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The Sauna

Alain Eclair
Bronco Studios  
Jerry Panocha , Johnny Saint , Josh Hart , Lance Selleck , Leonardo DiMarco , Marek Kubec , Mark Hunt , Robert Ford , Ross Fiala
Bathhouse / Sex ClubCzech Boys

The Sauna

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Explore Gay Sex in a Secret Sauna

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Alain Eclair's czechboy movies are still one of the industry's best kept secrets. Naturally the casting is uniformly hot guys, and the sex sizzles.

What stands these movies out is their length. Eight sex scenes in this movie alone! (Many typical movies contain four or five) For this reason, the customer sure gets a lot for their money. What is even better, is that all the scenes in The Sauna are winners.

Boxcover boy Jerry Panocha enters his local sauna bathhouse, explaining in narration that the area's cold weather pushes him to this particular establishment frequently.

Before he can even get into his towel, butch bottom Ross Fiala presses him up against his locker, kissing him and rubbing his dick through the towel.

Fiala gets the top's shlong hard. With the speed of a crafty bottom, Fiala quickly sticks his round ass out so Panocha can fill it. Panocha's dick gets big and thick - he reams Fiala well. Fiala (aka Robert Rossci) continues to be one of the hottest versatile bottoms making Czech movies (both with and without condoms - Czech Inn).

Marco Kubec and John Hart
Marco Kubec tastes John Hart
In the next scene, a youthful brunet (Josh Hart) checks in. He lingers around the front area so he can get the full service attention from blond attendant Marco Kubek. The two little satyrs get naked with Kubek pumping Hart doggie-style. This boy knows how to screw.

Meet the delectable Johnny Saint

The next scene introduces us to another sauna employee, the delectable Johnny Saint, who has star quality looks and a very large dick. Saint has appeared in several Eclair movies, pleasing the top models in them to no end.

While cleaning the hottub, he's accosted by Rudolph Phoenix and Robert Ford. They proceed to make a Johnny Saint sandwich. Phoenix gets to pump the kid while standing in the splashy water of the hot tub. Saint ends up covered in cum.

Saint's work adventures are not anywhere near finished either. Immediately afterwards, he goes to clean the steamroom. The scene begins with a nicely filmed sequence of Leonardo diMarco and John Hart in the steamroom cruising each other's erections.

Saint enters, finding Hart with his lips wrapped around diMarco's uncut cock. Saint steps out of his blue workshorts, inspiring Hart to screw diMarco's open ass from the side. Hart plows him until he blows his love onto diMarco's sweet cheeks.

Then the camera shows Saint's face - a mask of total pleasure - getting rear-ended by diMarco. Grabbing Saint's hot buns, diMarco rams away until he sprays. Finally, Saint jacks himself to a copious five spurt money shot.

In the next scene, a still manhungry Panocha has a threeway with Lance Selleck and Mark Hunt. Panocha once again tops. Selleck, who tops Hunt as well, probably has the biggest dick of the entire cast. He gets his turn on Hunt and Panocha is though.

The sixth scene is another scorcher. Our boytoy Hart wanders into the shower to wash his bod. Around the corner come the always horned-up musclebottom Ross Fiala. This time he wants a piece of boy butt.

Fiala and Hart hump like rabbits. Hart takes it bent over in the shower, and Fiala sprays a big load of his seed onto Hart's back.

In the next scene, Panocha decides that it is his turn to get some of Kubec, the blonde frontdesk attendant. Kubec proceeds to give him what he wants, which is blondboy dick up his ass.

Panocha's on-screen time really hits bigtime in these last scenes. In the last episode, the indefatigable Panocha and the identifiable diMarco meet up in the steamroom. Unfortunately the sauna is closing, so they adjourn to Panocha's bedroom.

It is Panocha's turn to bottom. He raises his smooth sexy legs up high so diMarco can give him that final, required screw needed at the end of a long day at the bathhouse.

Visits to these kinds of facilities typically lead to the experience that once you start your engines, it difficult to cool down. These sauna boys have a great time, filling this eight scene movie with plenty of action.

The Sauna Photos:

The Sauna Three Way
Mark Hunt between hung Lance Selleck and Jerry Panocha
Johnny Saint
Johnny Saint

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