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The Show, Part 2

Matthias von Fistenberg
Pittbull Productions  
Camron , CJ , , Double R , Gabriel Sinclair , Komplex , Mario Cruz , Matthias Von Fistenberg , , Supreme , T. Malone , Tiger Tyson
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The Show, Part 2

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So who wins The Show?

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The Show, Part 2 continues the fun and games from it's first installment, The Show, Part 1. Ideally both movies should be watched together, or purchased as a set. The first DVD introduces all the models, setting the stage for the ultimate contest - who wins a fabulous lifelong annuity from the enormously wealthy benefactor / sex pig Matthias von Fistenberg.

This movie will go down in history for two particularly unforgettable sex scenes - T Malone's tag team by Supreme and Tiger Tyson, and von Fistenberg's ultimate bottom performance for the baguette-sized Supreme at the end of the film.

Supreme CastroWatch Now
The other scenes are notable, and Owen Hawk's script, including the comments and reactions from each performer as they get sacked is entertaining.

Unhappily, the movie's first sexual pairing is very difficult to watch. Gabriel Sinclair and CJ are sent off to have sex on top of the enameled countertop island in the kitchen, amongst a cornucopia of plates stacked high with meats and vegetables. This is just weird, because the hard counters look very painful to CJ's knees, who tops the delicious looking Sinclair, who has his own troubles finding comfort on the stone platform.

Sinclair is a dreamy bottomboy, but here he and his hot companion are relegated to this very uncomfortable setting, which also turned out very difficult to light properly. Lots of their action is dark, and their skin has a weird red tint in order to make everything visible.

Fortunately, all the subsequent episodes do not have this problem.

Von Fistenberg sends Collin O'Neal and Mario Cruz (Manhattan) to a very comfortable bed. Cruz's ass is in perfect, bubble form as he sits on O'Neal's hot cock. O'Neal's hairy pecs ripple as he screws Cruz, who cums while getting plowed. It finishes with O'Neal shooting a wonderfully copious load, which Cruz revels in as it coats his smiling face.

Tiger Tyson Tops

After this comes one of the film's high moments, the tag teaming of T Malone by Supreme, who gets some enthusiastic help from Tiger Tyson. Malone's ass is arguably the sweetest meat seen in the entire film, and his skills as a bottom deserve award recognition.

Supreme wields a crooked cock the size of an enormous Polish kielbasa sausage. Tyson's famous cock is only enhanced by the supreme skills in which he uses it. And T Malone shows no problem in handling these guys.

The picture perfect freeze-frame moment shows an overhead view of Malone on his fours getting pounded. Supreme pounds ass to the point of cumming, when he pulls off, rips off the condom and ejects a hot load out of his engorged dick, causing Tyson to release his own juice shortly afterwards.

Tiger Tyson and Supreme (Castro) tag team a lucky bottom. This is followed with an elimination round that pairs the studly tops Camron (Take 'Em Down 2) and Double R with Owen Hawk.

After the last episode's heat, this one seems abbreviated. Hawk sits his ass down on both guys' dicks. And soon von Fistenberg joins them to top Hawk.

Matthias von Fistenberg Picks The Show's Winner

Wearing a t-shirt that reads Gone Fisting, von Fistenberg announces the winner of the contest. Little surprise - he picks Supreme.

As a prize, everyone gets to watch the top plow Von Fistenberg in a one-on-one setting which turns out to be very intense. Apparently, this bottom can swallow any sized object up his ass, no muss no fuss. Watching von Fistenberg enjoy a fully rounded reaming from Supreme is truly mesmerizing, and certainly one for the recordbooks.

Pittbull has built Supreme into one of its big topman stars in its Love the Dick series, and with an endowment like that, he leaps onto the bright stage of celebrity. This final scene makes a perfect, satisfying close to this two part contest.

After watching the entire show, it probably is not big surprise that the mega-bottom sponsor ultimately selects the top with the biggest dick as the winner. Would that be dismissive? Perhaps.

How much scientific judgement can really be employed in a sex contest? Sex is like eating food - some foods create spectacular pleasure, while others prompt immediate turn-offs. And everyone's taste is different. (this is why FriskyFans does not assign ratings to our movie reviews)

The Show collects its diverse cast so that there is something for everyone. Viewers seeking very hot, well produced movies with black guys will applaud this production. And in another impressive example, The Show has a catchy TV show style musical theme.

I have had people contact me spontaneously to inform me of their happy discovery of this film, which so nicely combines and distributes its rich ingredients.

Their enthusiasm is legitimate.

The Show, Part 2 Photos:

Supreme fucks T. MaloneWatch Now
Supreme fucks T. Malone
Gabriel Sinclair in The ShowWatch Now
Gabriel Sinclair awaits CJ
Tiger Tyson fucks T. MaloneWatch Now
Tiger Tyson fucks T. Malone, Tiger Tyson (left)
Mario Ortiz in The ShowWatch Now
Mario Ortiz on Colin O'Neal
Mario Ortiz and Colin O'NealWatch Now
Mario Ortiz on Colin O'Neal

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