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The Abduction Series

Steven Scarborough
Falcon Studios  
Buck Simpson , Chance Caldwell , Craig Hoffman , Craig Slater , Danny Somers , Dolph Knight , Jack Dillon , Jason Ross , Luke Bender , Matt Gunther , Nick Manetti , Scott Hogan , Troy Hunter
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The Abduction Series

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Matt Gunther and Chance Caldwell lead The Abduction

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Falcon celebrated its seventy-fifth release with an edgy S&M fantasy entitled The Abduction. At that point, this was high cinema on grand scale. WIth thirteen models, this was their largest cast ever.

Also a beautiful black Rottweiler makes a brief, non-sexual appearance.

Falcon had dabbled in S&M before, but never to this extent. The result is a paean to such facets as bondage, degradation, leather, whips, enemas, candle drippings, harnesses, dog cages, dog collars, bootlicking and dildos.

In fact, you could say that with it's glossy look and feel, along with a cast of popular stars, this was the first S&M video for those not generally interested in S&M. The action transpires in a dank, windowless building. The performers, both the captors and the prisoners, look like they just came from the gym and the tanning salon.

These ingredients are combined into a powerful, anal-oriented film. The first two episodes only have a tiny amount of vanilla sex, focusing more on copious amounts of spanking, fingering, dildos and handballing.

Beginning in a normal atmosphere, it starts with Craig Slater seated at a breakfast table reading the newspaper. On the cover is a photo of Chance Caldwell (The Unlawful) wearing what appears to be a Nazi uniform. Suddenly Slater is surrounded and kidnapped by several menacing men wearing paramilitary outfits.

Meanwhile, at a secluded compound, Scott Hogan is tormented and anally ravaged by Dolph Knight. Upon Slater's arrival, Jason Ross and Matt Gunther treat him to similar degradation. In the third scene, Craig Hoffman has his way with the caged Hogan, who has been resting between torture sessions.

Hoffman unleashes his titanic tool, forces Hogan to suck it and then tops his doggie before shooting a large load. Using a boiler room so they will not be interrupted, Gunther and Nick Manetti go at it. Here, the two kiss deeply and affectionately. Elsewhere, Slater is dumped next to Hogan's cage to rest.

At this point, Troy Hunter administers an enema to Slater while Hogan watches with extreme fascination. Afterwards, Slater fitfully sleeps through a nightmarish recap of his abduction and incarceration.

Danny Sommers rides Dolph Knight

Next, Knight corners fellow guard Danny Sommers (Take Down) fingering his ass, and gives him a rimming. After screwing doggie, both shoot good money shots. Sommers' lands on Knight's boots, who then forces the bottom to shine them by licking up his own load.

Next is an explosive scene where Slater and Hoffman, left alone, comfort each other as they feel an attraction grow between them. Slater gently tops Hogan with a large two-headed dildo, before sticking the other end up himself.

They ride it ass to ass, rocking in syncopated rhythm.

After this, Slater sticks his finger into Hogan, and ultimately his fist. Then Hogan reciprocates. Finally the cling to each other and jack off, shooting simultaneously.

Finishing by kissing, the come down softly in the face of adversity.

In the final scene, commandant Chance Caldwell browbeats guard Jack Dillon one too many times. Dillon mutinies and seizes control. After lots of licking of armpits, boots and harnesses by Caldwell, Dillon teases his subservient with a leather crop.

He lightly strokes his body and cock with it. Dillon watches and jacks off, while Caldwell sucks himself. Then he lies missionary, spreads his asscheeks apart, and begs for it. Dillon obliges with hard, pounding thrusts.

Slater awakens to find himself still at the breakfast table. It was a dream, or was it?

Falcon has just released The Abduction, as well as its two sequels together in a three disc set. There is a retail version and a director's version, which includes the extreme buttplay.

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The Abduction Series Photos:

Dolph Knight tops Danny SomersWatch on or Watch VOD
Dolph Knight tops Danny Somers
Matt Gunther fists in The AbductionWatch on or Watch VOD
Matt Gunther fists an abductee
The Abduction snapshotWatch on or Watch VOD

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