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English Student, The (Bel Ami)

George Duroy
Bel Ami  
Alexander Strauss , Andrej Votek , Claude Cocteau , Dano Sulik , Jacques Mellies , Julian Armanis , Karl Tenner , Nico Tiziani , Sebastian Bonnet , Simon Jacobi
Czech Boys

English Student, The (Bel Ami)

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Julian Armanis learns English

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The English Student is the feature film that really shows us the long, lanky Julian Armanis. Armanis's infectious warmth, enthusiastic versatility and photogenic physical attributes have brightened many Bel Ami productions. In The English Student, he plays himself. In the links between the sex scenes, he sits at a desk practicing to improve his English. Each new word introduces one of the seven glorious couplings that constitute the film.

And he appears in three of them - topping in two, and flip-flopping in the third.

The cast is the usual beautiful Bel Ami boy-men. The English Student served as a vehicle for Bel Ami to blaze new non-Lukas territory, so we see many really stellar new finds here. The first word Armanis shares with us is cruising. He defines the word properly too: making contact at a soccer game with a compact little brunet (Nico Tiziani).

The action quickly moves to a deserted, graffiti sprayed house, where the two exchange blowjobs before Armanis plows into the delectable newcomer. Both are notably endowed, affectionate, lustful and happy to be in front of the camera.

The second scene, Lick, begins with blond Simon Jacobi and brunet Claude Cocteau sharing an ice cream bar and demonstrating the knowledge of the word. The feeding to each other of ice cream quickly turns to foreplay. In no time, they adjourn to a sunlit, shimmering room where the lick and kiss all over each other's handsome faces, bodies and genitalia.

Jacobi is remarkable because of his pillowy lips, pendulous balls and definitely the largest sized-cock in the film. Jacobi sucks cock only briefly and plays a total top in this scene. This leaves the major work to Cocteau. Jacobi's tradey quality is offset by the obvious connection between the two. Jacobi's two money shots in the scene are great.

Julian Armanis sucks Nico TizianiWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Julian Armanis sucks Nico Tiziani

Dano Sulik and Karl Tenner

The third scene, starring Dano Sulik and Karl Tenner, is constructed around the word telephone. Perhaps it is the consistent Dano "magic" that we know and love, but this is the best scene of the film. The scene starts with Sulik accidentally knocking the telephone receiver off the hook, so that Armanis can listen in on the action.

Sulik is in full form here as a total pig. Pairing him with the softer Tenner was a strike of genius. Both are consummate cocksuckers, and they seen determined to outfuck the other when the anal action gets started. The plowing is done in double and triple time (also known as by fans as powerfucking).

Our star Armanis returns for the fourth scene, "Vacation." This sequence appears to have been shot in Portugal during Frisky Summer 2.

Armanis and the knock-out Sebastian Bonnet leave the beautiful beach to cuddle in a large double bed. As they make passionate love, the two boys make loving eye contact, Slavic sex talk, and cap the scene with two potent money shots.

Reciprocity triggers the next scene. Horse-hung Alexander Strauss and brunet Andrej Volek compete in a mutual jerk-off. Most of the scene is filmed through the gauze curtains of a lovely canopy bed. The effect is dreamlike. The two wordlessly work their way to climax and conclude with kissing and snuggling.

In the sixth scene, Jacobi returns. He is now occupied online as his hairy-chested friend Jaques Mellies works-out with barbells. Aroused by the sights on the computer monitor, they turn towards each other. Once again, Jacobi is unfortunately mostly trade, and Mellies does a majority of the work. Mellies holds an angelic countenance, and appears at his expressive best while getting fucked. The best moments are when Mellies, knees locked behind his ears and heels in the air, experiences the pain and pleasure of Jacobi's big-dicked assault.

Snowball, the final scene, pairs Armanis with Cocteau. It begins with wrestling and a snowball fight in the wintery outdoors. Soon the action moves inside to a bathtub where additional horseplay ensues. The two trade blowjobs before Armanis slides into Cocteau for a multi-positioned fuck.

The English Student maintains the high level of Bel Ami quality, both photographically and erotically that we all know. Fans of Julian Armanis should definitely have this film since he is so prominent. It also introduces a number of nice new faces.

Additional: Bel Ami released a softcore version of this film called English Lessons.

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Karl Tenner fucks Dano SulikWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Karl Tenner tops Dano Sulik

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