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Through the Woods

Chi Chi LaRue
Falcon Studios   FVP157
Andrew Rubio , Barrett Long , , , D.C. Chandler , Gus Mattox , , Marcus Allen , Nate Alexander , Pierre Fitch , Tristan Adonis
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Through the Woods

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Pierre Fitch travels through the woods to Grandma's

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Despite the film's familiar sounding title, and its gay themes, Through the Woods contains no Stephen Sondheim references.

Falcon's Through the Woods is a playful, highly enjoyable video that is possibly one of the most enjoyable movies from the studio in several years. In the never-ending business to sell products and keep customers happy, movies often get bogged down with hype, big budgets and grand filming sequences (for example a jillion man orgy, or international location shooting, etc.). Of course, glitter and glitz can be good things. However, at the end of the day it still seems that the best porn is typically based on one simple idea, which executes nicely using a series of hot sex scenes and solid performers.

Gus Mattox sucks Barrett LongWatch on or Watch VOD
Gus Mattox sucks Barrett Long
The main ingredient for this film's success is Pierre Fitch, an adorable French-Canadian twink that sports a fascinating set of tattoos. And Fitch has an even better trait: he plays well with others. Through the Woods is a parable of the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale, but without the grim overtones of the original story, such as Little Red Riding Hood being physically eaten and floating around in the Wolf's belly.

Fitch is a really hot guy to watch get fucked, and we have the pleasure in the course of this movie of watching this occur three different times. The story follows Fitch's hitchhiking trip to Grandma's house, and while doing this obsessing over what can only be described as the hitchhiker's rules of gay porn.

Sporting a red sweatshirt and cap, Fitch announces his itinerary to roommate D.C. Chandler. In their conversation, he announces one of the important hitchhiker's rules: Don't have sex with people who pick you up. Fortunately, this axiom does not apply to roommates.

Chandler opens his towel to reveal his long-hanging, veiny uncut cock, which Fitch eagerly swallows. They engage in a great round of foreplay that is highlighted by Fitch getting rimmed and Chandler almost getting him off with his hand.

The tall lean Chandler works his big dick inside Fitch's smooth butt from behind. Standing doggie, his dick visibly flops around to the thrusts. After this, Fitch lays on his back missionary. A bad-ass flaming skull tattoo grins from his hairless chest as Chandler screws him. Fitch's performance as a bottom is made even more worthwhile, because he provides an unending, highly arousing audio track to the proceeding.

Chandler clearly appears to having a great time working him over. As proof, he drops a thick jetstream of cum onto his roommate's chest.

Fitch leaves for Grandma's, walking down country roads. A bearded daddy (Gus Mattox) picks him up in his car, and takes him part of the way. He is a school principal, who proceeds to relate a flashback of him disciplining three of his students. Mattox hits on him, but Fitch invokes Hitchhiker's Rules.

In the flashback, Mattox brandishes a paddle which ultimately leads to Barrett Long, Marcus Allen, Andrew Rubio and Nate Alexander naked and humping. Long watches as Rubio eats the lined-up asses of the others. Saving the best for last, he takes on the humongously endowed Long's assets with his tongue.

The high point is watching Long's pendulous balls wagging happily as he stuffs his meat into an ass up Alexander. The fair haired Alexander is another bombshell bottom first seen in last year's Taking Flight. On the other side of the desk, studmuffin Marcus Allen and Principal Mattox lustily work over Rubio's hole.

Rubio cums with a dick inside him. The others coat him with their spooge, with Long taking away the award for splashiest money shot.

Tristan Adonis gives Pierre Fitch a ride

Hitchiker's Rule:
Don't have sex with people who pick you up.
Next Fitch wrangles a ride from Tristan Adonis, who also hit on him. Adonis successfully invokes a loophole in Fitch's Hitchhiker Rule, and soon the brunet in on his knees running his tongue around the blond's cock and balls. They stand tugging each other's hard-ons with their Calvin Klein underwear pushed down around their ankles. Adonis gives Fitch a fun ride in the back of his pickup truck.

Their outdoor sex frolic has Fitch getting it both on his back and on his fours before they spill their loads.

Next, Fitch finds a cabin in the wilderness. Like the story of Goldilocks, he walks in, drinks some beer in the fridge, and falls asleep on a couch. The owners arrive - the brawny Jason Adonis, the burly Collin O'Neal and the bottom Bobby Williams. Settling in, they show their piggy side by having a circle jerk, which evolves into cock sucking and ass licking.

Adonis mounts Williams from behind, who next rides atop O'Neal on the couch. Adonis, who is bursting with muscles now, shoots a nice money shot, which is quickly followed by O'Neal's own high flying gusher. After their three-way, they discover the sleeping Fitch and chase him out.

Pierre Fitch finds Mr. Wolf

Fitch gets to Grandma's, but he finds something else waiting for him in bed. Mr. Wolf (Gus Mattox) throws back the covers to show his cock. They begin kissing and have a great duet sex scene that perfectly caps this fun story. Watching Fitch maneuver his way through these erotic menaces makes this Falcon flick one of their hottest releases in years.
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Through the Woods Photos:

Tristan Adonis looks down on Pierre FitchWatch on or Watch VOD
Tristan Adonis looks down on Pierre Fitch
Gus Mattox licks Pierre FitchWatch on or Watch VOD
Gus Mattox (Mr. Wolf) licks Pierre Fitch

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