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Tommy Lima in Brazil 1: On the Beach

Alexander Pictures  
Alex Mello , Antonio Bello , Cosme Diaz , Denis Torres , Enrique Fonseca , Francisco Macedo , Joam Ferreira , Marco Santos , Paulo Colimbra , Tommy Lima , Vasco Fernandez
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Tommy Lima in Brazil 1: On the Beach

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Tommy Lima's sex vacation in paradise.

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The Brazilian films of Alexander have consistently been some of the best we've seen ever. When he spent a year filming down in the more European Argentina, it was great that he discovered his fabulous bottom star Tommy Lima, but in general those films did not contain the same level of heat.

Well, good news. Tommy Lima has been sprung from his trap and unleashed on a memorable tour of Brazil, visiting a pleasant, if not sometimes rainy Sao Paulo. All three of the Tommy Lima in Brazil movies are top notch sex flicks, modestly standing out as great entertainment for the year. The key ingredient here is the films' star.

Lima started back in Spanish Playhouse looking rather reserved, spending much of the film hiding behind closed doors or large ferns watching other guys doing it. He has developed into a full figured, latin dream bottom. In these films, he's aggressive and confident, picking out plums from the tree of life.

All five scenes of Tommy Lima: On the Beach feature him bottoming for a diverse set of colossal Brazilian dicks. The tops are all muscular, light and dark skinned with flourishes of butch tattoos. Welcome to Brazil!

Tommy Lima seems to be on an extended vacation along the coastal area of Brazil, spending his days exclusively hopping from one man fantasy adventure to another. Starting with the "On the Beach" film, Lima is picked up at the airport and taken to his hotel by swarthy Brazilian Antonio Bello. Lima is so excited to be in Brazil, he starts pawing Bello in the taxi, giving him an impromptu blow-job as the city whisks by.

Upon presenting Lima with the flag of his guest's country, he pulls of his shirt and yanks down his shorts to immediately jawbone Bello's thick snake of a cock. Lima is still just pulling off his white underwear, and Bello is already focused on groping the tourist's lovely butt.

Brief oral foreplay is all that it takes. In minutes, Lima is bent over the credenza getting his ass pummeled. Their glorious standing fuck ends with Lima riding him on the couch, his open inner thighs spread wide towards the camera. Stepping back over to the credenza, both guys decide to drop their loads on the top face of that very fortunate piece of furniture.

Brazilian Dicks from Tommy Lima in Brazil

Antonio Bello Antonio Bello Denis Torres Denis Torres Enrique Fonseca Enrique Fonseca
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After this, Lima runs into three hunks in trunks on the beach. In a bizarre decision, he decides to give them the keys to his hotel room, while stays on the beach, missing out on one hot three-way. It's Lima's loss. Here, Vasco Fernandez must contend with handling the two enormous cocks of his two buddies (Denis Torres and Marco Santos)

The crew cut Torres wields a very fat cock, while the pony-tailed Santos' is eye-poppingly long. After having to go back and forth on these tools with his mouth, Fernandez gets opened wide as the two take turns fucking his ass. Torres lays back on the couch stroking his meat, watching Fernandez getting fucked. Then, it's his turn, pushing the bottom on his back drilling him deep with that cucumber sized dick.

Torres pounds him, turning the bottom so that they make a sandwich out of him. Finally, the guys all pop their jizz on another convenient piece of furniture.

Tommy Lima's Daydream

Next, Lima daydreams on the beach. It's a fantasy that becomes another one of the film's high points.

He's showering at an indoor pool where the four swimmers (Cosme Diaz, Francisco Macedo, Joam Ferreira, and Paulo Colimbra) call him over so that they can get a rousing orgy started. After slipping off everyone's swim trunks, the guys line up so that Lima can suck their cocks. After jawboning this chorus line, Ferreira peels off with Diaz to fuck him in front of the others, who watch riveted.

After this show, Lima gets his turn to perform, taking Macedo and Ferreira up his ass in another delightful round of bottoming. All of these guys are smoking hot, and an excellent display of the choice discoveries director Alexander lands in his impressive film casting.

After this, Lima picks up two blatino bodybuilders off the beach, taking them back to his well-used hotel room. This scene is the oddest because of the guys seems to have gotten cold feet just as the filming began, quickly leaving Lima alone with the bald headed Alex Mello (Jungle Cruisers 2). Mello, another strong, hugely hung, muscular top, fucks Lima's brains out in his room. Lima certainly earns his bona fides here as a great bottomboy.

The scene is hot, but because of the third guy's quick exit, it's awkward. For us, unexpected elements like these give Alexander's film productions some charm.

Enrique Fonseca fucks Tommy Lima

The movie ends with Lima scoring another hot pickup - the lean and handsome Enrique Fonseca. [Blog: Tommy Lima & Enrique Fonseca] Of the cast, Fonseca is the easiest on the eyes, possessing dreamy boy-next-door looks. Here, they adjourn to the bedroom (finally a bed scene!), where Lima takes the top's lovely cock for a long ride. In a memorable visual, Fonseca screws Lima missionary on the bed, closely holding him down with his great body, hammering him to the point of breathless.

So far, Lima is enjoying a great vacation. As a transition, the apparently sexually insatiable Lima decides to go check out the cruisy jungles, which takes us to the second part of the series, Tommy Lima in Brazil 2: In The Jungle.

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Tommy Lima in Brazil 1: On the Beach Photos:

Francisco Macedo fucks Tommy LimaWatch Now or Naked Sword
Francisco Macedo tops Tommy Lima, Paulo Colimbra watches
Antonio Bello and Tommy Lima Watch Now or Naked Sword
Antonio Bello tops Tommy Lima
Denis Torres fucks Vasco FernandezWatch Now or Naked Sword
Denis Torres tops Vasco Fernandez, Marco Santos watches
Tommy Lima bottoms for Enrique FonsecaWatch Now or Naked Sword
Tommy Lima rides Enrique Fonseca

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