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The Renegade

Leo Botelho
South American Pictures  
Gustavo Mendes , Marcelo Lagoas , Rock , Rodrigo Muller , Samuel Rodrigues , Tomas Yuri , Tulio Marino
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The Renegade

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Rocky DeOliveira's first porn

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The Renegade introduces one of the most earth-shattering tops of the year. Look closely, this guy truly burns up the screen. The film is a showpiece for the mononamed Rock (Sweet Temptation), the muscular brunet who graces the boxcover. ("Rock" later went on to become a famous Kristen Bjorn model with the more down to Earth name Rocky DeOliveira) Equipped with perfect pecs, beautiful legs and thighs, and a shock of dark black hair, he is probably one of the all-around finest looking models to emerge from below the equator.

He's a total top. His dick is not a giant battle ax either, but very nicely sized and the guy knows how to fuck. Rock will inspire the deepest emotions of viewers who love watching straight looking or straight acting tops plowing their happy way through movies. He appears in all four of the movie's action scenes, but because of the strength of the bottoms as well as his top buddies along with him, his screentime does not become tiring.

Speaking of the other models, there is not a bad apple in the entire bunch. The bottoms are all hot to watch. They get dominated easily, and seem to just fall into his big hands like ragdolls.

The RenegadeWatch VOD Gustavo Mendes tastes
Rock's cock
The first scene of the movie begins with Rock and Rodrigo Muller swimming in a richly adorned swimming pool. Muller is an adorable smooth young guy with an upturned erection. They first have an extended conversation in Portuguese. This conversation turns obviously sexual as Muller pulls off Rock's bathing suit to suck him.

To those unfamiliar with the language, Portuguese is probably one of the most sexually arousing tougues spoken in the world. The entire movie is filmed with real-time sound running along the action, and it unquestionably turns all the heat up to even higher levels. Hats off to the models not only because of their sexual performances, but also to their unending stream of noise and words that run constantly out of their mouths.

Muller never stops talking. After sucking Rock at length he bends his sweet ass over so his friend can stick it in. Rock pounds the hell out of this kid, in numerous positions. Rock's favorite seems to be with the bottom sitting down on his cock. Muller has a fine bubble butt, which makes delicious slapping noises as Rock's muscluar body slams against it.

Rock also like to give slaps on the asscheeks of the guys he is topping. This first scene sizzles because the top just loves to dish it out, and the bottom clearly cannot get enough. The subsequent three scenes are all good too, but this first one is a must-see.

The Rock Comes Some More

In the next scene, Rock visits two guys who are chatting on a couch, cutie Samuel Rodrigues (House of the Rising Cum) and shaved headed hottie Marcelo Lagoas. (more Portuguese!) He arrives and sits between them, putting his big arms around each one. They all start kissing. The scene becomes an arousing session where Rock tops Rodrigues, as Lagoas watches closely, often playing with his dick. Lagoas does participate in the anal action, however because he does interact as some for Rock to talk to, the result is interesting.

Rock slaps the asscheeks of the guys he is topping, speaking Portuguese.
As before, Rock pounds his prey relentlessly, never skipping a beat. Rodrigues sits on him from above, which nicely shows off his smooth round cheeks. Rock does him in a number of other positions as well. Also there is lots of great footage showing Rock's thrusting ass, rocking and slapping up against the bottomboy. Both guys blow big money shots onto the bottom's chest.

Home alone and absorbed in homework, Rock answers the door to Gustavo Mendes, who is one of the more interesting models of the movie. Mendes's body is tightly muscular. He has hair all over his legs, butt and chest. He wears glasses. In no time he finds himself bent over the couch taking Rock up inside him.

Of all the models in the film, Mendes looks the most uncomfortable taking Rock's plows. But the hairy kid takes it like a champ. They both shoot virtually simultaneously, and Rock's load seems to be growing more copious with each scene.

By the movie's last scene, the star's modus operadi becomes extremely clear. Basically, Rock calls his straight buddies over to involve them in his own topman conquests of the bottomboys. The sequence starts with Rock playng cards with Tomas Yuri, another muscular stud. Their bottomboy for the night is Tulio Marino, a cutie with sideburns. The two big muscleguys go to town having their way with him.

Marino alternates sucking their dicks. The two studs keep talking to each other in Portuguese, presumably about their trick. In a hot moment, Rock leans back to get sucked as Yuri walks into the camera, sliding his cock inside Marino's butt. They make a tightly-packed Tulio Marino sandwich.

For this scene Yuri gets a lot of on-screen top time. Like his buddy, he likes to slap the butt they are fucking. These guys slam him from all positions. Director Leo Botelho captures some great angles showing off all these guys' sweaty assets. In a memorable finish, Yuri fires a king-sized load all over the bottom. After this whopper, Rock finishes with a nice money shots of his own. Like the film opened, it simply fades out at the end making a simple finish. Who is this Rock, and will he ever show up again?

This reviewer has no idea whatsoever why the movie is named The Renegade. The English marketing messages on the DVD really don't make any sense. That is allright, because the themes and ideas presented in the movie itself are in a universal language.

The Renegade Photos:

The Rock in The RenegadeWatch VOD
Rodrigo Muller looks back at the camera, Rock below
Rocky DeOliveira in The RenegadeWatch VOD
Marcelo Lagoas (left). Rock tops Rodrigues.

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