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Tight Ass Twinks - Citi Boyz 49

Steve Shay
Citi Boyz  
Ace Sinclair , Brooklyn Ray , , Jake Blade , Jayson Masters , Justyn Steele , Luke Anthony , Trystian Sweet
Amateurs / First TimersBathhouse / Sex ClubOral SexTwinks, AmericanHorsehungTattoos

Tight Ass Twinks - Citi Boyz 49

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Devin Moss is a Tight Ass Twink

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Somewhere, someplace in the American mid-West, there are twinks who spend the days selling real estate, followed by wild trips to the Midtowne Spa bathhouse.

So depicts the story in this absolutely exciting film from Citi Boys, Tight Ass Twinks. The film is loaded up with a stellar cast of guys, most of which are completely fresh to the film scene. And filmed at the Midtowne Spa in Milwaukee, they hook up with each other in many hot locations.

The two new big guns in the cast of Tight Ass Twinks are Devin Moss and Ace Sinclair (Just the Sex), both pictured on the DVD boxcover, as well as appearing in the studio's equally smoldering follow-up film Fuck It!. Both guys are two of the hottest young men we've seen introduced in some time. Compared to almost any other twink studio setup, these models look and perform very naturally before the cameras. They have great looking, natural bodies, and faces that are easy of the eyes.

Justyn Steele and Jake BladeWatch on CitiBoyz or Watch VOD
Justyn Steele sucks Jake Blade

Tight Ass Twink blog
Ace Sinclair, Bathhouse Denizen
Their only stiff performances come out of their cocks. Both guys wield huge, thick monsters between their legs. Citi Boyz marketing refers to Devin "10 inch" Moss, and they are not kidding.

Furthermore, Tight Ass Twinks begins on a very hot note, when another newcomer, Trystan Sweet, talks Moss into a real estate agreement to rent an impressive old house. He inks the deal by fucking Moss on the bed of his new bedroom, creaming with a big load of cum.

Sweet is another exciting new model, who loves performing before a camera. He gropes Moss' giant bulge in his pants, pulls it out and gives him a great blow job. Sweet seems unphased over discovering the size of his cock. But size isn't too much of a concern for him, as he throws a very hot fuck into his tight hole with Moss flat on his stomach.

Sweet has popped up in a number of twink flicks this year (Twink Time), and is quickly graduating to the bigger leagues. Keep an eye on this guy.

Next comes a hot hookup with two little bad boys dressed fully black clothes and sporting severe haircuts. Justyn Steele finishes smoking his cigarette while the tattooed Jake Blade sucks his dick. Peppered with hot body piercings, and with Blade sporting an arousing low cut mohawk, fans of the goth looking type will enjoy watching Blade hammer Steele up his ass with his cock.

The guys screw in what looks like a dark basement surrounded by painted cinderblock walls. Blade tops Steele on his back, who stays so turned on he literally ejaculated purely from Blade fucking him, hands free!

The studly Blade blows his own big load leaving the bottom slicked with semen.

Devin Moss Hits the Showers

The film adjourns to the bathhouse where boxcoverboys Moss and Sinclair spy themselves in the group shower. They silently stroke themselves up to impressive full erections. Here in the full light of the shower, we truly see Moss' immense size, which Sinclair happily jawbones.

They trade blowjobs, followed with Sinclair inviting his new friend back to his room. Sinclair finds him laying there with his door open.

Moss proceeds to plow Sinclair in his ass. The rooms' waist level side beds are perfectly positioned allow the guys to trade off screwing each other in a sweaty flip-flop. It ends with Moss squirts cum out of his ten inch tubesteak into Sinclair's smiling mouth, hitting his tongue ring.

Can Ace Sinclair Get Off?

The film closes with a cleverly designed episode. Eighteen year old Luke Anthony discovers a new fully rejuvenated Sinclair in what appears to be a different, smaller room at the bathhouse. Anthony is a hot little number, with a smaller body and cock than Sinclair's. He enters wordlessly, where the snack each other's dicks to the point when Sinclair exclaims that he wants to fuck his shy, new friend.

Ace Sinclair fucks and gets fucked at the baths. Anthony storms out leaving Sinclair high and dry.

Sinclair later discovers Anthony in the group shower, enjoying a three way suck fest with Brooklyn Ray and Jayson Masters. Sinclair drags in a convenient weight bench, and lays Anthony over it so he can fuck him.

Anthony and Masters are both hot twinks with very nice asses. A four way ensues with Ray topping Masters while Sinclair tops Anthony. Of course, Anthony doesn't let himself be ordered around, he gets to finish off by humping Sinclair doggie style in the shower.

Sporting a boatload of hot, new, randy models, and coupled with a nice story thread makes Tight Ass Twinks one of the hottest movies in this genre we've seen all year. Rather then the usual paint by numbers twink flicks, this one is a real breath of fresh air.

Tight Ass Twinks - Citi Boyz 49 Photos:

Luke Anthony and Ace SinclairWatch on CitiBoyz or Watch VOD
Luke Anthony sucks Ace Sinclair
Luke Anthony fucks Ace Sinclair in Tight Ass TwinksWatch on CitiBoyz or Watch VOD
Tight Ass Twinks Four Way
Luke Anthony tops Ace Sinclair
Brooklyn Ray tops Jayson Masters
Trystan Sweet fucks Devin MossWatch on CitiBoyz or Watch VOD
Trystan Sweet tops Devin Moss

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