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The Men I Wanted

Lucas Kazan
Lucas Kazan Productions  
Alexy Tyler , Ethan Clarke , Glenn Santoro , , Lucas Andrades , Mark Federico , Pietro , , Samuel Dolce
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The Men I Wanted

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Lucas Kazan Presents The Men of Your Dreams

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The Men I Wanted showcases nine stunning guys that viewers will desire, want and crave. Director Lucas Kazan depicts their sexual frolic beautifully, and fortune has it that most of them appear in many other films, making it very easy to satiate additional hunger cravings.

But does the film's title simply refer to guys who we, as viewers, want to see, or is this a fable about the unfulfilled wishes and romantic choices everyone makes in life?

The four sexual episodes appear like day dreams. However, as in many of Kazan's movies, and perhaps this is an Italian trait, there is also a sense of regret mixed into the emotions. These Olympian, bronzed models appear perfect, enjoying their sex in sumptuous surroundings.

The fault, dear Lucas, is not in our stars. But in ourselves, that we are underlings.

Alexy Tyler in The Men I Wanted Watch Now or
Alexy Tyler

Starting with Fine Opening Solo Performances

Kazan organizes the movie like a symphony, offering the models in the form of a full course meal. Kazan presents two of the film's main characters as hors d'œuvres. Samuel Dolce, a returning stallion from The School for Lovers, plays with his cock as he stares directly into the camera.

He seems to be entranced by the figure of Mark Federico, a muscular Czech who we first see standing against a wall presenting his ass. The two proceed to independently perform the film's opening solos. And as a tasty amuse-bouche, Kazan adds a blond Romanian boy named Pietro, who tugs on his balls, and smiles while he pleasures himself to orgasm.

Dolce has set his eye on Federico. However despite this, we must wait to the end to see his fate. During that time, three sex scenes deplict couples who Dolce also yearns for, but couldn't have while they visited his bucolic Tuscany farm.

The rich beauty of the Italian landscape combined with choice European men powers The Men I Wanted from beginning to end.

Wearing white hot speedos, Alexy Tyler connects with Jean Franko, a powerful Spaniard with enough potent sexual energy to fuel a nuclear reactor. Moving to shimmering grassy knoll, Tyler proceeds to work on Franko's jutting erection. In a fabulous sequence of oral sex, he deep throats Franko's thrusting member in his mouth.

Franko explodes with a truly remarkable money shot that flys out, covering Tyler's face and runs down hanging in a long white thread of semen.

Tyler is an interesting new figure: He's smooth, tanned and sports perfect abs. He steals the show in Raging Stallion's Tailpipes, where he also has a great interview in the DVD extras.

In Franko's hands, he's the perfect bottom. Tyler impales himself on Franko's cock next to the shimmering pool. After pounding him, Franko produces a second spectacular money shot, to the audible joy of the bottom.

Two Men I Wanted: Ethan Clarke and Roberto Giorgio

Next up comes an inspired on-screen "couple": Hungarian hunk Roberto Giorgio and the stunningly matured ex Bel Ami model Ethan Clarke.

The sparks fly as Giorgio and Clarke make passionate love in bed. Giorgio gives Clarke an enthusiastic blowjob, inspiring the Czech to simultaneously run his tongue around and inside Giorgio tasty hole. Clarke's sexual energy is perhaps the biggest surprise of the entire film. After more sucking, he drills Giorgio's round ass in a standing doggie position, right leg propped high on a convenient stairwell.

Their mesmerizing anal sex sequence is arguably the hottest segment of the film.

The action does not slow one bit in the subsequent episode, "The Water." Brazilian beauty Lucas Andrades makes a welcome return to film, not having appeared in almost two years since Kazan's Love and Lust.

Draining a glass of wine, Andrades finds the urge to flirt with Glenn Santoro (Footballers). He writes him a note on a scrap of paper. Fortunately, Santono welcomes Andrades' come-on (and who would not?). They enjoy a session of foreplay standing close together in a doorway.

Andrades shows himself off, masturbating his dick until his fat cockhead spews cum. Next he kneels to blow Santoro's thick member until the Hungarian pops his load all over Andrades' upper torso, adding white to his already colorful shoulder tattoo.

And in one of the movie's visual treats, Andrades spreads his smooth butt checks for a lengthy penetration from Santoro. Santoro typically bottoms in his films, giving his appearance especially exciting. After squirting his money shot on Andrades' smooth chest, we return to the Brazilian seated in his original chair. The man he wanted was just a fantasy.

Samuel Dolce and Mark FedericoWatch Now or
Samuel Dolce and Mark Federico
The final scene shows Dolce hooking up with the man he wants: Federico from the opening sequence. Dolce picks him on while driving a tractor down a country road. (how rural!)

Back home, Federico immediately shows his gratitude by slurping on Dolce's sweet pole. Dolce returns the favor, causing both guys to shoot big money shots.

Samuel Dolce fucks his sweet ass. With no break, Dolce mounts Federico for a hot fuck session. Both models regularly put in hot performances, and this is no exception. Federico typically bottoms, and has appeared in lots of movies, including the recent movie Bareback Buddies, absent any credits.

Over the years, Dolce has literally matured from cute twink to sexy man on-screen. Typically playing top, viewers have lots of savor in Dolce's sweet delights. In their sexplay, he grips Federico's ass with both hands when he fucks it. The culminates with a copious money shot that runs down the bottom's inner thigh.

Upon completion of the film, Kazan offers a choice dessert on the DVD extras - an enjoyable twelve minute film showing the models behind the scenes.

The Men I Wanted is missing the parable storyline that has made Kazan's recent films so uniquely enjoyable. Despite this, the film stands on its own with four scenes of hot sex filmed in the most breathtaking landscape imaginable.

Porn is not just entertaining, but it also can act as an outlet for frustrations, or even an exploration of unfulfilled personal desires.

Regret is a part of life. But don't make that a reason not to watch The Men I Wanted.

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The Men I Wanted Photos:

Jean Franko and Alexy Tyler Watch Now or
Alexy Tyler bottoms for Jean Franco Watch Now or
Jean Franko and Alexy Tyler
Ethan Clarke and Roberto Giorgio Ethan Clarke and Roberto Giorgio in The Men I Wanted
Ethan Clarke and Roberto Giorgio

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