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The Bachelor (Barrett Long)

Coco Lachine
All Worlds Video  
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OrgyHorsehungParody / Spoof

The Bachelor (Barrett Long)

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Barrett Long is the horsehung bachelor

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Primetime's The Bachelor meets cable reality show Boy Meets Boy in this sweet All Worlds flick, similarly titled The Bachelor. The film stars humongous Barrett Long (Longshot) as the eligible fellow who seeks Mr. Right to come live with him in his inherited mansion.

Five fellows immediately line up for his consideration. Each gives a brief on-camera introduction describing who they are: Jack Ryan is an aspiring actor who waits tables. Rocky is a little muscleboy student. Danny Rhymes is a displaced Texan looking to see Long's dong in the flesh. Cameron Fox is the clubbing party-boy and Raul is a bottomboy next door.

After meeting Barrett Long, they adjourn to their rooms. However, Long decides to stop by Rocky's suite for a before-dinner aperitif. Rocky has a tight, compact muscular body, a close cropped latinoboy haircut and sweet looking ass.

Barrett LongWatch Now
Barrett Long
Technically versatile, Rocky has always been a real dreamy bottom ( Crash of the Titans) Rocky lightly plays with the uncut schlong, which blossoms in his hands. He takes the MX missile by sitting on it. After working it in, he humps it pretty easily.

In fact afterwards, Rocky's on-screen comment reveals that he was nervous at first, but eventually could get into it.

Later, Long goes to his backyard to discover Cameron Fox and Raul sudsing each other up in the shower. (On the west coast, an outdoor glass shower is standard equipment)

Raul ends up getting an assfull of Fox's joystick. The two stand up in the shower as Fox screws him from behind. Fox shoots his money shot onto Raul's nippleringed chest.

In the next scene, Danny Rhymes brings Long into his room, thanking the bachelor for a nice dinner. Long is especially eager to get down with Rhymes. First, Rhymes gets on his knees to suck on Long's meat.

Watching these guys' mouths work over this thickest of tubesteaks is titillating. Rhymes makes good work of it. After fingering Long's hole, the bachelor sucks on the Texan's hard-on. Rhymes gets on the bed and spreads eagle.

A wonderful sign of smooth skin and inviting asscheeks, Long goes over to plant his mark on him. Rhymes takes it, butt up in the air, moaning like the wind was knocked out of him.

Jack Ryan shows up at this sexsuite a bit early, walking in on the two. Come join us! grins Long, who does not stop or slow down his thrusts on Rhymes' butt. Ryan goes around to the bottom's face so he can stuff his mouth. Meanwhile Long works over the Texan's other end.

I want to marry Barrett Long! Then in a very nice turn of events, Long gets his butt plowed by Ryan. Ryan pulls out and shoots on Long's lower back, while Rhymes cums on Long's chest. The two watch as Long whacks out his own high-flying load. This boy has a lot of cum gathering in his big balls.

After this, Long gathers the guys together for the cuts. He cuts Rhymes, and then asks Fox and Raul to put on a show for the rest. Their show turns into a sizzling group session with all five. Raul jawbones Long's telephone pole, while Rocky gets down on his knees before Jack Ryan.

Barrett Long hosts an orgy

The ensuring orgy is one if the movie's high points. Long stands before the group and Rocky and Raul gets on their fours before him, sucking. Then Fox and Ryan get behind the two hispanics to mount them. After this, they switch around so that Rocky, Raul and Ryan form a connecting love chain.

During this, Fox gets to drive his own big dick into Long's ass. Mark this group scene as one for the books.

They finish by jacking out their own loads. Long delivers another big spurter.

Compared to his smaller roles, like in The Backbone, Long turns in a good performance here. It will be nice to follow this new stud's career. Also noteworthy for the hot bottoming performances of Rocky

So who is the ultimate winner? All Worlds really wants the viewers to decide, so give it a watch to see.

The Bachelor (Barrett Long) Photos:

Barrett Long fucks Danny RhymesWatch Now
Barrett Long behind Danny Rhymes
Worshipping Barrett LongWatch Now
Worshipping Barrett Long
The Bachelor OrgyWatch Now
The Orgy Finale
The Bachelor Group OrgyWatch Now

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