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The Missing (Jason Ridge)

Steven Scarborough
Hot House Entertainment   HH031
Antonio Roca , Chuck DiRocco , Dean Tucker , Enzo Grimaldi , Jason Ridge , Jed Willcox , , Kirk Ziegler , Marco Paris , Martin Mazza , Matt Majors , , Rik Jammer , , , Tony Mecelli , , Warren Lord
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The Missing (Jason Ridge)

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Kent North comes up missing

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The Missing is one of those films I literally kicked myself for not watching earlier. It's a kink-laden gem that definitely deserves all the attention it's getting. Some GayVN nods, including a nomination for Best Leather Feature will no doubt will put this flick on more radar screens. But a film of this quality needs additional words. We here at FriskyFans are certainly glad to spread the word.

It's hard to know whether to gasp or be turned on by the opening sequence, a pulse-quickening abduction where Hot House Exclusive Kent North is literally torn from his boyfriend's bed in the middle of the night. The only clue left behind for his panicked lover is a shattered picture frame. North, who is Hot House's new guy prone to rough and tumble treatment (Twisted), gets bound head to toe in leather with only enough holes to breathe. His captors then stuff their wiggling black leather log into the trunk of the car, speeding away to an undisclosed location.

Jason Ridge in The Missing Watch on - Watch VOD
Jason Ridge #13 Jock Strap
When North awakens, his leather hood still firmly in place, hardsex is already underway in several corners of the room. Director Scarborough alternates between two perspectives, one of which is North's limited view through the mask. Through the eyeholes, he sees porn star Shane Rollins working his growing wood as well as hung Trevor Knight fucking someone in a prison cell. Between snapshots, Rod Barry keeps up the verbal abuse, threatening North and telling him what's about to come. Barry roughly strips North from his leather cocoon piece by piece until eventually he's nude and unbound. But before he's completely freed, Rollins takes a seat on North's face. North alternately rims and struggles for breath, unable to move anything but his head. All around him, humpy men fill the space, busy with their own little kink scenarios. If this is kidnapping, sign me up.

Nick Piston (Plantin' Seed 2), Trevor Knight & Dean Tucker keep busy while Rollins and Barry work North over. Knight continues to bury his bone inside Tucker while Tucker orally services Piston. The sex is fast and furious. All six men are wearing a variation on leather, be it a leather harness, boots, chaps or a simple black jock. They've gathered in a kind of makeshift prison, and as they verbally abuse one another, their masculine voices echo off the cement and steel.

It doesn't take long for Kent North to become a willing participant, all thoughts of escape gone from his mind. His hard prick tells the story and it looks gorgeous popping in and out of Piston's greedy mouth.

Eventually he puts ass out and four of the five men line up to gangbang his butt (Dean Tucker disappears somewhere off-camera). With a fine sheen of sweat covering his tan and muscular body, North looks like every top's dream. Tucker comes back just in time to be double-penetrated. Eventually the men peel off and fuck in pairs before gathering together to spray their spunk. Beside the edgy double-fuck, this glorious scene also features spitting and dildo play.

Jason Ridge on a cross

How can you possibly follow this spectacular opening? Scarborough ups the ante and straps Jason Ridge - here looking fit and trim with his shaved head - to the center of a wooden spinning cross. Notice the number 13 emblazoned onto the elastic band of Ridge's jockstrap. When a new submissive is brought into the compound, he gets a standard issue black jock with his own number, an easy way to distinguish slaves from dominants as the film goes along. Kirk Ziegler has the pleasure of cranking the Ridge in slow-moving circles.

Tony Mecelli in The MissingWatch on - Watch VOD
Tony Mecelli
Ridge keeps from tossing his cookies, still having enough breath to hurl insults at his captor. Ridge is rewarded in grand style, squatting on the floor and sucking Ziegler's hooded hog. Ziegler's bearded mug must feel pretty damned good between the cheeks of Ridge's ass; he grunts and groans during the entire rim job. Ridge bottoms somewhat predictably, bringing this dominant/submissive session to a heated close, Ziegler blowing a particularly creamy load on Ridge's sweaty balls.

This particular slave hideaway has unique dining arrangements. While Tony Mecelli and Warren Lord chow down at the dining room table (without aid of proper utensils, no less), caged beneath the glass tabletop are three submissives (Kent North, Antonio Roca, Martin Mazza), fucking like pigs at the trough while their captors eat. At one point, Lord offhandedly tosses greasy chicken meat into the cage and the three men scrabble for the food like hungry dogs. Mecelli eventually lets the dogs out for some playtime, putting all three to work licking and sucking various parts of his impressive frame, including his armpits.

At this point, Kent North has become a permanent fixture at the slave headquarters, wearing a leather collar to signify ownership. Midway through the post-dinner training session, North does something to displease his masters and is quickly bound in a straightjacket and led from the chamber. Those submissives that remain continue to please Mecelli, this time using their assholes.

Jed Willcox is hogtied on the cold cement. The next time we see Martin Mazza, he's sucking Matt Majors' thick cock through the slats of his cage. Jed Willcox is hogtied on the cold cement, struggling to get free while Majors gets head. But before he can free himself, Marco Paris (The Hard Way) thunders in and puts his boot between Majors' shoulder blades, punching the side of his head with a closed fist to get his point across.

Paris, here looking even more muscular than usual, quickly lays down the law and puts Willcox to work between his legs. The action switches alternately between the two pairs of men, but for my money, it's hard to tear away from Matt Majors' beautifully sculpted thick dick, capped with uniquely-shaped head. Director Scarborough also captures another electric rimming sequence, Paris burying his face in Willcox's crack with gusto.

The fucking kicks into high gear with a sandwich fuck - Majors fucking Paris who fucks Willcox. This threeway cornhole takes place on the floor in an achingly athletic position, requiring each model to keep one leg held up so that the cameras can film the penetration. When they move to something new, it's Willcox that gets the majority of the anal abuse, getting fucked by Majors and Paris in quick succession. It all becomes too much for the foursome and they erupt in volleys of cum.

Eager to see the conclusion of The Missing? You'll have to pop in the second disc to see the debauchery between Nick Piston, Kent North, Trevor Knight, and Enzo Grimaldi. While Piston roughly teases Grimaldi's ass and hole with a riding crop, Knight keeps North's mouth stuffed through a gloryhole. Grimaldi is a big and beefy, hairy-chested beauty who takes his licks like a man.

He eventually switches back and forth between Piston's prick and Knight's, sucking them in equal measure. Both men fuck his ass in turn, the scent of sweat, lube, and cum permeating the torture chamber. The film ends rather ominously with Kent North bound tightly in a leather straightjacket while his boyfriend pounds the pavement of San Francisco pasting missing person flyers on telephone poles.

The Missing: Director's Cut

In the director's cut version of The Missing, Hot House packs a second DVD disc with incredible bonus content. Besides the fifth and final scene of the film, the second disc includes full fetish menus, galleries, trailers and a bonus scene. If fisting gets your motor running, the bonus scene is sure to please. Featuring Rik Jammer and Chuck DiRocco, a stud who's got more tattoos than I could count, this extra content is a must for fisting aficionados. Do not miss this excellent leather offering from Hot House.
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The Missing (Jason Ridge) Photos:

Kirk Ziegler and Jason RidgeWatch on - Watch VOD
Kirk Ziegler behind Jason Ridge
Nick Piston and Enzo GrimaldiWatch on - Watch VOD
Nick Piston over
Enzo Grimaldi
The Missing snapshotWatch on - Watch VOD
Marco Paris, Jed Willcox,
Martin Mazza, Matt Majors

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