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The Stadium

Alain Eclair
Bronco Studios  
Andrew Noga , Joe Satin , Johnny Saint , Jon Grosse , Joseph Ther , Leonardo DiMarco , Michael Chapman , Peter Barton , Robin Pelikan
Czech Boys

The Stadium

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Intense Czech Twink Sex at the Stadium

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Don't miss this diamond in the rough.

Fans of sex-marathon movies starring smooth Czech studs, bursting with spunk and energy should check-out Bronco's nice line of films form director Alain Eclair. The scenes in The Stadium take place around a stadium with an overall sports theme. The models, all in nice shape, jog and romp around in bright jogging shorts, white undershirts and other sexy clothes.

They seem to really enjoy getting off in the locker room, or in their stadium's bathroom whenever possible.

It begins with blondboy Joe Satin taking a leak next to Andrew Noga in the WC. Tense glances leads to stroking, and eventually Satin gets on his knees.

He slurps on Noga's rod. This scene is accentuated by the fact that both models wear their tight white undershirt throughout. Satin gives Noga's round butt a pounding while standing doggy. They moan and mutter to each other, clearly have a great time while clustered over a urinal. On this first scene, the movie begins on a great note.

And it doesn't slow down.

Next, Jon Grosse, a short guy with lots of body-piercings, coaxes the tall Michael Chapman into a hot session in the workout room. Grosse flashes his tongue ring, looking up at Chapman as he goes down on his buddy's big rod.

Andrew Noga
Versatile Andrew Noga
Grosse gets his ass eaten and Chapman tops his for a bit. They quickly flip-flop with Grosse showing off his top skills. This is a new twist, since Grosse always plays bottom in the bareback films he is in.

Both guys finish by shooting memorable money shots.

One of the movie's hottest models is the smooth brunet Leonardo diMarco, whose sexy screen presence burns up every moment he's onscreen. Cruising the bathroom, he hooks up with blonde Joe Satin.

We get a second opportunity to see the blonde studlet, and this time he's on bottom. DiMarco is an energetic top, plowing the blond as he hangs from a toilet stall. They finish by spilling their money shots onto the floor.

The next scene couples brunets Johnny Saint and Robin Pelikan in the weight room. After pumping iron, the pull down their shorts to reveal their uncut stiffies. Johnny Saint is one sexy little dynamo. He has a youthful face that has a permanent expression that says screw me please!

Leaning over the weight bench, ass out, Saint gets his wish fulfilled.

Pelikan pumps his in several positions before Saint shoots a geyser of juice out off over his stomach and chest. Then Pelikan adds his own coating on top of the mix.

Next is a memorable three-way with Andrew Noga, Peter Barton and Jon Grosse. The smaller Grosse serves as an eager receptacle to the dicks of the taller two guys. The diminutive Grosse gets sandwiched from both ends by his two buddies. Noga and Barton trade off on the bottom's hot little butt.

And if they are using condoms here, it isn't obvious.

The Stadium finishes with a rousing three-way with the return of studboy Leonardo diMarco, who this time demonstrates his versatility. Boxcoverbox Joseph Ther drills him (which is a first that we've ever seen), as he's bent over sucking on Johnny Saint.

Ther is a butch top with a cute smile, and he tops with his undershirt pulled behind his head.

As mentioned earlier, Johnny Saint's butt is a phallus magnet, which here draws diMarco inside him. The tops smile at each other as Saint gets worked over at both ends. The memorable three-way ends with a torrent of money shots, Saint providing yet again one that's extremely copious.

The torrent of movies from Eastern Europe make many of these films get easily lost. The Stadium is one which deserves a look. Once started, it will grab your attention.

The Stadium Photos:

Johnny Saint, Leonardo diMarco and Joseph Ther
Johnny Saint between Leonardo diMarco and Joseph Ther

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