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Joe Budai
Lucas Entertainment  
, Alan Spark , James Jones , Mike Brody , Nico Blade , , Steve Holmes , Ted Potter
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Eins, Zwei, Drei, G'suffa!

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The location? Budapest, Hungary. The scene? Piss play. The talent? Euroboys and Euro-hunks who aren't afraid to get a little fringe on their partner's ass (and mouth, and well…, all over frankly). Not a bad start for this wet little release from Lucas films.

We move straight into the action with not a credit beforehand. Lucas decides to be blunt and to the point, just as the title hits a home run into franksville - Thirsty! Ok, we freely admit if you don't like watersports this may not be the title for you, but if you do, you're in for a fucking treat straight from the tap.

We meet a sleeping cutie in the form of hot Euro-twink porn star Ted Potter, who appeared way back in 2004 in the Dan Komar romp Formula 69, who was gased with a powerful aphrodesiac with a group of guys, instigating an orgy. Here, Potter inhabits a black couch and sleeps wearing only tight-fitting blue jeans. Looking irresistible it's unsurprising that he's not alone for long. The hunky Renato Bellagio, who appears with his younger Enrico in Michael Lucas' Auditions 23, dives under his legs, giving Potter an extra sensual foot massage.

Renato Bellagio Goes Right for the Foot

Foot fetishists beware, you might just cum before any cock has even been pulled out of trousers – Bellagio gets sucking almost right away, and makes a meal out of Potter's lower digits.

The extra cute Potter gradually opens his sleepy eyes, and the first thing he sees is this hulk of a guy making love to his smooth little feet. He slips a hand into his jeans as Bellagio works wonders on his toes.

The pair join in a passionate love embrace, closely followed by Bellagio whipping out his meaty cock. Potter sucks on it for a moment, and the duo disrobe. You can tell they're both nasty and up for it – neither one is wearing undies…

Thirsty snapshot Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
James Jones rides Nico Blade
Once naked, Potter goes to town deep throating Bellagio to the root. And while Potter's mouth is firmly attached to his dick, Bellagio decides to get nasty and jets out a thick stream of piss which makes Potter cough a little, but doesn't stop him from throating his prick. The piss drips down as Potter continues to pleasure him. Getting it in his mouth, down his chin, and onto his smooth twink boy chest.

And Bellagio is getting fucking hard. He moans and exhales as Potter shows what HE's good at, as his top friend continues to pump his engorged meat down his smooth oral cavity.

Fully hard now, Bellagio's straining schlong dwarfs Potter's ever hardening uncut meat (but we bet even he is above average in polls). The duo 69 to their hearts content. Potter is on the top, but there's no denying who calls the shots.

Bellagio gets Potter into a rimming position (and who wouldn't?); his bent over ass touching on his tongue. Bellagio probes deep while Potter continues to deep throat. Bellagio noisily goes to town on his ass. Wet, slick, and intense, Potter sluts his hole out over Bellagio's hungry mouth, letting his dominant partner's tongue probe deep and wide.

I'm drinking your piss. You're breathing in fumes. Let me see you stripped down to the bone. Potter's smooth hairless butt bounces up and down on Bellagio's cock, and it's a sloppy slutty noisy shag. Coupling this youthful lustful handsome bottom with this big cocked' ogre of a top was just the right thing to do, and the couple ooze chemistry (and plenty of precum).

Every time Bellagio pulls out he exposes the redness of Potter's inner fuckhole, and his own cock juice filling the rubber he slipped on. Now gripping him by the hips he pounds away at the boy in violent doggy fashion, and just when it looks like he's going to climax he reaches into his bag of tricks and pulls out a shiny steel speculum (for those not in the know this is a device for forcing open an anus mechanically).

And yes, after working the equipment to expose and close Potter's smooth little hole (finally leaving it gaping) he lets forth a seemingly never-ending stream of piss into the rear orifice of the lad before returning to the couch and shooting a fat load into the boy's welcoming mouth. Potter then works out his own orgasm out by himself.

