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J.C. Adams
Studio 2000  
Brian Bodine , Christian Owen , Devin Bleu , Dominik Rider , Jake Havoc , Ludovic Canot , Marc Williams , , Steve Carlisle ,
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Total Knock Out: Mason Wyler

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Movies based on wrestling themes always find an audience. Unlike many recent movies, such as Studio 2000's excellent The Boy Has Balls, TKO pulls no punches - it is an all sex film set in what appears to be a heavyweight gym.

All five of the sexual episodes are great, greatly enhanced by the star of the film Mason Wyler, who is a total knock-out. Tall and lean, Mason Wyler's boy next door looks are picture perfect. His long cock curves up into an arch, making it is one of the loveliest pieces of meat working on camera today.

Another highlight of TKO - it contains two great scenes of interracial, white on black sex. We'll get to that in a bit.

In this movie, director J. C. Adams coaxes a signature performance out of Wyler, who really has the assets to be one of today's big time porn stars. Without the benefit of a major studio shilling for him, Wyler's fan must be content with watching him free ranging through a myriad of movies from assorted studios.

Mason Wyer and Christian OwenWatch Now
Mason Wyer and Christian Owen
Adams casts Wyler in three of TKO five scenes. He struts his sexual stuff with aplomb, starting with a workout turned sex romp with Christian Owen. Owen seems to wander back around to Studio 2000 every couple of years (In the Jeans) just to fuck some butt. Burying his cock inside Wyler's ass, he hits the jackpot!

Owen looks sexy with his buzzed hair. Laying on his back, Wyler sits on Owen's thick dick. This culminates with the memorable sequence showing Wyler taking it standing doggie, holding himself up by hanging off a large punching bag. Wyler's moans fill the room in rhythm to Owen's thrusts.

Both guys' cocks turn deep pink just as they shoot their money shots.

After this comes a stirring one-on-one between Dominik Rider and the hunky Devin Bleu (Unzipped). Rider has popped up in a surfeit of bareback movies from Hot Desert Knights and SX Video, but the handsome latino has never had a hotter sex scene then this one.

The versatile sexual encounter is filled with lots of tender kissing and body touching. Rider starts by diving into Bleu's fabulous bubble butt. After exploring him at length with his tongue, and fingers, Rider tops Bleu on his back, who holds his feet up in the air with both of his hands.

If this wasn't enough, Bleu tops Rider on his fours, who constantly goads on Bleu on with sex talk. Bleu pounds Rider's melon shaped ass cheeks, who often pushes back in time with the thrusts.

Rider cums easily while bottoming, followed by Bleu's own spectacular fountain cumshot that drenches Rider's backside in white, creamy seed. Bleu's money shot is the best of the entire film.

During all of this, Wyler breezes through, ultimately ending up with fellow boxcover model Steve Carlisle (Link 5: The Evolution. Carlisle feasts on Wyler's hot ass. Then, they pull Bleu over for a welcome encore performance.

Bleu watches Wyler strut his top man skills on Carlisle's ass. The heat rises when Bleu gets sloppy seconds. Everything peaks when the guys form a love chain with Carlisle, Bleu and Wyler all humping each other in memorable views.

Bleu releases another eye opening money shot here as well.

Next comes the first of TKO's hot interracial scenes: Brian Bodine makes the moves on Jake Havoc, Studio 2000's enormously endowed wunderkind. The guys trade off long satisfying blow jobs, followed by some hot rimming. After eating out Havoc's hole, Bodine rolls on a condom and shoves his cock into his friend.

Judging by the way Havoc's eyes roll back into his head, here is one more hugely hung bottom who loves getting plowed. Bodine fucks him hard in rapid, ass shaking thrusts.

Bodine is a hot top to watch, always a treat. (Ari's Place) He easily gets Havoc off while plowing him.

Mason Wyler bottoms in four-way

TKO reaches its jaw dropping climax when Wyler engages in a feisty four way with Tyler Saint, Ludovic Canot and Marc Williams. Bald, black Williams has pumped his body to beautiful levels; his great ass looks amazing. Between all of the guys, there is lots of big meat, which Canot feasts on in a frenzy of deep throating.

Canot has an impressive resume with taking big cocks (Cruising Budapest: Ben Andrews). Here the Hungarian cock hound swallows the guys' cocks, often trying several at once.

The scene's piece de resistance shows Canot, Saint and Williams taking Wyler's ass for a lengthy spin. Wyler here truly shows his stripes, his tall frame bent over getting fucked.

TKO makes for a superb vehicle showcasing Mason Wyler. Director J.C. Adams, writes a great blog on news from the gay porn industry (Gay Porn Times). He can not only just gossip about sex, but also film it as well.

With its enthusiastic, interracial cast, TKO is a Studio 2000 movie not to be missed.

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TKO Photos:

Devin Bleu and Dominik RiderWatch Now
Devin Bleu and Dominik Rider
Mason Wyler fucks Steve CarlisleWatch Now
Mason Wyler tops Steve Carlisle
Devin Bleu standing back
Tyler Saint fucks Mason WylerWatch Now
Marc Williams, Mason Wyler, Tyler Saint
Ludovic Canot standing back
Devin Bleu and Dominik RiderWatch Now
Devin Bleu and Dominik Rider
Marc Williams fucks Mason WylerWatch Now
Marc Williams behind Mason Wyler

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