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The Show (Part 1)

Matthias von Fistenberg
Dark Alley Media  
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The Show (Part 1)

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Matthias von Fistenberg Devises a Contest

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Two great teams that taste great together: Dark Alley Media and Pittbull Productions. We have always taken a shine to the other coast of adult films, New York City. Matthias von Fistenberg combines his wealth of skills and talents to create a two part porn take-off of reality TV contest shows, like Survivor or the Real World, in ways we have never seen better.

Viewers have already enjoyed several good entries in this genre, notably All Worlds' The Bachelor. The Show uses a much more interracial theme, with blacks, latinos and white guys all serving up a mouthwatering Mixed Up Platter guaranteeing numerous repeat viewings.

SupremeWatch VOD or Naked Sword
The film starts with Mario Cruz entering to a looming mansion, where he is greeted by a doorman and escorted to a room with nine other waiting guys. They are informed that the host, Matthias von Fistenberg, will run them through a series of sexual contests and eliminations to the point that the last man standing will be his new boytoy, enjoying a $10,000 a week allowance with countless additional perks.

In reality TV format, each member of the cast gets interviewed before and after the shows, and tip of the hat to the producers, the segments are well edited and not corny. (Viewers can also select the DVD to play just the sex without the contest interviews. Plus the complete unedited, and more illuminating interviews are on the DVD extras.)

Keeping it all in the family, von Fistenberg appoints his realtime lover Owen Hawk to be one of the judges. Hawk is joined by Pittbull supertop Tiger Tyson (Website), and together they work and get worked over by the ten contestants.

The Best Bottom Wins

The Show offers many things to viewers. Fans of orgies and gangbangs will swoon over the first contest to determine the best bottom. Tyson goes through countless condoms as he plunges his cock into every succulent ass. We would find judging such an event near impossible considering the butts involved include Mario Cruz, T Malone (Big Booty Gangbang), and the adorable Gabriel Sinclair.

Another impressive feature is the movie's set. The mansion where this was filmed seems to have fallen out of a Victorian era time capsule. The guys gather and screw around Rococo couches, chairs and other pieces of antique furniture, all bathed in atmospheric lighting. Not too dark, but the guys stay bathed in a sexual glow that sets the perfect mood for carnal pleasures behind some elegantly carved closed doors.

As mentioned before, the opening contest, where Tyson plows all the bottoms is worth the price of admission alone. In a burst of more thoughtful movie direction, the other guys do not simply stand aside watching, they all continue sucking and fingering each other in the background. A punchy musical beat never lets up either.

All in all getting though this first episode is pure pleasure for the viewer, as is watching Cruz and Sinclair ejaculate great money shots while getting plowed on their backs.

Tyson proclaims T Malone the winner, who clearly has an amazing ghetto booty. As a reward, Malone gets paired off with Owen Hawk, who sinks his uncut meat into Malone. Their sweaty one-on-one takes place on a richly designed, red carpet before a lit fireplace.

After a most delightful scene showing the mohawked von Fistenberg wistfully playing Beethoven's Pathétique sonata on a Steinway piano, it is time for the best top contest, where Hawk and von Fistenberg both upend their hot butts on the opposite sides of a lovely chaise lounge.

This double gangbang by the movie's cast of humongous tops makes for an unforgettable visual. Furthermore, von Fistenberg and Hawk really seem the perfect fun loving pig couple.

Collin O'Neal is the token white boy. O'Neal, who is not by any means dinky in the endowment department (Perfect Fit), is well eclipsed by the others, notably the Pittbull studs Komplex, Double R and Supreme (Take 'Em Down 2).

Supreme looks like he has a very large, curved German sausage hanging between his legs. It looks like it takes all of Owen Hawk's stamina to accept it. On the other hand, von Fistenberg seems to energize in proportion to the size of the penis inside him. His earlier porn ego, Matthew Green, also demonstrated a happy penchant for assplay. (Leatherbound)

After everyone cums all over the two splayed bottoms. In a rousing coda, von Fistenberg gets the urge to plow Hawk.

Best Top Contest

Interestingly, the winner of the best top contest is Supreme. As his reward he bends the tall, lanky CJ over another flowery couch and performs a very deep drilling. Watching CJ deep throat his titanic cock makes yet another one of the film's truly jawdropping moments.

After a stint over at the now on the run Flava Works (Raw Thugs), Supreme is now being groomed as Pittbull's hot new piece of meat. And what a marbled slab it is, but check out his unedited interview in the extras.

After over 150 minutes, The Show Part 1 wraps up nicely, leaving the viewer in rapt anticipation for the second part.

Congratulations to the folks at Dark Alley Media and Pittbull Productions. The Show is easily the best porn take off yet of reality television. [Read review of The Show 2]

The Show (Part 1) Photos:

Tiger Tyson fucks T. MaloneWatch VOD or Naked Sword
Tiger Tyson tops T. Malone
Tiger Tyson fucks Mario OrtizWatch VOD or Naked Sword
Tiger Tyson tops Mario Ortiz, kissing Gabriel Sinclair
Owen Hawk bottoms for SupremeWatch VOD or Naked Sword
Double R tops Matthias von Fistenberg,
Owen Hawk receives Supreme, all on that chaise lounge...

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