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Tiger Tyson: In the Heat

Jalin Fuentes
Pittbull Productions  
Bandit , Cristion , Czam , J-Rock , Lotus , Ludacris , Megabody , Tiger Tyson
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Tiger Tyson: In the Heat

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Tiger Tyson Visits Miami

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Summertime just got hotter with the release of Pittbull Productions's Tiger Tyson: In the Heat, which collects four sizzling sex scenes when Tiger Tyson visits Miami. Director Jalin Fuentes assembles a very enthusiastic cast of sexy black guys and Puerto Rican studs, who give this flick some real va-voom.

The fun begins with Tyson talking to the audience from behind the wheel of his Humme, soon cutting to him making his move on Czam. Czam looks a little nervous at first, but quickly gets into the act by slobbering his mouth on Tyson's stick. Tyson than greases up his friends ass, and screws him on a green couch.

Tiger Tyson fucks Czam Watch Now
Tiger Tyson pokes Czam
Tyson stays in full control here, at one point admonishing the bottom for pushing him out, followed by slapping his ass.

Czam has a nice cock, which stays hard as he bottoms. Tyson delivers some hard driving, that's what you want hammering to Czam, thrusting fast until everything culminates with them sitting side by side and busting together.

The next sex scene pairs the muscular Christion with the tall J Roc. In a real surprise, J Roc becomes a very hot bottom to watch. He's always giving feedback to Christion: Tease that asshole, Daddy! Slap those balls against my ass!, as so on. Fit and equipped with a fine ass, J Roc seems to be a walking erogenous zone, just seething with pleasures.

In one moment, he pumps his ass back perfectly into Christion's hard cock. J Roc sucks the top's nuts until he blows a big load.

Tiger Tyson Photo Shoot

Next comes a photo shoot of Tyson with another male dancer Megabody. They prance around the pool and talk about when they first met dancing in a bar up in Queens.

After this, that crafty Ludacris from Tiger Tyson: Secrets returns to give it up to a hot black stud named Bandit. They suck each other, and very quickly Ludacris is riding Bandit's cock as he sits on the couch. Ludacris is lean and cocoa colored. He's a hot bottom. As before, Ludacris tends to whine when he's getting screwed, but after awhile he gives it up.

Bandit tops his in lots of positions including over the railing of their room's balcony. They finish with Bandit jacking out his load while leaning on the couch.

Pulling Guys Off The Street

The final scene shows another sexy black guy, Lotus, selling CDs on the street. Tyson strolls by but insists on going back to his crib before buying them. All secure in his love nest, Tyson is stripped with his long dong hanging down low between his legs, coaxing his visitor out of his remaining clothes.

Lotus gets slammed lying on his stomach. The only problem with this scene is that we don't see enough of Lotus's hot body and hard dick. Although he's hot to watch as Tyson plows his snake into the big round globes of the bottom's butt. By the scene's end, Tyson has tops him in almost every position all over that apartment.

Tiger Tyson sinks his dick inside up to his balls. It's best on the couch as Lotus holds his feet up high as Tyson sinks in up to his balls. Right as Tyson is about to cum, the phones start ringing. Tyson says his girl is calling, so he'd better hurry up and nut. In a nice surprise, Lotus blows a high flying money shot of his own. Yummmm!

Tiger Tyson: In the Heat doesn't have any low moments or slow scenes. All four sex scenes hum with realtime sex, and easy going, sexy guys who show chemistry.

One quick note to the nice cinematography here as well. The guys do it in nice locations. Unlike many films today they do not appear to be in grade b hotel rooms. They get it on in some nice looking living rooms and bedrooms, probably the most happening lofts and apartments in Miami or New York.

Ever wanted to have sex high? There's a couple of filmed moments that look a bit mind altering to this reviewer, which is a nice visual touch. Instead of just a sausage factory turning out one flick after another, Tiger Tyson's love and care clearly goes into his work.

Tiger Tyson: In the Heat Photos:

J Roc and Christion In the HeatWatch Now
J Roc and Christion
Bandit from Tiger Tyson In the HeatWatch Now
Tiger Tyson fucks LotusWatch Now or Naked Sword
Tiger Tyson tops Lotus
Tiger Tyson and LotusWatch Now or Naked Sword
Tiger Tyson and Lotus

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