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The Stone Age

R. Brown
Eon Films  
Chase Matthews , Cole Ryan , , Jamie Donovan , , , Kyle Aames , Logan Robbins , , Troy Casteel
Oral SexScience Fiction/SurrealTwinks, AmericanHunks

The Stone Age

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Jesse Santana enters the Stone Age

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

In the dawn of time the only language that men understood was one of lust. Stone Age from Eon Films paints a touching love story that brings more humanity to our neanderthal predecessors than a million Geico commercials.

The movie is also Eddie Stone's directorial debut, billed in the credits as co-director along with Rocky Brown, who created the enjoyable parody porn films Ashton's Eleven and the Dicks of Hazzard.

What better way to cut your teeth as a freshmen director than to sink them into the delicious piece of flesh that is Jesse Santana? Santana, a horse-hung bottom from Texas, filmed this before subsequently becoming one of the hottest new models in the past year. Combined with additional hot models, exciting sex, and a script bubbling with creativity, The Stone Age is one of the best films to cross our desk this year.

Jesse SantanaWatch VOD
Caveman Jesse Santana

Santana's chemistry with Stone (Lookin for Trouble), is captured on film. The well-sculpted Stone ends up fucking him all over the place, and certainly one of the film's highlights.

The film begins with a discovery by two hard working Paleonologists (Kyle Aames and Cole Ryan) - a prehistoric man encased in ice. Overwhelmed by the fame and fortune that their find will bring them, they celebrate with a good ol' fashioned lab room romp.

Super-cute twink Aames aggressively disrobes his associate. Removing his glasses, he stuffs Ryan's impressive cock in his mouth, tugging on his tie for leverage. They swap slab-side blow-jobs. Ryan, who last year enjoyed the sweet life in Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita, rides Aames' hot cock with reckless abandon only after the inquisitive scientist explores his associate's boyhole with a penetrating phalange.

Amazingly, the ice doesn't melt by the sexual heat these two exude. The scene concludes in mutual masturbation with Cole still atop Kyle; a wonderful cumshot stack that ends tenderly with a kiss.

Dressed in animal hides, three spear-totting cavemen run and hunt. They are not questing for fire, they are questing for food.

Their prey escapes, leaving them to satisfy their hunger with each other's meat.

Stone and Santana get frisky for a second on a convenient rock, sparking jealousy from Trey Casteel (Boot Black Blues), who pulls Stone away.

Casteel instigates an aggressive session of sex with Stone, forcing Santana to watch from the afar. Casteel force feeds Stone his dick, and ultimately pounding his ass mercilessly. A limber and unattended Santana licks his own peen for lube.

Jealousy overwhelms Castel after everyone cums. He once again tears Stone and Santana from each other.

Upset about the forbidden love between Stone and Santana, tribe's leader brings them before a tribal council. The tribal council concludes that Santana and Stone's relationship is taboo. They excommunicate Stone without even a grunt for goodbye.

Left wandering in the wilderness, Stone discovers the carcass of a triceratops.

Soon, Stone walks into a hot threesome. It is here that he finds the bone necklace that belonged to his beloved.

Of more immediate interest, is the hot sight of Tory Mason sucking Jordan Michaels. Logan Robbins (Dripping Wet) feasts on a spread eagle Michaels, eating him out. Stone intently watches the three giving his own bone a good waxing, soon stepping in to join the circle.

Stone snatches Micheals and pounds his ass good. The couple faces Mason, who is getting fucked from behind by Robbins. They break briefly so that Stone can bury his chiseled chin into Micheals' bum. The fucking resumes. After everyone's relieved their sacks, a hostile visitor interrupts them.

Login Robbins in The Stone AgeWatch VOD
Login Robbins poses on his bed

Stone doesn't miss a beat, beating the stranger with a heavy rock and fleeing into the wilderness.

Again on their quest to punish the wayward (but sexy) ways of Eddie Stone they inadvertently lead him to Jesse Santana. The reunion sours fast when Castel returns to take Santana's necklace. Stone narrowly escapes the mob to awaken in a cave.

The cave's residents (Jamie Donovan and Chase Matthews) have decorated it in the finest homo-erotic cave paintings, and they are enjoying a round of cocksucking when Eddie awakens. Blond Donovan (Erotic Barebacking Dreams) laps up Matthews' nether-regions. Matthews bends over a rock offering his supple backside to Donovan's insatiable mouth.

Matthews stretches out on the rocks, perhaps their bedstone, as Jaime rides atop. Donovan faces the other direction and gives a perfect view of his bouncing hard-on. They end things by a post-coital make out session.

Jesse Santana Mates with Eddie Stone

After finding sanctuary with all the homo homo-erectus they reunite him with Jesse Santana. The tribe awards Stone with a set of new fur garments and boots that would make a Bob Mackie-era Cher green with envy.

Quickly the two duck out to enjoy some privacy in their own cave. The chemistry between the two is palpable. Stone employs his skillful tongue on Santana's glorious, puckered hole. Santana returns the favor by sucking Stone's member. Stone ravenously devours Santana's wonderfully proportioned penis.

Their sex emphasizes their love story - Stone eagerly reaches around as Santana bounces on his thick cock. Soon Santana leans himself against a wall for lengthy backside penetration.

Santana glows the epitome of cuteness, powered by Stone's relentless pounding behind. The bottomboy bites down on his bone necklace.

Sadly, an earthquake cuts short the bliss of their union.

Flash forward to circa 1954, and the story comes full circle. The celebratory sexcapades of the two scientists are cut short. Budget cuts abbreveate the project that discovered the frozen stone age Santana.

Watch closely as the story culminates with a surprise ending.

Nice camerawork for Stone's maiden voyage as a director. Plus, perhaps it was simply fate that a man named "Rocky" would write, and a man named "Stone" would direct a gayporn movie staged in the stone age. The film is a fantastic sci-fi confection of hot man on man action, ie. caveman on caveman action.

The Stone Age is so hot, even a cave-man can view it.

The Stone Age Photos:

Eddie Stone tops Jordan MichaelsWatch VOD
Eddie Stone tops Jordan Michaels
Login Robbins tops Tory Mason Watch VOD
Login Robbins tops Tory Mason (front)
Eddie Stone tops Jordan Michaels (back)
Cole Ryan in The Stone AgeWatch VOD
Paleontologist Cole Ryan
aka a bone scientist
Jesse Santana atop Eddie StoneWatch VOD
Jesse Santana atop
Eddie Stone

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