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The Unlawful

Thor Stephens
Fox Studios  
Chance Caldwell , Dan Hopper , Duncan Starr , Flex , Joey Stefano , Ken Adams , Luke Bender , Max Grand
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The Unlawful

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Another Clever, Very Hot Thor Stephens Porn

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

In a clever stoke of filmmaking, director Thor Stephens unearthed some old and unused footage shot with Fox Studios years earlier, and wrapped the scenes in with contemporary footage with film stars Max Grand and Duncan Starr. The end result is a clever story and pretty good sex-flick.

The plot unfolds when Starr and Grand investigate a noise complaint in a wealthy neighborhood. Grand leaves Fox in the vehicle as he investigates.

Grand sees a sex scene by a swimming pool with Luke Bender (aka Steve Kennedy) and Chance Caldwell. Cutting back and forth to Grand, who is aroused, we get the impression that they are the same video. Bender and Caldwell kiss and blow each other before Bender does his trademark topping.

Cops Called Out for Joey Stefano

Several days later, the policemen get a similar call for the same neighborhood. This time the unlawful acts are carried on by Joey Stefano and muscleman Ken Adams. If you cannot even guess who tops and bottoms, you have never seen Stefano in action.

This time, Grand is so aroused that he begins to jack off. Starr catches him, so Grand wildly explains that he had to urinate. When they return to the car, Starr confides that he has had an interest in what he saw. Encouraged by his remarks, Grands inquires if Fox has a big dick. Starr is embarrassed. So, Grand decides to push on and just see for himself first hand. When he sees Starr's big erection, Grand agrees to suck it, and they do not quit until they have shot their loads.

Max Grand is so aroused he has to jack off. Then later he gets fucked. Starr introduces the next scene by watching Dan Hopper and Flex go at it through a pair of binoculars. By another swimming pool, Flex is the top and Hopper bottoms. They both deliver enthusiastic loads.

Back at the squad car, Starr reveals that he wants another blowjob from Grand. The two proceed, but the action obviously goes further this time - Grand gets topped by Starr, consummating their relationship. Director Stephens always seemed to bring the best performances out in Grand. He did well in this, and a little later in Latin Heat Inn Exile.

Thor Stephens always manages to turn out films with fresh and interesting elements. Using unseen footage from stars like Joey Stefano is clever, turning The Unlawful into a real collectible item for both its historical value and immediate sex appeal.

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