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The Apprentice 2: Dark Heart

Russell Moore
Delta Productions  
Anthony Holloway , Caesar Mancini , Cameron Sage , , Desmond Monclair , , Michael Brandon , Trent Atkins
Twinks, AmericanHorsehung

The Apprentice 2: Dark Heart

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Joe Landon plays The Apprentice

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Winner 2003 Grabby Awards - Best Actor (Joe Landon)

The 2003 follow up to The Apprentice continues the interesting story of Joe Landon as a high-priced callboy. This time around he is the trainer, taking Chris Rock's role from the first movie.

Landon's tall striking blonde features and good acting ability carries the film, which is augmented by a good script, a uniformly great set of performers and fine photography.

Like other Delta Productions, much attention has been paid to the sharp visual look. It is filmed with high-end digital filming equipment, so watching this on regular DVD sets results in perfect freeze frames and slow motions effects. If you want some porn for the HDTV theaters, The Apprentice 2: Dark Heart and its prequel are great ones to get.

Here, time has passed since the first movie. Landon returns home from runnning to discover his lover Victor (Chris Rock from the first Apprentice) has suddenly left. Lendon decides to train a new set of apprentices to be high-priced callboys. He assembles Anthony Halloway, Caesar Mancini and sexual virgin Danny Rhymes together and pep-talks them into learning how to make some significant money.

Joe Landon
Joe Landon
During Landon's motivational talk, he catches Monclair and Rhymes cruising each other. Needing to mark his property, Landon calls Rhymes into the bedroom for an immediate deflowering.

Danny Rhymes is the ultimate butch bottom. Their scene, like the others in the film, include ample affectionate kissing and sucking. Rhymes ends up taking Landon's giant endowment effortlessly. After they finish, Landon proudly announces that he will be "my best model."

Next, Landon sends Anthony Halloway out on an appointment. His job calls for racing in his car against his gentlemen caller to this beautifully landscaped mansion, Halloway is the loser, so once at the house he has to pay with his ass.

His hook-up is masculine blond Cameron Sage, who immediately claims his prize - Halloway's tanned behind. In some great footage, Halloway rides up and down on Sage's pole, with the picturesque hills and Pacific Ocean behind them. Both guys turn in great performances, and Sage cannot stop grabbing Halloway's butt.

Meanwhile, trouble starts when Rhymes confesses to Landon that he has second thoughts about participating in this business. Landon will hear none of it, and they go together to an appointment where Rhymes is to watch at first, and join in once Landon gets the action started.

The resulting three-way scene is clearly the film's finest. In fact, this scene won the Best Three-Way award at the 2003 Grabby Awards. Their caller is the endearing Trent Adkins. Equipped with a tight, perfect swimmer's body, and an accommodating ass, Adkins takes on Landon and Rhymes move for move. After lots of foreplay, Landon and Rhymes top him in a marathon ride.

The talented Adkins has sprung from this movie into additional films as the perfect boytoy, sexmachine.

Next, Desmond Sinclair sends Caesar Mancini off on a kinky appointment. In it, Michael Brandon climbs through a backdoor to find a bound Mancini waiting on the bed. Before long, Mancini is licking and rubbing Brandon's pole through his leather pants. In one long, amazing take, Brandon hammers Mancini with over hundred thrusts. At one point, he grabs a lube bottle and applies the contents, without missing a beat. Mancini is sprawled out on his back, overtaken by ecstasy, and they both finish the scene with great money shots.

Finally, Monclair and Rhymes decide to leave Landon and his business behind for a devoted life together. They break the news to an irate Landon, retreating to another house to make love. It is at this point that we learn Monclair has been keeping a third arm carefully hidden between his legs. With difficulty, Rhymes actually can get his mouth around it.

Fortunately, his ass is better at swallowing large instruments. Monclair gives him some time for his sphincter to adjust. The digital photography captures every skin tone and move with perfect clarity. There is an obvious color change on the skin of the shaft as it works in and out of Rhymes's tight anal grip.

Rhymes stays fully worked up while he's drilled, and he unloads with Monclair inside him. The two consummate their love, leaving Landon behind to reconcile his life and profession.

You can rent and watch The Apprentice 2 right now online. Just click on the WATCH NOW buttons on this page.

The Apprentice 2: Dark Heart Photos:

Caesar Mancini and Michael Brandon
Caesar Mancini samples Michael Brandon
Desmond Monclair
Desmond Monclair

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