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The Hole

Wash West
Jet Set Men  
Adam Killian , Anthony Holloway , Damon Ivy , Derec Lang , , , Josh Hammer , Kip Bravo , Lorenzo Vargas , Michael Knight , Rex Everything , Sam Tyson , T.J. Hart , Tag Eriksson , Trent Atkins , Vince Taylor
SolosStraight GuysHunksParody / SpoofMystery/ThrillerTheme: Romance

The Hole

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Before you turn gay, you see the hole.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Nicely photographed, well cast, and smart, The Hole is a porn movie that easily makes the must-see list. It is full of themes that attract universal arousal - straight guys turning gay, hot all-American looks, and secret orgy parties, just to name a few. All this is wrapped in a story that on its own is entertaining and intriguing.

Derec Lang and Josh Hammer (Mirage)are hanging out one night at their bachelor apartment watching football on tv. Lang starts talking about this urban legend he had heard where if you watch one particular videotape, the phone will ring and the voice on the other end informs them that they will turn gay in seven days.

And in seven days, that person turns gay.

Tag ErikssonWatch Now

Is Tag Eriksson a Bottom?
Hammer replies that he and some friends actually saw that magical movie a week ago, almost to the very minute. Just as soon as they believe Hammer escaped the myth unscathed, the phone rings. A voice on the other end tells the hunky bodybuilder You're gay.

Hammer is in denial. Lang pulls out some test materials to find out. He makes Hammer choose between watching pussy porn and a Judy Garland movie. Hammer finally picks the pussy porn, but after watching three scenes, he can't get hard. Lang turns on the dancing lights, and starts dirty dancing in front of the TV. After doing this, he stops moving and says, "Dude, you ARE gay!"

Hammer's dick is pointing straight up to the sky. Hammer still can't believe it. More testing is necessary. Lang starts humping Hammer's round, muscular butt, who has bent over a table. "Did you see the movie too," Hammer asks. "No, but my girlfriend is gone tonight," his roommate answers.

This delightful back and forth banter and style runs throughout the entire movie. So does the hot sex. Josh Hammer looks really hot getting plowed. And he's a pretty good actor too. Derec Lang looks like a straight dick dancer. After he pops Hammer's delicious cherry, he says to him, "Dude, I really think you're gay."

Hammer enlists the help of a local newspaper reporter (Tag Eriksson) to uncover the truth behind this urban legend- cum - sexual-orientation switcher. Hammer discloses that at the point he really turned gay, he saw a blinding light and a big hole before him. What does the hole mean?

Eriksson traces back his friend's steps to where he saw the tape.

"Dude, I really think you're gay."
At a motel lodge, he discovers their cabin and the actual videotape. Meanwhile, the motel manager Vince Taylor performs a wordless, well shot solo. After watching the tape, the phone rings, and a sinister voice informs Eriksson that in seven days he'll turn gay. Now with just seven days to unravel the mystery, he looks for Hammer's other friends to see if they had turned gay as well.

Eriksson visits Jason Adonis, who had seen the tape with Hammer. Adonis explains that he and his friend Sam Tyson were driving into town to find pussy, when they saw a blinding light, a large hole, and before they knew it they were consummating their own manlove themselves. Let's rock n' roll, quips Adonis as they start kissing.

Tyson gives Adonis' butt a heavy tongue-bath, and then Adonis turns his friend around to impale his ass. Adonis tops the dirty blond like a pro with upturned eyes and heavy moans. Watching these two guys hump will probably be difficult to get through in one sitting. They go at it in five different positions.

After they cum, the two eat bananas and declare their love for each other.

Tag Eriksson Is Not Yet Gay

The next day, Eriksson pours over every scene of the videotape trying to find clues. Meanwhile, Hammer watches him, and realizes that he now loves the news reporter. Eriksson does not think he's gey yet, but time is rapidly running out, That night Eriksson masturbates to a Hustler magazine, the pages opened to a hunky unshaven guy banging a blonde dame.

This solo (which won a GayVN award for Best Solo) is a riveting exercise in self-pleasure activity. Eriksson opens his eyes and the female model from the pages appears next to him, touching his nipple as he keeps beating his long, uncut meat.

Erikson's visual stimulation changes. The lady disappears, replaced by the male stud from the magazine pages. The guy flirtingly touches Eriksonn's body, which remains lying in bed. The Swede's hands keep jacking his own cock. This fantastic set of imagery turns this solo scene into yet another high point of the film.

That night, Eriksson dreams of images in the videotape. He realizes that he had seen the domed building much earlier while surfing the web. Located in Roswell, New Mexico, he and Hammer go out there to see what they can find.

The find the house, and peer inside. Jeremy Tucker stands naked before a mirror. A nude Anthony Halloway walks up to Tucker, and they start kissing and sucking each other. These two models frankly have never looked better. Also, Halloway's dick looks bigger then in previous movies.

He provides a thick feast for Tucker, who sucks him on his knees. The two adjourn to an orgy room, where Eriksson and Hammer secretly observe the ritualistic screwing of bodacious blond bottom Trent Atkins.

Filled with numerous masked guys, all naked and hard - they watch Tucker and Halloway take turns on Atkins. Here, Hammer and Eriksson realize the meaning of the tape.

Without giving too much away, after this rousing orgy, the two return to the original hotel cabin where everything started. Here, Eriksson let's go and has sex with Hammer. These two gorgeous hunks take turns swallowing their giant erections. Finally, Eriksson shoves his uncut Scandinavian prick into Hammer's hot hole. Hammer looks like one hot boytoy to top. The Hole ends with a very nice wrap-up answering all the storyline's questions.

Wash West has created a clever movie that should appeal to almost everyone. Not only does is contain first class sexual heat, but it's funny, well produced and even contains a punchy set of music that fits all the different moods. West's unique story-telling style combined with hot sex is also on display in his 1999 sci-fi spoof Technical Ecstacy, and he also utilized Tag Eriksson in another gay porn, Jet Set Direct: Take One.

Both Wash West movies are on FriskyFans' Top 10 Science Fiction Gay Porn Movies list.

The DVD contains additional extras, including a hot set of photos from the movie and trailers for the movie and other Jet Set flicks. Considered one of the best releases of 2003, it will titillate and amuse.

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The Hole Photos:

Derec Lang helps Josh HammerWatch Now
Derec Lang helps Josh Hammer find out if he turned gay
Tag Eriksson behind Josh HammerWatch Now
Tag Eriksson behind Josh Hammer
Straight guys turned gay in The HoleWatch Now
Straight guys turned gay
Derec Lang, Josh Hammer, Tag Eriksson, Jason Adonis

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