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The Wilde Bunch

Gio Caruso
Austin Wilde , Bobby Rail , Brandon Lewis , , Jayden Grey , Justin Christopher , , Rusty Stevens
Bathhouse / Sex ClubInterracial SexLatinosOral SexTwinks, AmericanRimmingHorsehungHunksTattoosVoyeurism

The Wilde Bunch

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If they move, fuck 'em!

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Here's a wild bunch that splatters and shoots all over the place like a Sam Peckinpah film. Collecting the three porn stars Austin Wilde, Christian Wilde and Kurt Wild together for a this film proves a smart casting move by Raging Stallion's Gio Caruso, who has recently filmed lots of fiery stuff for

Austin Wilde is one of the studio's current in house stars, and it's movies like this which truly show his great sexual potential. Speaking of star power, Chrisian Wilde who is coming on very hot from his recent appearance in Caruso's Real Big Boys Measuring Up! is another newcomer that should be closely watched.

Bobby Rail and Christian Wilde Watch on or Watch VOD
Bobby Rail rides Christian Wilde

Friskynews Blog:
Meet The Wilde Bunch
The premise draws the trio together as lowly attendants at Club Fort Lauderdale, whose facilities get lots of great publicity by the way. The guys utilize their breaktime as an opportunity to trade personal war stories from work. (It's also worth noting that all three boys look very cute wearing their Club Fort Lauderdale t-shirts!)

Austin Wilde starts things off with a bit of voyeurism: When working the front desk one day, Brandon Lewis (Steven Daigle XXXposed) and Rusty Stevens check into one of the deluxe rooms for some private sexplay. Since his first days at SX Video (Hot Men Barebacking), he has sculpted himself into a nice musclebottom. (Stevens' still carries those notable "red lips" tattoos on opposite sides of his torso) Lewis prys open his asshole with his big hands before fucking him at length.

In short, they really get their money's worth for whatever they paid for that room. Lewis is a big, sexy fucker. He screws Stevens in several hot positions on their oversized bed. Stevens stays hard through-out, often looking like he's at the edge of orgasm. He ends up ejaculating after Lewis douses him with his cumload.

The Wilde Bunch shoot Jayden Grey

After this, Austin Wilde (Unloaded) confesses about the time Jayden Grey shows up and rents a locker. Whilst sunning himself on the balmy outdoor deck area, Wilde decides to break the ice by approaching him for some chit-chat. Stretched out naked, Grey's dick stiffens during the course of their conversation, calling the handsome bathhouse employee to throw all caution to the wind and start smooching him.

Fully grown, Grey's erection looks exceptionally nice, all the more reason for Wilde to give him a lengthy blow-job. Arched back in perfect poise, Wilde works open Grey's boyhole with his tongue and fingers. The youthful Grey contrasts the darker, more manly Wilde perfectly. There's a fabulous visual showing Grey riding atop Wilde, fucking himsolf on the Raging Stallion Exclusive's hard dick.

Wilde follows this by pounding Grey's ass in more sweaty positions, fucking the cum of out the cute kid from Iowa. Wilde drops a heavy load onto Grey's face, which he licks off amidst a florry of tender kisses.

Kurt Wild's worktime war story comes next - He walks into the locker area to find Justin Christopher standing alone, naked and rock hard. Both guys are hyperactive sexualists worthy in their skills to suck cock and fuck ass all over the place. Christopher fucks Wilde's willing butt, producing puddles of juice that is sure to mean only more mopping for not only the bathhouse attendant, but also the viewer.

When it's time for Christian Wilde to tell his story, the three leads have completely stripped out of their workclothes. Like most of the film's viewers at this point, they have their dicks their hand, stroking. Wilde explains his chance encounter with a dirty blond named Bobby Rail who he spys working out in the Club's weight room. Straight-forward cruising leads to rubbing each other through gym shorts.

At one point, Rail sniffs and licks Wilde's throbbing buldge pushing through his white underwear. Wilde happily beams standing at quiet attention getting his thick dick sucked by the horned-up bathhouse patron. He fucks Rail on his fours, sprawled acoss an inclined weight bench. The room's wall of mirrors provide a nice visual backdrop.

In a nice finish, Wilde fires another one of his signature high-flying money shots precisely on que, just after Rail blows a splashy load over him. After the stories are told, the Wilde bunch stands up like the Three Musketeers, their long swords drawn. There, in the washroom full of Maytags, they grip each other's pistols, enjoying a fun circle jerk together. Their rollicking shoot-out culminates in another perfectly executed set of gunshots all fired simultaneously.

The three leads are plucky, charismatic performers, who director Gio Caruso actually does a fine job at filming. It's always nice to hear and see wild stories from the bathhouse. Caruso films everything very well, and Club Fort Lauderdale looks pretty fun. Go watch The Wilde Bunch if you can't make it down to "Grandma's."

The Wilde Bunch Photos:

Christian Wilde, Austin Wilde and Kurt Wild in The Wilde Bunch Watch on or Watch VOD
The Wilde Bunch: Christian Wilde, Austin Wilde & Kurt Wild
Justin Christopher fucks Kurt Wild Watch on or Watch VOD
Justin Christopher behind Kurt Wild
Austin Wilde and Jayden Grey Watch on or Watch VOD
Austin Wilde & Jayden Grey
Austin Wilde and Jayden Grey Watch on or Watch VOD
Austin Wilde & Jayden Grey

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