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Apprentice, The (Joe Landon)

Barry Knight
Delta Productions  
Alex Carrington , Chris Rock , , Joey Stevens , Marco Antonio , Scott Matthews , Steve O'Donnell , Steve ODonnell , Tony Cummings
Twinks, American

Apprentice, The (Joe Landon)

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Joe Landon leads a story about a young man finding his way.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Nominated for 6 GayVN Video Awards, including Best Gay Video, Best Director, Best Actor (Joe Landon), Best Supporting Actor (Chris Rock) and Best Screenplay.

Beautifully shot on high-quality digital video, The Apprentice is well-deserving of its many awards and big sales since its 1999 release. Anchored by the all-American boy-next-door Joe Landon, it not only sears the soul, but also detonates the gonads of practically anyone who watches the film.

As mentioned earlier, people with new High Defination televisions will enjoy every crevice, detail and juicy drop because of Delta Productions' use of high-end digital camera equipment.

The movie begins with a heart-felt scene where Landon returns home one day to find his belongings thrown out in the yard, and his father locking him out of the house muttering, "Go away, faggot."

Like many disenfranchised youths locating their sexuality, he ends up in Los Angeles roaming the streets. In a daze, he is startled by a set of keys landing at his feet, tossed by Scott Matthews from an overhead apartment balcony.

Joey Stevens holding Steve O'Donnell & Scott Matthews
Upstairs, Matthews offers him monet for sex, which he accepts. Since it is never really made clear whether Landon is a virgin to gay sex or not, the energy of the resulting coupling is made even hotter. Landon certainly looks like he's definately enjoying the pleasures of getting sucked, rimmed and sliding his giant pole into the grunting Matthews.

Matthews also has a big, thick monument himself, making this scene a size-queen's dream. The scene starts Landon on his sexual fate.

Afterwards, Chris Rock catches up with Landon walking down the street. Rock, who watched Landon go into Matthews' apartment, implores Landon to get in the car. It takes some coaxing, be Landon obliges. It turns out that Rock is a highly successful gigalo, who is eager to retire from the business. He wants to make training Landon as his replacement the final act of his hustling career.

Thus begins a regimen of training for Landon. "Sexual power is the most important power we have as human beings," he instructs the kid. Rock and Landon both turn in very good performances thourghout the film, which requires them to go through a large amount of dialouge and acting.

Rock gets Landon to watch him have sex with a client (Marco Antonio). Wide-eyed, Landon watches as his master takes care of his fully loaded and sexually hungary client. Rock playes the ultimate professional bottom, and Antonio finishes by squeezin out one of the movie's best money shots.

Afterwards, Landon compliments Rock on the skill of convincing his client that he loved it. Rock reacts hostilely saying, "Love does not exist here." Humbled, Landon moves on to more confortable subjects.

Later at a coffeeshop, as part of his training, Rock pushes Landon to describe a fantasy story extemporaneously using two very cute guys who are talking at a nearby table. Landon's story portrays Alex Carrington as a Spanish matador, who seduces American Tony Cummings. Cummings wastes no time in chowing down on Carrington's big, uncut cock. While wearing lots of their clothes, the kiss and trade blowjobs. Cummings ends up taking Carrington's monster up his bubble ass.

Cummings explodes a big load way up to the top of his chest while getting plugged.

After the story, Rock tells Landon that he's ready for graduation. However life is not really that simple. Landon is assigned with neighbor Scott Matthews to go to a couple's house for an appointment. Landon cannot follow through with it, so Matthews goes alone.

Landon unfortunately missed out a one great session. The couple, Steve O'Donnell and puupy-dog Joey Stevens have a lot of fun with Matthews. They go through all kinds of sexual positions and variation, including a daisey chain with Matthews in the middle and O'Donnell behind him.

Stevens is one adorable bottomboy, and O'Donnell showers an endless gusher of cum onto the other two.

Landon returns to Rock, who is angry that he didn't follow through with his trick. Landon has to convinve Rock that despite the skills, he cannot emotionally connect because he's fallen in love with Rock.

Landon turns the tables by revealing Rock's hidden and covered-up love for him, and the two have sex. This time Landon is the mentor and Rock is the apprentice.

Blessed with top-notch creators, The Apprentice brings out a great story coupled wioth everything a top-of-the-line gay adult film should be. Masterfully shot in digital video, the producers had the foresight of making it even more desireable with 21st century home viewing.

You can also rent and watch The Apprentice right now online. Just click on the WATCH NOW buttons on this page.

Apprentice, The (Joe Landon) Photos:

Marco Antonio in The Apprentice
Marco Antonio

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