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The Intern

Tony DiMarco
Lucas Entertainment  
Ben Andrews , Christian Cruz , , Jason Ridge , , Jonathan Vargas , , Michael Lucas , Ray Star , Zack Randall
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The Intern

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In the must see sex comedy of 2007, Ben Andrews interns at the wacky Trojan Studios.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

After several decidedly dark epics (Dangerous Liaisons) porn entrepreneur Michael Lucas seems decidedly giddy with The Intern, a corny sex comedy that's a little bit Clark Kent, a little bit Devil Wears Prada, a little bit The Office….and all trademark Lucas. In the title role is Ben Andrews (Cruising Budapest 2: Ben Andrews) making the remarkable transition from temp agency geek to unlikely pornstar.

Like most sex comedies, there's more shenanigans going on that just the sex. Inside the offices of the fictional Trojan Studios, a heavy-hitting New York porn house, workers are furiously trying to meet the demands of the boss (Michael Lucas).

Zack Randall in The Intern Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Zack Randall
Today, it's particularly frantic - the boss's life-sized dildo hasn't been delivered, the receptionist has had too much caffeine, and there's a line of anxious candidates waiting to interview for an intern position, Ben Andrews among them. Somehow, despite the hubbub, Andrews manages to snag the coveted position. His first assignment? Stand by on the set where models Jason Ridge and Jonathan Vargas (Welcome to Paradise) are filming a sex scene, always at the ready to meet Lucas' character's outrageous demands.

The Ridge/Vargas scene is the first sex viewers get in The Intern (with the lengthy prelude and comic riffs, it's easy to forget why you're watching The Intern in the first place). With all the cameras, booms, and lights, it's an (unintentional) intriguing look at the backside of the porn industry. Thankfully, the cameras fade into the background and we're left with what we came for – steamy action between two of the industry's big players.

There's a good deal of foreplay and warm-up here, but the couple hits their stride when they slide into the 69 position. Their mutual sucking is filmed from several angles, including some compelling ceiling shots. And director Lucas knows where to stick his camera when the moment's right, sweeping in to catch a snapshot of Ridge cramming a big black dildo into Vargas' chute.

But if you think this is a prelude to Vargas getting fucked, think again; Ridge takes on the bottoming duties first before the couple flips and continues.

Zack Randall Drops the Spanish Fly

Elsewhere, down in the company stockroom, two attractive straight types are chatting it up while unloading the studio's latest shipment of Spanish Fly. Jimmy Trips and Zack Randall are the types of guys you might see going gay for cash on a website like Both are a little scruffy and have that certain straight boy charm. When a little Spanish Fly gets spilled, all their boasts about pussy are quickly erased, and the young guys leap into frenetic sex.

The models' breathy kissing and stroking sets the tone for the sex that follows, probably the most genuinely passionate action to be had in The Intern. Jimmy, a pale and strapping lad, has a hairy crack just made for rimming, and Randall wastes no time in indulging.

Meanwhile, the UPS man (Matt Cole) finally getting around to delivering Lucas' sex toy. Cole's character has some porn aspirations of his own and makes a daring play to gain Lucas' favor. He loses the uniform, but keeps his workboots on while he shows off his cocksucking skills, both men perched precariously on a conference table. A master topman, Lucas gets particularly acrobatic with Cole, corkscrewing his hot hole in some strange and compelling positions.

Always looking for the next big thing, Lucas learns from his personal secretary (Christian Cruz) that the new intern may have what it takes to make a sizeable splash in the porn biz. Cruz "auditions" Mr. Andrews in a utility closet, getting downright hysterical when he catches sight of Andrews' now legendary member. Cruz's histrionics and squeals of pleasure may dampen the scene for some viewers, but hang on until the end for a spectacular oral cumshot.

Ben Andrews and Derrick Hanson

The film's finale is really spectacular. With Lucas' character directing, the geeky intern gets to strut his stuff in front of the camera, making his porn debut. Andrews is well matched with Derrick Hanson, a masculine bottom with certain edginess and obvious hunger for fat cocks. The scene runs a bit long, but for those who get off watching intense 69ing, the remote won't be necessary. Of course, everything leads to Hanson getting rear ended, but it's the 69 action that catapults this encounter into the stratosphere.

Not all of the comic elements work. Both the Christian Cruz character and the office receptionist tend to grate a bit, their shtick quickly getting old. For those that like watching feminine (albeit handsome) dudes cross tinky-winks with prospective topmen, Cruz is the model for you.

The director's edition is a whopping 2-disc set where the second disc is entirely devoted to exceptional bonus materials. Lucas Entertainment's competitors should pay attention; other than Titan Media, nobody does bonus material like this studio does. There's a piss soaked bonus scene, Michael Lucas wetting Zack Randall down with his heavy stream. There's even enough piss for Lucas to bend himself in half and drink from the source. Randall follows suit; this is a must-see for watersports enthusiasts.

There's an added encounter featuring Ray Star and Christian Cruz where butch meets femme. There's bloopers, outtakes, behind the scenes footage – most of which is cute and entertaining. Jonathan Vargas, Jason Ridge, Ben Andrews, Mike Kashay (the film's real-life blogger/intern), and Michael Lucas himself all sitting down for a little Q&A. Still hungry? The disc is still stuffed with trailers, a production log, galleries, and model bios.

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The Intern Photos:

Ben Andrews tops Christian Cruz Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Ben Andrews tops Christian Cruz
Ben Andrews and Christian Cruz Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Ben Andrews tops Christian Cruz
Zack Randall and Jimmy Trips Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Zack Randall discovers
Jimmy Trips
Jonathan Vargas and Jason Ridge Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Jonathan Vargas peers
down at Jason Ridge

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