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The Shaft (Montaz Morgan)

Chris Ward
Raging Stallion Studios  
Damien Drake , Ivan Andros , Miguel Leonn , Montaz Morgan , , Sean Storm , Tag Adams , Tony Bishop
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The Shaft (Montaz Morgan)

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Tony Bishop gets The Shaft

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

It's hard to believe that a Raging Stallion flick, especially one guided by Chris Ward, flew underneath my horny radar. How could any hardcore fan of pig sex have missed The Shaft, especially given some of the names associated with it like Tag Adams and Sean Storm (Cumsloppy Buttholes)? Slipping this flick into my DVD player was like finding a forgotten $20 dollar bill in a pair of old, ripped jeans.

I've seen my share of extreme porn locales, but this is the first time I've witnessed someone repelling down an elevator shaft to find a quiet place to fuck. Here's hoping that someone had the good sense to put the elevator car out of service before Miguel Leon's acrobatics. Apparently he's doesn't take time to think twice, greasy cables and exposed brick no deterrent to getting a piece of Sean Storm's hungry hole. Leon is a beauty - dark Latin looks, chiseled muscle, all trimmed in dangerous black leather.

Porn Star Tony Bishop Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Porn Star Tony Bishop
Storm's asshole might just be worth risking peril. He flexes his ass muscles deliciously for Leon, winking his pucker and daring Leon to take a taste. The resulting rim job is frantic. The result of all that licking? Poking out from his leather jockstrap is a hearty, uncut cock which Storm makes quick work of. Who knows why so many Latin men are so consistently blessed; Leon has a beauty that just begs worship. Leon spends several long minutes teasing Storm's hole with his prick, rubbing up against Storm until he's literally begging for Leon to stick it in. The eventual fuck Leon throws his buddy is intense, but not nearly as intense as the extended foreplay.

This elevator shaft is a virtual hotbed of activity. When the car hits the basement level, Montaz Morgan from Pokin' in the Boys Room is turned on enough to whip out his prick to enjoy some playtime. He's pulled out all the stops with his personal leather gear, right down to the leather cap. But make no mistake - this isn't your average wank. With surgical-grade lube in one hand, Morgan delicately chooses a long, thin catheter toy from among several neatly arranged on a silver tray. He bravely masturbates with the metal, teasing his prick from the inside out. And the deeper the metal goes, the stiffer his hot cock becomes.

He invites blond twink Tony Bishop to play along, politely holding Bishop by the base as tries the same dick tricks. Although Morgan's dick is well-sized, Bishop outranks him in thickness. He also needs a bit more surgical lube to ease the process and soon fat, clear drops of goo are running down the underside of his prick like precum. Bishop also seems to be able to withstand thicker urethra rods and is completely unfazed when Morgan ups the ante. Bishop's cock is so big and thick, you wish somebody would toss the toys aside and just suck.

Morgan abandons Bishop and crosses paths with porn star Pete Ross (Almost Caught & Too Youg to Care). Rather than submit Ross to pedestrian urethra torture, Morgan finds a set of leather cat o' nine tails and sensually flogs his buddy. As Ross faces the wall, his pale and milky skin quickly reddens, despite Morgan's gentle rhythm with the cat o' nines. When Ross looks cockily over one shoulder, challenging Morgan with eye contact, Morgan responds by picking up the pace considerably. Ross is rewarded only briefly with a kiss and then is subjected to more intense flogging. The discipline session ends with Ross having his tears wiped clean with Morgan's kisses. Neither model muddies Ross's punishment with a cumshot.

Posing and flexing for the camera, Latino twink Damien Drake (cover) just can't keep his own hands and fingers away from his backside. Summoned by this irresistible flesh beacon, Ivan Andros from Party in the Rear buries his face in Drake's crack. Andros must be doing something right; Drake hikes up one leather-encased thigh to give his rim buddy better access. Drake finally has the good sense to notice Andros' pretty cock and gets busy with a spit shine. Drake has his best moments on film while giving head; maybe it's the camera angle, but thankfully someone had the good sense to stuff this lad's mouth with dick. He eventually submits anally to Andros, but has a little problem keeping wood.

Tag Adams Finds the Sling

Taking the elevator to the top floor, Tag Adams and Montaz Morgan step out of the car to find an industrial strength sling, completely adorned with silver chains Adams, no stranger to butt sex, makes himself right at home. He's blindfolded and eager to submit to Morgan. When the first drop of hot wax splatters onto his furry chest, it's obvious Adams is reevaluating his comfort level. But as more wax sears his skin, he visibly submits to the pain/pleasure, relaxing his spine and going with the flow. The blindfold sensually disables him so that he's never quite sure where the next drop will land.

Morgan lights a second candle and coats Adams' torso from collarbone to cock in wax. He then makes a quick exit, leaving the Adams alone to harden. Morgan returns with Pete Ross, making for the film's only group sex. He finally removes the blindfold and starts diddling Adams' delicate shitter with his grubby fingers. Ross crawls overtop of Adams in the sling, taking a peek at Adams' cock, balls, and hole. A sloppy rim job from Ross is a welcome salve. Ross nurses Adams' hole while Morgan strokes his tattooed cock a few inches away. After he gets a thorough fucking, Adams vacates the sling and makes room for Ross. Morgan tops both bottom boys, but rather than reward either model with his load, he spills his spunk on the elevator floor.

The Shaft makes for some excellent viewing, especially for those of us weary of formulaic sex. The action at times borders on the extreme - I won't be experimenting with catheters any time soon - but sometimes shaking it up and getting a little rough is a welcome change. This film belongs to Montaz Morgan, an understated top with a wicked face and bad-ass tribal tattoos. Here's hoping we see more of Mr. Morgan.

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The Shaft (Montaz Morgan) Photos:

Damian Drake and Ivan Andros Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Damian Drake spreads
for Ivan Andros
Miguel Leonn fucks Sean Storm Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Miguel Leonn fucks Sean Storm
Miguel Leon fucks Sean Storm Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Miguel Leonn behind Sean Storm

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