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The Way You Like It

Jalin Fuentes
Pittbull Productions  
Afro Man , Alex Cruz , Chris Pleasure , Devin Do-More , El , Jadend , Joel Velez , Lazarus , T. Malone , Tiger Tyson
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The Way You Like It

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Tiger Tyson in The Way You Like It

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Yeah...Suck that black dick...

We love to recommend movies with black guys in it, as so many are completely worthless. Fortunately, The Way You Like It is a perfect oppurtunity to do so. In the luxury of a Florida resort, horsehung playa-extrordinare Tiger Tyson gets nine of his friends together, and they appear to be having the best time screwing around.

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Tiger Tyson looks up

The first scene, which develops into an orgy, get the movie off immediately on strong footing. Tyson gets T-Malone and Lazarus up to his hotel room. Meanwhile hairy top Joel Velez and the bubble-butted Chris Pleasure get it on in the shower. Chris has exactly that: an Ass of Pleasure. The guys have a great time playing with it. Velez and another T. Malone screw him with his legs thrown way back on the sofa. The scene is so hot Tyson stands next to them and easily cums just by watching Pleasure get plowed. (Watch Pleasure and T. Malone in T. Malone: Big Booty Gangbang

Tyson's gobs of thick cum land on Pleasure's legs, which stay there until the other guys all finish by shooting their own money shots. Velez busts the biggest nutt, flying across Pleasure's body and hitting his face.

The next sequence, could be aptly called The Way Tiger Likes It. At one point, Devon Do-More and Jadend lay on their tummies side-to-side, exposing their smooth butts. Their lovely asses entice Tyson's erect cock to slide on in. Tyson lubes them both up, and alternates his cock-plunging back and forth between the two.

Just the way you like it.

Tyson squirts out his Rican cream all over Lazarus's smooth black skin, which Jadend rubs in. Then with the top out of the picture, what are two bottom to do? The screw each other, and finish by jacking out their own loads.

In the next scene, Tiger Tyson is still in heat. He works his friend Alex Cruz, pursuading him to open up for him. Tyson swears that he'll &be gentile," particularly since it's been a long time since he's hit an ass. They do it, and have so much fun it easily rubs off on the viewer. Cruz appears to love giving it up to his friend: ass raised high, head rolling down on the pillow. As always, Tiger Tyson gets his boypussy.

After screwing him in over four different positions, he shoots a big load of hot love onto the bottom's lower back.

Tiger Tyson tops El

The final scene shows Tyson hitting it on the top of a pool table. He easily coaxes the cute blatino El out of his clothes, and opens up his round ass. Tyson hammers him in long in-and-out strokes before suddenly pulling out, tearing off the condom and spraying his juice.

Watching hot a hot movie like this, starring Tiger Tyson and his friends is just the way we like it.

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Tiger Tyson tops El
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