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Tommy Lima in Brazil 2: In the Jungle

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Adrian Correa , Alex Mello , Cosme Diaz , Francisco Macedo , Marcelo Souza , Mario Coelho , Rodrigo Beckmann , Tommy Lima , Vasco Fernandez , Vidal Silva
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Tommy Lima in Brazil 2: In the Jungle

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Tommy Lima's Bungle in the Jungle

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Fresh from his numerous beach pick-ups in Tommy Lima in Brazil 1: On the Beach, the buoyant Spanish bottom heads to Rio de Janeiro, where after moving under the watchful O Cristo Redentor, he heads to an undeveloped jungle cruise park. This may be the same area that Alexander used in his earlier popular movie Jungle Cruisers.

Fans of cruising for sex in public parks should enjoy the very public appearance of these five episodes. Wearing some tight fitting "Fuck Me" shorts and a tank top, Lima enters the park and walks down a path. He soon ducks down one of the smaller branches, where he quickly finds fun going on.

For the first episode, he plays the voyeur, where he spies the trio of Brazil's finest getting down. The bald headed Francisco Macedo (aka Ruff Rider in MachoFucker) and Cosme Diaz, who also were in the pool orgy in the first film, have a nice looking kid named Marcelo Sousa in their clutches.

Diaz gets on his knees to suck Sousa. Turns out, Sousa is going to be the first of this film's long menu of humongous cocks. What is it with these Brazilian guys? Is there something in the water?

Diaz has to gets reamed by both guys in turn. In a great visual, the tops fuck him standing up as their pants still drag on the ground. It's a great moment of pure passion spiked with the looming danger of public sex.

If this isn't enough, Macedo seems unstoppable, finishing the scene by turning Sousa around and sticking his cock inside for more frantic screwing. Sousa finishes here by shooting the biggest load of cum.

Brazilian Dicks in the Jungle

Alex Mello Alex Mello Marcello Sousa Marcelo Sousa Vidal Silva Vidal Silva
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Tommy Lima's Cruising for Sex

Watching all of this gets Lima's juices boiling (and ours). He leaps onto the next man he find's in the cruise park, which is Alex Mello, a giant of a man with a giant of a cock. Mello played a park policeman in Jungle Cruisers 2, and, interestingly, he fucked Lima in his hotel room just earlier in part one of this series. But hey - he's one hot, fucking top!

Lima jawbones his thick meat at length, while Mello stands and looks nervously from side to side. Obviously Lima's ass must have felt great the time, because soon Mello throws hesitation to the wind and sticks it in. He fucks Lima standing doggie as the bottom balances himself with a free hand on a convenient tree. Here you can see the guys doing it on the actual paved path of the park.

Mello turns around and leans against that tree while Lima starts fucking himself enthusiastically on that huge pole. After sucking him some more, Mello cums.

After his orgasm, Mello jets out of the there. However their fucking has drawn the attention on a slender youth (Mario Coelho), who stands at the end of the path fondling his erection and watching them. Now alone, the insatiable Lima saunters over and immediately continues the next chapter of his jungle sexcapade. They trade blowjobs.

Lima soon finds another convenient tree to brace himself against, exposing his ass so that his new friend can fuck him. Coelho's cock is long and thin. He fucks Lima by pounding him with both hands on the bottom's hips.

Lima gasps and pinches his nipples while getting fucked in right there in the open park pathway. Finally Coelho explodes a big burst of semen onto Lima's backside. A tender farewell touch, and the guys pulls their shorts up, walking away in opposite directions.

Of course, Lima goes deeper into the park. He spies the black Adrian Correa and the lighter skinned Vasco Fernandez kissing each other, shirtless. Fernandez blows on Correa's black snake, followed by him getting fucked in his meaty butt in another of the film's standing doggie style, followed by getting on the ground and doing it missionary.

These guys put on another great show, complete with the top nervously looking from side to side in case any trouble unexpectedly appears. It doesn't and they both cum on the surrounding foliage.

The movie features a memorable closing scene. Lima finds a lanky dark youth (Vidal Silva) with an arm of a cock, crooked and bending down sharply from the midpoint. He sucks on this for awhile, and later easily takes it up his ass.

A park policeman (Rodrigo Bekmann) interrupts them while fucking. Fortunately he's not interested in enforcing the law, just getting laid. Bekmann decides to see what all the fuss in about, so he takes Lima's ass for a long spin. Vidal stays watching all of this, getting so turned on he goes and fucks the cop, slapping him with those low hanging balls, and bringing the movie to a close.

Tommy Lima in Brazil 2: In the Jungle is an awesome expose of seemingly authentic park cruising starring a fleet of Brazilian battleship-sized men and boys, and all led by who has become the country's favorite pin cushion, Tommy Lima.

From here, we move to the final part of Lima's vacation, where he decides to enjoy Brazil's second favorite pastime, after sex - football. Next, it's Tommy Lima in Brazil 3: Soccer Play.

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Tommy Lima in Brazil 2: In the Jungle Photos:

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Francisco Macedo, Cosme Diaz, Marcelo Sousa
Tommy Lima looks at Alex MelloWatch Now or Naked Sword
Alex Mello peers down onto Tommy Lima
Adrian Correa tops Vasco Fernandez Watch Now or Naked Sword
Adrian Correa tops Vasco Fernandez on the jungle floor
Rodrigo Bekmann tops Tommy LimaWatch Now or Naked Sword
Rodrigo Bekmann tops Tommy Lima, Vidal Silva hanging left

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