool fantasy orgy in Tommy Lima in Brazil 1: On The Beach. Rosales is a huge moaner.

Despite all these preceding activity and action, and despite that by now most viewers have gotten off with Lima multiple times, along with the porn star himself, somehow his appetite is still not satisfied. Before exiting these lower level testosterone soaked catacombs of the soccer stadium, he cannot make it by another pair of adorable players - Fernando Paes and Ivan Correa.

Boyish and cute, Lima has to get a piece of Paes, working off his soccer shorts exposing his extra long goalie stick. Correa ends up just whacking off, departing leaving his buddy alone with the horny tourist. In a fantastic finish, Paes fucks Lima, who balances himself against the metal lockers.

Not everyone's visit to Brazil may be like Tommy Lima's, so be sure to get all three of these great DVD's to see what we are all missing. Tommy Lima in Brazil is another must see DVD trilogy from Alexander Pictures.

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Tommy Lima in Brazil 3: Soccer Photos:

Fucking Tommy LimaWatch Now or Naked Sword
Esteban Paes, Tommy Lima and Mateus Fogaca
Caspar Araujo fucks Vasco FernandezWatch Now or Naked Sword
Mario Coelho observes Caspar Araujo topping Vasco Fernandez
Mario Coelho fucks Vasco FernandezWatch Now or Naked Sword
Caspar Araujo observes Mario Coelho topping Vasco Fernandez
Joam Jorge fucks Jacome RosalesWatch Now or Naked Sword
Paulo Colimbra observes Joam Jorge topping Jacome Rosales

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