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The Red and the Black

J.D. Slater
Raging Stallion Studios  
Colin West , Danny Mann , Erik Hunter , Ken Braun ,
Interracial SexRimmingHairy GuysDaddies / MenTattoosFetish: Jock Straps

The Red and the Black

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Nick Piston leads the Red and the Black

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The red and the black are colors with very clear messages, and their meanings are fully explored in this gripping adventure from J.D. Slater by a cast of five highly talented models. These guys in this film do not look bored, nor are they doing it for the money. It's two solid hours of intense lust, pleasure and performance.

The model who rises to the top in this boiling cauldron of mansex is the heavily tattooed Nick Piston (Down Right Dangerous), a very sexy guy, whose allure grows in direct proportion to the attention paid to him. Piston is a dirty blond with a strongly packed frame, ample cock and hot ass. Combine this with a liberal sprinkling of body piercings and body art, and he is precisely the kind of guy your mother warned you about when you were young. But this is exactly the kind of cool guy you privately yearned to steal away with after school.

The Red and the Black Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Erik Hunter over Nick Piston
Piston appears in the film all ready for play, wearing a thin leather jockstrap. But he has to first wait for Danny Mann get through with Raging Stallion newcomer Colin West (Arabesque). Mann is a brawny hairy chested top with a supple ass, an outstanding masculine find.

Mann lays back on a ladder and enjoys an intense blowjob from West. West is an alluring bottom with a bubble ass, smooth skin and tatts running down his body. He loves to get plowed, taking it obediently from Mann in several positions. After this strong, hard pounding, they both shoot their loads.

After this, Piston and musclestud Erik Hunter (Knight After Night) are unleashed onto each other in what is the movie's best duet. Piston, wearing a gas mask on his head, expertly deep throats Hunter's thick, engorged cock with audible delight. In return, Hunter takes sheer delight in lathering Piston's ass with his tongue. This rimjob lasts for seemingly forever, riveting the viewer to the screen as Hunter occasionally withdraws his tongue to nuzzle Piston's exposed nether region with his shaved head.

While getting fucked, Piston emits growling sounds that sound like they emerge from deep, unearthly depths. Hunter grabs his splayed legs and plows deep and hard. Hunter, another JD Slater find, is an incredible mansex machine, a perfect match for revving Piston's engine.

After twenty minutes of anal action, they kiss as they unleash their loads.

The Daddy Duet

Next there is a daddy duet between Mann and an even bigger bald muscleguy named Ken Braun. Wearing red and black jockstraps, they swap manly deep kisses, and some spit. Then they exchange some flogging.

Mann provides another one of the movie's outstanding, intense ass eating sequences, followed by some nice dildo play. He than delivers another hard pounding session of sodomy to Braun, who appears to love every minute of it.

After they cum, Piston returns to form a triangle of cockworship with the other two. Mann stands tall as Braun and Piston share his cock. Then, he casually lights a cigar and takes several puffs.

Hunter joins them, where all fourproceed to switch off between deep throating their cocks, and eating each other's butts. These raging stallion men gallop into what can only be described as a carnal finish. The memorable highlight: Hunter grips onto a motorcycle as he gets fucked by Mann. Apparently cock in this guy's ass makes the bald giant purr like a kitten.

Finally, Piston gets behind Hunter for his own turn and the muscular ass. He drills him with his wide cock, going full bore until he pulls out and shoots a heavy stream of white jizz.

The other cast members jack out their money shots around the same motorcycle, as they recall moments of their own debauchery earlier in the film. Piston is an excellent star for this vehicle. With little effort, he can become the movie industry's hottest new badboy.

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The Red and the Black Photos:

Nick Piston and Erik HunterWatch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Nick Piston spreads for Erik Hunter
Nick Piston and Ken Braun Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Nick Piston sucks Ken Braun
(Danny Mann below)
Danny Mann fucks Colin West Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Danny Mann tops Colin West

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