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Tiger Tyson: Secrets

Jalin Fuentes
Pittbull Productions  
Black , Carter , Chaos , Ludacris , Peanut Butta , Ransom , Shorty Ruff , Tiger Tyson , Timberland
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Tiger Tyson: Secrets

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Tiger Tyson Teaches Ass 101

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

From watching snake dicked Tiger Tyson taking a shower, to joyriding in the car, to plowing ass, Tiger Tyson: Secrets is hot to watch. Pittbull Productions released Tiger Tyson: Secrets after taking the camera on tour to cities across the US. (There's even some bonus footage of Tyson go go dancing in Houston)

The movie title relates to all five of the sexual episodes, where the models are typically engaging in sex without letting others find out. This is actually a fun idea for a movie. The only drawback is that is is uneven - Tyson's two scenes as well and scene two are pretty hot, while the other remaining two are mostly fast forward material.

Tiger Tyson behind LudacrisWatch Now
It's no secret! Tiger Tyson's about to fuck Ludacris
Tutoring Tiger Tyson in his studies proves fruitful for his teacher, Carter. Fortunately Tyson's concentration problems are solved by screwing some ass. Tyson calls this type of impromptu lesson Ass 101.

The sight of Tyson's thick shiny cock plowing Carter, whose legs are spread wide, is fantastic. Tyson sure knows how to give ass lessons, and Carter knows how to take them. Carter is a hot black bottom, who has no problem with Tyson's sausage.

Their hot opener ends with Tyson busting a big, creamy nut all over Carter's ass.

The second scene continues the film's heat. Peanut Butta, a short guy with a huge dick, talks his way into Chaos's hotel room. What a smooth talker! And such great luck that Chaos is such a good bottom, all ready to take his black staff balls deep on the bed.

Peanut Butta Knows How To Fuck

Also, Peanut Butta knows how to plow ass, climbing all up onto his taller friend, and hammering his big bootie so that his balls are slapping down onto him. And then not to be outdone, the top plows Chaos in all 360 degrees, north, south, east and west. Hopefully Peanut Butta will appear in future movies to spread his good taste around some more! [Note: He does in Love the Dick: Vol. 1!]

After this, the muscular Black and curly haired Ransom have sex before a bright red background. Perhaps it was all the red, but this scene was flat. Both guys turn in very mechanical sex. Black seems to tweak his nipples in boredom just to pass the time before he has to top his partner.

Next Shorty Ruff and Timberland attempt to bring some spark back into the film. They are both cuter than the previous set, but their sexplay is slow and hindered by an uncomfortable looking windowsill seat. Shorty Ruff is a pretty hot guy with a nice thick cock, perhaps he will appear next time with a better partner in a more comfy locale.

Tiger Tyson Makes His Move

The final scene returns the movie back its Tiger Tyson heat. Tyson relaxes on a couch with Ludacris. They are drunk after a party, so the ol' Tiger is making his moves. Ludacris (Tiger Tyson: In the Heat) quickly leaps over and starts blowing his dick.

Guess who just fucked me? Don't laugh. Tiger Tyson the pornstar! Ludacris does not take Tyson's long thrusts as easily as Carter. But he's pulls through their hot and sweaty session like a pro. And Tyson finishes by pulling out and pumping an eye popping load of hot jizz.

After this hot episode comes a funny coda: Ludacris is dressed in drag. He picks up his cell phone and tells his friend Guess who just fucked me? Don't laugh. Tiger Tyson the pornstar! He thinks he has some secrets on me, well I have some secrets on him, honey!

Good move, Ludacris! Nicely done.

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Chaos and Peanut ButtaWatch Now
Chaos and Peanut Butta
Tiger Tyson fucks LudacrisWatch Now
Tiger Tyson fucks Ludacris
Tiger Tyson and LudacrisWatch Now
Tiger Tyson behind Ludacris

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