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The Young Olympians

William Higgins
Andrew Ryan , Derek Novak , Edward Stanza , Jay Stevens , Jeff Walker , Johanne Scott , Kurt Williams , Lance Whitman , Mike Dean , Paul Madison , Philip Oaks , Scott Allen
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The Young Olympians

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The Young Olympians Love It Greek

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The Young Olympians is fairly good William Higgins 1980s exercize in boy watching by some of California's horniest guys, released at the time in the height of 1984 Olympic mania and the corresponding, controversial "Gay Olympics". Although the subject of the movie strays far from the subject of either Olympics, instead turning into a melange of episodes featuring athletic guys and jocks getting off together in San Francisco settings.

(Additional: FriskyNews blog post William Higgins' Take on the Gay Olympics)

As with many of Higgins' films, the film's story is spoken through a narrator, who is the brunet Kurt Williams. He informs us that his Summer up in San Francisco ended up pretty good because he successfully was able to score with a guy he was lusting over at the gym.

After frolicking on the beach with Lance Whitman (William Higgins' Class Reunion), where they jack off excitedly behind a beach dune, we find out how he scores with his gym target, the surfer blond Johanne Scott. After coming onto him by doing sits ups as his testicles squeeze out of his tight eighties gym shorts, Scott decides to let his hair down. He bends Williams over some of the weights for a standing doggie fuck.

Meanwhile, Mike Dean runs around the streets of San Francisco in a tiny shirt that exposes his bare midriff, desperately looking for some action. Dean seems to be having one of those days where everything misfires. He passes a house where we find one of the hottest hook-ups of the entire film about to transpire. Inside, the heavily hung Jay Stevens is getting serviced by a petit blond named Scott Allen.

Scott Allen and Jay Stevens in The Young OlympiansWatch Now
Scott Allen and Jay Stevens
After servicing his dick with his mouth, Allen's short shorts get pulled off, exposing his plump ass, which Stevens drills spectacularly in the bed. He almost slams the kid into the seventies nightstand and its oversized tear-drop lamp. Higgins gets some nice close ups here of the fucking, culminating with the top bursting a hot load into Allen's open mouth, feeding him like a he's a hungry chick.

After this, two shirtless guys, Derek Novack and Phillip Oaks, finish up their jog. Arriving at Novack's richly furnished house, he embarks on an all-out campaign to seduce Oaks. Producing a joint, they get high, which gets OAks out of his clothes and into rear ending Novack over one of the home's many immense plush couches.

The movie next seems to get back to its original olympic training concept, when four guys competing for track and field running all end up naked together in the sauna. A hispanic guy named Edward Stanza gets things going, along with Andrew Ryan, Jeff Walker and Phillip Oaks. After some sucking, they move out to the more open locker room where Stanza both tops and bottoms.

The movie winds its way to its most fully complete scene yet - a beach encounter between Williams and Whitman. The guys camp out together in a romantic encounter, enjoying tender, romantic sex at sunset. They do it again at dawn. This is actually a very impressively filmed beach scene all of the backdrop of the rolling Pacific Ocean. It was always nice when Wiggins waxed a bit poetic, creating these kinds of crafted scenes, as opposed to today's seemingly rigid paint-by-numbers action scenes.

Mike Dean Picks Up Roller Skate Boy

The movie finally reaches its cultural high note. Dean is waiting patiently in, get this amazingly classic black Trans Am. Aided by his muscle car, he finally scores: he picks up the returning Jay Stevens, who's now roller skating down the hills of town listening to his brand-spanking new Walkman cassette player.

They return to Dean's place where they smoke some more weed, followed by getting frisky on the couch. Still wearing his long tube socks, Dean gets his brains fucked out by Stevens in nice positions. Dean was a great 1980s porn figure who seethed sex in all of his movie appearances. (Don't miss Best Little Warehouse in L.A.)

Comparatively, The Young Olympians is not one of Higgins' strongest. It looks like he had to pad out the movie with extra unrelated bits and other clips which he had in the can. And was this originally supposed to be about the "Gay Olympics" going on in San Francisco?

There are a number of hot moments, especially the Williams-Whitman beach coupling and Mike Dean's ultimate hook-up. Furthermore watching the early 80s winged haircuts, contemporary furniture, Izods and other long gone tight fitting fashions (the mesh shirts!) adds some extra points to the overall movie experience.

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The Young Olympians Photos:

The Young Olympians Locker Room Four WayWatch Now
Edward Stanza bottoms in the lockeroom four-way
The Young Olympians snapshotWatch Now
Johanne Scott drills Lance Whitman
The Young Olympians Sex SceneWatch Now
The Young Olympians Hook UpWatch Now

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