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The Second Cummin

Igor Lucas
Fresh SX  
Allen Farmer , Anton Dickson , Christopher James , Igor Lucas , Jack Jefferson , James Connor , Jasper Emerald , Josh Ford , Josh Rubens , Kirk Miller , Misha Vandam , Nicholas Klein , Rivelli Pharelli
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The Second Cummin

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Christopher James and Nicholas Klein lead the second cumming.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

FreshSX third feature, The Second Cummin, boasts 13 models on its cover, and it should also be boasting that many of them are Horsehung Euro guys. Shot in London with an English and Dutch cast, the box hints at a devilish slice of sex, as cover stars Josh Rubens and Misha Vandam stare in to the camera lens willing the viewer into their subterranean world of sex.

Opening to a backdrop of London, the first segment is titled "Crime Of Passion" and stars a hung bleached blonde Christopher James and hard bodied floppy haired Nicholas Klein who strip out of their smart gangster attire and trilbys to make out in the shadows of the street.

James' cock is slick, hard and ready by the time Klein finishes a deep oral servicing, and he rims and fingers his now bent over bottom and rides him with his huge shaft. These manly models like rear entry the most, and after using Klein good and hard with his large appendage, James pulls out and shoots a nice thick load over his bottom's sweet ass, rubbing cum in to his back and on his cheeks. He kisses on Klein's tasty pecs encouraging his partners load out of a perfectly formed thick cock, which gets lapped up by James before their final embrace.

John Ford, Allen Farmer, Jasper Emerald
John Ford, Allen Farmer, Jasper Emerald
"Breakfast In Bed" stars a truly Horsehung FreshSX exclusive James Conner (just look at his cock in the opening titles – has to be 9") and his sex mate with smoldering good looks, Jack Jefferson, who manages the impossible by looking hot with a mullet hair cut (his toned body and tasty fat prick doesn't hurt either).

Per the sequence title, the couple makes out on a bed, and breakfast on each other's uncut dicks. Soon it's time for some anal fun and Conner hotly starts rubbing his massive piece of flesh up and down between cutie Jefferson's ass cheeks. His meaty dong slides up Jefferson's hole, and he takes him from the side, from above, and from behind, before the twosome jerk wads and wads onto Jefferson's abdomen and genitals in a creamy scene stealing finish.

"Wet Patch" showcases some interracial action inside the confines of a male strip bar. Smooth black barman-cum-dancer Rivelli Pharelli works his stuff for the crowd of men, stripping off his clothes in an erotic and inviting display. Shaggy haired cover model Misha Vandam is soon sucking on that black monster (he packs a monster of his own too), and rimming his hairless ass.

The pair flip-flop fuck in front of the other party guests, until Pharelli's black body is splattered with white and the side of his face gets a gooey “wet patch” courtesy of Vandam.

"Black Tie" is unique in that it couples two hot skinheads - a heavily pierced and tatted Josh Ford (Scum! A Story Of British Sex Pigs), and the director of this movie himself, Igor Lucas - in a tuxedo setting under Tower Bridge, where stylistically you would expect them in leather garb at an s/m club. Once their champagne dinner is over, Lucas seductive penis soon sticks out of his suit fly, and is more appealing to Ford than any plate of caviar would be.

Lucas face fucks Ford, and makes sure he gets some DEEP throat. Director Lucas wears a hot black cock ring while his bottom favors a metal one, and a Prince Albert to accentuate his sexy meat. After rubbing their prickheads together, Lucas binds Ford's wrists, bends him over their banquet table and gives him a deep rogering from behind. Shooting on his partner, Lucas nibbles and sucks on his metalled cockhead, and takes Ford's ejaculate in his mouth.

"Picture Perfect" returns to James Conner who carries a picture of extremely handsome model Allen Farmer. A photo shoot turns into some action on the bed and Farmer reveals his own massive curved manhood which Conner sucks on greedily. Mutually respecting their 9”ers the duo 69, until Conner squats down on his mate's bursting hard-on. Conner gets on his back, and spreads his legs for Farmer, then gets on all fours. Finally, they jerk their spunk onto Conner's belly.

"Books In The City" finds a tall dark and horny Kirk Miller cruising for men at a London book market. He spots mischievous cute guy Anton Dickson (Liam Cole's Wild Breed), and the pair retire to an apartment room to undress. Two more models who sport impressive lengths, they trade suck jobs on each other's uncircumcised rods. Fully naked now, Dickson leads them outside onto a balcony overlooking the city, where Dickson gets a hot rim job in the open air.

Back inside on the bed, he shows off his sphincter control with a winking ass that begs for Miller's cock, and gets it. Extra hot fucking ensues, especially when Miller sticks him from above, Dickson bent over with his ass pointing straight up in the air. He even manages to tongue his own cock and shoots over his face while Miller pummels him. Hot guy Miller spurts all over his hole, rubbing it around with his exposed cock head.

"Wash Me Clean" rejoins skinhead Josh Ford in a perhaps more appropriate setting than "Black Tie" – this time he's standing at a urinal. They must be at the swimming pool because in strolls Allen Farmer, complete with goggles and a hard on from hell poking out of his tight Speedos. Ford takes care of him at once, jerking his own pierced penis while he sucks, then he bends over the urinal to get prepped with tongue and finger, and stuffed to breaking point with Farmer's huge schlong.

The scene cuts to a showering Jasper Emerald, fully erect and waiting for fun. Farmer and Ford enter the scene, Ford soon becoming the meat in a cock sandwich. He turns around to give each cock the use of mouth and ass, and amazingly takes both at once in a thick as shit double penetration fuck which has to be seen to be believed. Emerald shows his versatility by fucking Ford while taking Farmer's curvy member, and we see every thrust with some expert erection inducing camera work. Hot close-ups of cocks shooting close the segment, as Ford jerks his spew into Emerald's willing mouth.

"Thanks For Cummin" re-edits the hottest parts from the six scenes, but includes additional sequences between cover stars Vandam, and blonde Adonis Josh Reubens who's so good looking he should have scored a full length segment of his own. This section acts as a sort of cum shot and best bits compilation which does not figure in the extra features. Full scene access is available on the DVD, for those who might wish to skip directly to that double penetration moment again.

FreshSX have scored a winner here, especially for those who appreciate a variety of men within one movie (Skins, Twinks, Beefcakes and more), and for those who enjoy a horse hung penis or five. As its name suggests, The Second Cummin is hot enough to keep you're interest after you've shot your first load, and will keep you glued to the screen for another.

The Second Cummin Photos:

Josh Ford and Igor Lucas
Josh Ford (face), Igor Lucas (director, cock)
Rivelli Pharelli tops Misha Vandam
Rivelli Pharelli tops Misha Vandam
John Ford, Jasper Emerald, Allen Farmer
John Ford, Jasper Emerald, Allen Farmer
Christopher James tops Nicholas Klein
hristopher James tops Nicholas Klein

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