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The Hunted

John Bruno
Mustang Studios   MVP073
, Jason Ridge , , Marco Paris , Marcos David , Parker Williams , Rob Ramos , , Trey Casteel , Troy Punk
Bathhouse / Sex ClubLatinosOrgyHunks

The Hunted

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Robert Van Damme plays paintball in a sexclub.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

All kinds of kinky hijinks are bound to ensue when you give a group of horny gay guys laser guns and turn 'em loose inside the dark mazes of a sex club. The Hunted boasts a very appealing lineup indeed, and once this pack of buff studs assembles, boxcover model Robert Van Damme quickly sets down the rules of the game.

Rest assured, this is not your typical game of shoot 'em up. On the contrary - those who find themselves in these crosshairs are required to sexually submit to the hunter's immediate whims. But honestly, with the likes of Josh Weston and Marco Paris gunning for bear, ending up as quarry can hardly be a losing proposition.

Jason Ridge (Getting It Straight), a model who's fast becoming one of the more prolific models working in the industry, cruises the dark hallways until he crosses paths with hairy he-man Parker Williams (Down Right Dangerous).

They have an old West-style face-off in which Ridge gets the upper hand. The first order of business? Ridge forces Williams to give an impromptu strip show, and Williams coyly uses the opportunity to show off, running his fingers through the shaggy fur covering various parts of his bulked up frame. Both men in fact are decidedly gruff and greasy; Ridge has shaved his head nearly nude for this role, but keeps the 5 o'clock shadow. Williams is completely unkempt and untamed, keeping his jockstrap on while he fingers his butthole at Ridge's request. Ridge submits to the teasing, dropping to his knees in front of Williams, giving up the upper hand he had won. They rim one another - Williams' crack exquisitely hairy and Ridge's baby smooth. When Marcos David (aka Mario Perez of Lucas Kazan fame) stumbles across the action, Williams pulls him in and puts him to work fucking Ridge. The scene explodes when the trio forms a fuck chain - David fucked by Ridge who's fucked by Williams.

Marcos David enjoys the gameWatch on or Watch VOD
Marcos David bottoms
with Jason Ridge and Parker Williams behind
Josh Weston below Brad RockWatch on or Watch VOD
Josh Weston kneels
before Brad Rock

Brad Rock Sets His Trap

Elsewhere in the club, the game continues. It's never revealed just who Josh Weston is gunning for, but he puts himself directly in Brad Rock's tender trap. Frankly, it would have been surprising if Weston, one of porn's most spectacular bottoms, had managed to be the aggressor.

Sure enough, he's quickly servicing Rock, wetting the front of Rock's chinos with spit. Rock's prick is somewhat average, but wrap Weston's mouth around it, and you're got yourself something worth getting excited about.

My only beef with this scene? John Bruno misses the mark when it comes to Weston's pretty pink asshole. Rather than have Brad Rock slather it with spit, it's Rock who gets the backdoor tongue action. Weston's hole was designed to be rimmed enthusiastically, but in The Hunted, it's merely crammed with cock. And how could you not fall in love with a muscular bottom boy who maintains a stiffie when getting plowed? At one point, Weston climbs atop his buddy, slides down on his pole and giddily rides. Between his triceps, sculpted pecs, perfectly trimmed bush, stiff and steel prick and thighs, it's impossible to know where to focus a lustful gaze.

Troy Punk hits Brad Rock with his laser. Brad Rock is literally stuffing his spent prick back inside his jeans when Troy Punk hits him with a laser. Punk, a horny voyeur, decides to get his jollies by forcing Marco Paris (Road to Temptation) to service a semi-spent Rock. You won't hear any complains from Paris. He's more than happy to service Rock's cock and balls, no doubt still giving off the not-so-subtle scents of Josh Weston. Punk spews out a string of well-aimed dirty talk, all the while jacking his own prick and salaciously fingering his sweaty hole.

Eventually, he abandons the voyeur role, becoming a full-on participant. He politely shares Rock's cock with Paris, before lining it up with Paris' asshole. Punk's doing double duty, hungrily slurping on Paris's ass then swiveling his head a few inches to the side to lick Rock's dong. Then unexpectedly, Troy Punk switches into bottom boy role. But before he gets really comfortable, the viewer is treated to a second sandwich fuck, Rock boning Punk who is boning Paris. This is Punk's moment to truly shine. Stretching his arms out, he powerfully poses and flexes in-between the men, simultaneously both a top and a bottom. But rising above all this is Marco Paris' handsome face, sweetly expressive while he's having sex. I found myself coming back to Paris again and again to pinpoint exactly where he was in this nasty pile of flesh.

Robert Van Damme Finishes The Game

The game comes to its climax with a torrid four-way shootout. Robert Van Damme (Muscleman Moving Company) has managed to snag the cover of this particular DVD, and everything in The Hunted seems to be leading to this group scene. Van Damme tangles with sultry Rob Ramos, Trey Casteel and Marcos David. It's a standoff where everyone ends up being a winner.

Not to be outdone, Rob Ramos, who has left his days of Fire Island Cruising behind, stands atop a pedestal, side by side with van Damme while the other two men crouch several feet below and give humble blowjobs. And all that subservience is adequately rewarded with passionate rim jobs, van Damme and Ramos snaking their tongues into David and Casteel's hot chutes respectively. These few moments of nasty ass munching make up for the rim job that Josh Weston didn't get.

Van Damme predictably slides into the top role - no surprises there - but Ramos turns the tables and bends over for Marcos David. The final frames of The Hunted are unbeatable. Ramos becomes a living cum canvas, lying prone while his new fuck buddies soak him in hot spunk.

The Hunted falls right in line with other offerings in the Mustang product line, giving the viewer edgier, somewhat rougher action with stunning and muscular models. This one is not to be missed.

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The Hunted Photos:

Parker Williams, Marcos David, Jason RidgeWatch on or Watch VOD
Parker Williams, Marcos David, Jason Ridge
Josh Weston and Brad RockWatch on or Watch VOD
Josh Weston opens for Brad Rock

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