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The Switch Is On

John Travis
Allan Fox , Breezy Lane , Danielle , Dave Phillips , Elle Rio , Jeff Quinn , Jeff Stryker , John Rocklin , Kevin Williams , Megan Daniels , Mike Miller , Steve Ross

The Switch Is On

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Jeff Stryker's Bisexual Gem

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Often overlooked today in the Jeff Stryker collection is a little bisexual gem from John Travis called The Switch Is On. In 1987, Catalina was enjoying a popular fad of bi tape movies, and at this time it cast all of its hotties here.

Although heterosexual acts are included, this series was aimed at gay viewers. It also surely appeals to the bi-curious viewer as well. It also makes us wonder further about some of the true sexual tendencies of some of these stars - Jeff Stryker in particular, but also Jeff Quinn (Hot Rods II: The Young and the Hung), Allan Fox, John Rocklin and Steve Ross (Out of Bounds).

Stryker had exploded onto the scene the year before in Bigger Than Life and Powertool as the tradey, dirty-talking topman. This movie attempts to soften his image a bit as an uncaring sex machine. Here he does it with men, he does it with women, and with both simultaneously. Somewhere deep down, Stryker did pull out some warmth that had until now not been seen.

Stryker plays a farmboy who sets out for fame and fortune in Los Angeles. He quickly finds that his sexual assets will take him right to the top. He kisses mama goodbye, and boards an Amtrack train to the big city. There he bumps into a magazine editor (Ellie Rio), who is wowed by him. After banging her in the train compartment, she takes him to a Hollywood mansion which she shares with a married couple (Mike Miller and Danielle).

Everyone gets a piece of Jeff Stryker in the sauna. Both quickly get a piece of Stryker in their sauna, while Rio goes and screws Jeff Quinn and Dave Phillips. This scene includes a great double penetration scene with Quinn and Phillips, their cocks moving in tandem, separated only by the thinnest of membranes.

John Rocklin and Allan Fox Bisexual Three-Way

Next is a coupling with two cute surfers, John Rocklin and Allan Fox, with female photographer Breezy Lane. After humping Lane, the two guy turns their attention to gay sex by topping Kevin Williams.

Finally, we return to Stryker, who is an instructor at a gym. Stryker performs an uninhibited nude dance under a row of spraying showers. Instructors Steve Ross and Megan Daniels are impressed, so they engage him in a hot menage. Stryker continues his role as a terrific fucking machine, although he toned down his acts to reveal more human sides involving kissing, licking and nuzzling.

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