Show me a gay man that wouldn't melt over hottie twink James Jones and I'll show you a liar. He's worshipping himself in an oversized bathtub as stubbly top Nico Blade watches his every move. (Hungarian porn star fans may remember Blade as Michael Sarlo in High Octane movies like Room Mates and Male Watch) He couldn't get cleaner with the body wash he uses, which is quite ironic considering how dirty he is about to be…

Blade's penis is already at full mast, he moves in and jerks handsome Jones' head to the side, spits in it, then forces his cock right down to the gullet, causing the poor lad to choke and gag. Blade is downright recalcitrant with the lad, and winds up pissing a huge stream of urine down the boy's neck (internally) before offering an oral reward (on Jones beautifully ample uncut penis) of his own.

Slipping on a sheath, he gets beneath Jones and fucks him from here to eternity. Hard, unrelenting, and passionately aloof, Jones is just the vessel, but Blade's cock is the world it must explore.

Fucking him doggy style for ages, he then produces a never-ending black dildo and fucks the boy DEEP with the toy. Finally turning him around again he spunks up in Jones' wide open mouth as Jones' own cock submits to the sexual tension and spews forth a load to be proud of.

Alan Spark and Mike Brody Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Alan Spark sucks Mike Brody
Changing paces in scene three, Thirsty! takes us to a gym, where shirtless boys Alan Spark and Mike Brody have already hit the equipment and are now hitting on each other. These two lads are already locked in a kiss as the camera makes a slow close up and shows them for what they are – sexy motherfuckers.

Brody is a spiked haired pale boy, while Spark is a well developed tanned pierced tattooed lad who eats Brody's uncut cock like it's the only thing that can give him sustenance.

In a truly sensual scene they stand up together, kissing passionately, red gym set in the background, and a REAL vulnerability in Spark, aided by a long scratch across his neck. Brody duly falls to his knees.

After some sixty-nineing and toe sucking, which is consistently a Lucas Entertainment movie signature feature. Brody spreads his legs across the exercise equipment and opens himself up for a hardcore fuck from Spark.

Fountains of cum adorn each others faces when their done, and they move into the backyard where Spark urinates all over Brady's hairless hole. Brady reciprocates and gives Spark a pissy wet torso.

Adriano Cassano, Welcome Home!

The final Thirsy! couple is cropped-headed Adriano Cassano (Michael Lucas' Auditions 23) and his horny friend Steve Holmes who shirtlessly returns home to find Cassano naked.

Cassano unbuttons his jeans right away and finds himself face to face with an erection that he just can't resist sucking on (and it is truly a beauty, worthy of porn recognition and no mistake).

Holmes now drops to his knees and reciprocates, causing pained passion in his well-chiselled partner. Some mutual toe-sucking ensues (go figure…) then thankfully its back to the main plot.

Homes bends Cassano over and uses a thick long slick black dildo on his ass then slides his hard-on up there and fucks his friend as hard as he needs it. Getting him on his back, and spread across a wooden desk, he pounds twink-boy Cassano till his cock is ready to explode. He pulls out and shoots his cream over Cassano's face, leaving a spoogy moustache for him to lick off. Cassano jerks himself to climax as he sucks Holmes cummy member.

And as a final little tease we cut back to Blade and Jones, as Blade lets forth an uninhibited stream of piss onto his twink-boy pal as the movie fades to black.

Extra on the DVD features include almost sixteen minutes of behind the scenes footage, still shots, porn out-takes and more… It gives quite a little interesting insight, this one. There's also a lengthy loop of several hardcore trailers from other Lucas Entertainment movies.

And as for Thirsty! itself? For fans of on-screen piss sex it's all too good to be true – there's some fucking hot twinks here taking it like you usually wouldn't see... And likewise with some of these piss tops. Final word? If you're Thirsty! For some wet porn don't just take our word for it, check out the stills of the guys and decide for yourself if you want to see them engaging in watersports sex. We think you will…

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Thirsty! Photos:

Steve Holmes and Adriano Cassano Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Steve Holmes plays with Adriano Cassano
Ted Potter in Thirsty Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Ted Potter is thirsty
Ted Potter and Renato Bellagio Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Ted Potter drinks Renato Bellagio

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