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Tiger's Eiffel Tower: Paris Is Mine!

Tiger Tyson
Pittbull Productions  
Cyann , Jordan , Jules , Kilian , Mehdi , Pierre Et Gilles , Remy , Samy , Tiger Tyson
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Tiger's Eiffel Tower: Paris Is Mine!

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Tiger Tyson's Paris Vacation

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

"Takin' Em Down in France"

Check your passports and prepare for take-off. American entrepreneur and bon vivant porn star Tiger Tyson visits the City of Lights in Pittbull Productions' excellent travelogue Tiger's Eiffel Tower: Paris Is Mine!.

US producers, like Falcon Studios, have taken European vacations for years (French Connections), and more recently New Yorker Michael Lucas has poked his cruising camera around Budapest (Cruising Budapest 2: Ben Andrews). (So are there any more New York City tops preparing to make movies in the EU?)

Porn Star Tiger Tyson gets sucked in ParisWatch VOD or Naked Sword
Jordan sucks porn star Tiger Tyson
Tyson and his Pittbull Productions settle for a week in Paris to film this two disc movie, and the reults are impressive. Apart from Tyson's jubilant enthusiasm from beginning to end, the film's best moments come from mining Paris' rich vein of dark skinned guys. Their hot bodies are a mix of Black, Latin and Arab, the likes that have been missing from movies since Jean Daniel Cadinot's egalitarian camera in the 1980s.

Armed with his permanent hard-on, Tyson hits all the tourist points of Paris. He first solicits the help of a local Parisienne to point him to the location of the Eiffel Tower. They end up going back to his flat in order to erect Tyson's own big tower.

His new friend, Jordan, is a tall well built black guy, who speaks impressive English with a sexy French accent. Gripping it around the wide base, Jordan works over Tyson's cock impressively. Tyson leans back, often running a helping hand behind Jordan's bald head, guiding his mouth.

Tyson face fucks Jordan in front of a mirror.

When it comes time to take him down, Tyson mounts Jordan's backside and goes slow. Tyson's face maintains holds that classic toothy grin as he gathers steam, intensifying his thrusts. Traveling is fun!

The French guys in Tiger's Eiffel Tower, Jordan included, all posses amazing body stretching abilities, namely throwing their legs back in line with their heads, while getting fucked. These actions form many impressive visuals throughout the movie.

Midway through the scene, Tyson learns that his new friend is a top. This incites him to ram him harder, talk about taking down more guys in Europe, and ultimately shoot his hot, white cum all over Jordan's dark skin. Apparently the French, just like their American counterparts, will make excaptions and open up their butts just to get fucked by a hot porn star.

Jordan goes on to appear in additional scenes. But we never, ever see Tyson actually make it to the Eiffel Tower.

Fucking in a Paris disco

After this comes a hot one on one in a Paris disco. Remy and Kilian meet in the bathroom, and they spontaneously ignite in a fit of touching, kissing and groping. Both guys have hot, curvaceous bodies, however Kilian's bootie wins the film's bootielicious award hands down.

Pants down, Kilian's rump is magnified through a pair of tight, white Dolce & Gabanna briefs. Remy's stands straight up, his body looking tight as Kilian gets on his knees and gives him head.

Their passion moves from standing next to the urinals to a deserted back room of the disco. Remy tops Kilian standing doggie, the bottom balancing himself on the wall. The real time soundtrack of modern, recognizable dance music echoes up from the dance floor nearby.

Remy shoots a big load, followed by Kilian jacking himself as he gasps in French.

The heat continues when Tyson, Jordan and Kilian gather together at another art-filled Paris apartment for a rollicking three-way.

The French guy becomes into a submissive bitch to Tiger Tyson. Gillian turns into a complete submissive "bitch for Tiger Tyson." (Kilian's famous words). Tyger fucks his mouth at length. This only drives Tyson to new heights, turning him around to throw him a hard pounding fuck in several hot positions. Tyson cannot be stopped, the single minded top man machine also gets a piece of Jordan's ass in the process.

Kilian handles everything Tyson pitches no muss no fuss. Throwing his begs back, or fucking and sucking simultaneously, Kilian is a real discovery in the bottom boy department.

Sticking his ass up in the air, Tyson pulls out and shoots his hot load all over both ass cheeks.

The star bows out for subsequent scenes, but newcomer French models are all great to watch. Samy lets Jules into his flat for a steamy hook-up. Samy's arabian looks are dreamy. He ultimately throws a hot fuck to the heavily inked Jules. His tattoos look wild, connecting all over his body. Perhaps the arabic images also point to his racial origins.

They sixty-nine in bed before Jules plows him doggie style.

The final episode on disc one depicts the returning Jordan, who now has the opportunity to strut his top skills on-screen with Cyann. Cyann loves catching, working his ass in rhythm against Jordan's backside pounding.

Tiger's Eiffel Tower Disc 2

The second disc includes lots of good material. It starts with a bonus scene in which Tyson returns for an encore with a French black guy named Mehdi. Mehdi has a totally smooth hole, which grips around Tyson's cock like tight velvet. He's another passive bottom who swallows Tyson's staff easily.

Following this are two interesting interviews with Tyson by French magazines. Tyson's fans will enjoy hearing him speak with pride about his career and business. Another chapter not to be missed is his photo shoot in the home studio of Pierre et Gilles, whose homoerotic photography is famous around the world. Just taking in his richly decorated house, an orgy of colorful pop art, has to be seen in order to be believed.

Tyson's interviews indicate that this will be the first in a line of new films for Pittbull in France. The team has created a fantastic starter for such a series, causing the viewers to eagerly look forward to more very soon.

Tiger's Eiffel Tower: Paris Is Mine! Photos:

Tiger Tyson fucks JordanWatch VOD or Naked Sword
Tiger Tyson tops Jordan
Paris Is Mine!Watch VOD or Naked Sword
Paris Is Mine!
Tiger Tyson fucks Kilian in Three WayWatch VOD or Naked Sword
Three Way: Jordan, Kilian, Tiger Tyson
Kilian fucks Remy in Paris discoWatch VOD or Naked Sword
Remy behind Kilian
Jules bottoms in Tigers Eiffel TowerWatch VOD or Naked Sword
Samy behind Jules

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