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The List

Tony Alizzi
MSR Videos   MSR 41
Alex LeMonde , Andrew Addams , Jordan West , Michael Brandon , , Trent Cougar , Trey Rexx
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The List

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Alex LeMonde draws up his list

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Carving notches in your bed post is so 1970s.

I mean, who wants to butcher the furniture when you can simply make a list? Michael Brandon and buddy Alex LeMonde Manhunt: The Movie) have assembled a collection of names that look more like their "wish lists" - a handwritten tally sheet of guys they hope to score with. But since neither is really unlucky in love, their sex logs really read more like grocery or laundry lists, as in, "Pick up milk, eggs and Arpad Miklos" or "One, have the rugs steam cleaned. Two, rim Owen Hawk's asshole."

Like giggling girlfriends, Michael and Alex compare their lists, calling each other up and discussing the details of their latest conquests. And in typical MSR fashion, the details are very nasty indeed.

Take Nick Thomas (Poke, Prod, Penetrate) for example. Michael Brandon turns this pup inside out, using him in every conceivable way. In a dungeon setting, Nick is content to get on his knees and shine Michael's cock with spit. And anyone familiar with Michael Brandon's 'Monster' knows what an enviable task that is. Michael provides his buddy with plenty of direction, but Nick's mouth is too full to respond.

Alex Lemonde
Alex LeMonde
It's quite a blowjob, Nick works Michael's pole for the better part of five minutes. His reward is a nasty rim job, punctuated by intense kissing. And if you're going to get your ass eaten, Michael Brandon is the man to do it. Brandon literally attacks ass with the entire lower half of his face, making a meal of it. At one point, he stands up, gives his 10-incher a hearty smack and threatens Nick with a fucking. Filmed from every conceivable angle, Brandon's anal assault is brutal. God knows there aren't that many men who can slip you four inches and still grab onto the base while doing it.

This team really reaches a crescendo when Nick climbs on top, his hips hovering over Michael's. Michael drives it in as deep as he can get from this angle, the look on Nick's face a mix of discomfort and ecstasy. Michael isn't about to turn his boy loose until he takes a ride in the sling. The film captures one of those "don't try this at home" moments as Michael puts the sling in motion, Nick's asshole penetrated time and time again when it comes into contact with Michael's spear. Michael's orgasms are always intense, but here, every muscle in his abs, arms and shoulders contracts while he coats Nick's belly with spunk.

Alex LeMonde indulges in a little friendly competition with Michael, compiling his list and marking conquests with a polite checkmark. And while Michael's exploits in The List have a rougher, piggy feel, Alex's are sensual and romantic. His session with blonde boy Trey Rexx for example starts with a heady petting session. Alex takes the lead in exploring Trey's muscular body, his hands roaming underneath clothing, stopping to give Trey's nipples a tweak.

What his hands discover is Trey's perfectly stacked frame; he's never looked better. Alex for his part matches Trey's physique exquisitely. Watching these two grope and grab makes for some dick-stiffening viewing. Trey unbuttons Alex's jeans and hauls out his handsome cock and balls, lavishing them with his mouth. Filmed from below, you can count each one of Alex's abs as they contract while he's getting expert head.

Trey gets a real treat when Alex bends over an end table, exposing his very pink rosebud. Much like Michael Brandon, Trey takes a great deal of pleasure from rimming a hot ass, his tongue literally stabbing Alex's ring. Not shy about returning the favor, Alex dives in for a taste of Trey. Check out Trey Rexx's gargantuan thighs while he's getting plowed, the muscles quivering as Alex puts it to him. Who knows if Alex is mimicking Michael Brandon's style, but the two men fuck with equal gusto, so much so that the coffee table he's fucking on seems ready to splinter. Alex LeMonde is also renowned for his dirty talk. When Trey Rexx gets off, it's anybody's guess what made him cum - Alex's voice? His low hangers? His chiseled belly?

Meanwhile, Michael's hard at work knocking not one name off his list, but two - Andrew Addams and Trent Cougar. Knowing Andrew likes his mansex rougher than most, Michael enlists Trent. What ensues it the ultimate tag-team event, two dominant tops turning their submissive every which way but loose. The threeway starts out with an extended cock-worshipping session, Michael and Trent's dicks getting a very thorough spit shine. Trent Cougar is a mysterious porn presence, his face often gruff and non-communicative, his voice deep and authoritative. Just when you think this guy's a total bad-ass, he leans over to kiss Michael.

Following every command dutifully and without a peep, Andrew's bobbing stiffie lets the viewer know that he's having the time of his life. Shackling his ankles to the table, Trent paddles Andrew's behind. Andy's mouth is stuffed with Michael, so all he can do is whimper. He's rimmed, force-fed, spanked and generally abused from both ends, Trent and Michael switching end-to-end quite a bit. They eventually fuck him with a great deal of fury, plunging deep into his ass, then quickly flipping him over onto his back, asshole and belly fully exposed. The scene has some excellent rimming, Andrew getting the lion's share of pleasure with one man riding his face while the other is fucking. And just when it can't get any more intense, they double-penetrate him, Trent squeezing his cock inside, flush against Michael Brandon's Monster. Finishing with a flourish of cum, this threeway is not for the faint of heart.

Alex LeMonde and Jordan West

But director Tony Alizzi saves the best for last, a pulse-racing duo between Alex LeMonde and circuit boy Jordan West (Manhattan Sex Party 2). When Jordan arrives on Alex's doorstep, Alex doesn't even bother with small talk, instead wrestling his latest score over to the bed. These two models seem to have a great deal of authentic chemistry; the sex sizzles before the clothes have even hit the floor. Jordan submits to Alex's more aggressive personality, shyly modeling his backside when asked and choking down as much of Alex's prick as he can swallow. These two men are physically perfect - each muscle exquisitely shaped, but not overly so. Each attribute - their flushed skin, perfectly trimmed bushes and nutsacks, tight holes, fuzzy armpits, strong jawlines - all buzz with sex heat. When the two lie side by side and 69, it's as if Alizzi dares the viewer not to cum.

There's no way to prepare yourself for the hottest fuck in the entire film. Jordan slowly sinks down on Alex's cock, Alex cooing words of encouragement while his meat eases up inside. While his asshole gets used to the intrusion, Jordan holds onto his prick, already stiffer than steel. Jordan bucks and squirms on Alex's hips, really using LeMonde's cock to get himself off. It'd be easy to watch them fuck in this position for the better part of an hour, but Alex eventually flips Jordan onto his back for deeper dicking. And with his pecs jiggling madly, Jordan brings himself off while Alex continues to fuck. Alex then adds his spunk to the mix, blowing salty strands across Jordan's chest. Both men are drenched in sweat when it's all over.

Being a hardcore fan of Tony Alizzi and the MSR product, I didn't doubt that The List would be an excellent release. The production values are top-of-the-line, no surprises there. The premise was cute and executed effectively, although I'm not sure what it says about gay men. The back and forth between rough and romantic lent an exciting roller coaster-like flavor overall. And having Alex LeMonde headlining only makes the film more appealing. Should a Best Of compilation be issued for LeMonde, his pairing with Jordan West must be included. Move this one to the top of your must-see list.

The List Photos:

Alex LeMonde tops Trey Rexx
Alex LeMonde tops Trey Rexx
Jordan West above Alex LeMonde
Jordan West bounces atop Alex LeMonde
Alex LeMonde under Jordan West
Alex LeMonde under Jordan West
Alex LeMonde and Trey Rexx
Alex LeMonde poses with Trey Rexx

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