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The Velvet Mafia

Chris Steele
Falcon Studios   FVP167168
Andy Hunter , Antonio Madiera , Antonio Roca , Brock Penn , , Cory Bolton , , , , Jason Ridge , , Omer , Richie Fine , , Talvin DeMachio , Tommy Blade , Trent Atkins ,
Bathhouse / Sex ClubDaddy / BoyOral SexPrison / JailTwinks, AmericanRimmingHorsehungDocumentaryHunksModel InterviewsTattoosMystery/Thriller

The Velvet Mafia

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Who is Fox Ryder? Answer: Brent Corrigan.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Falcon Studios pulls out all the stops for its production of the year, The Velvet Mafia. Ambitious in story, sets, cast and sex scenes, the two-parter works surprisingly well. If you found the studio's previous megaproductions awkward or too long, The Velvet Mafia requires a fresh look.

As always, the strength of any movie stems from its cast, and Falcon has done a superb job in this department. The plot describes the saga of rival gay porn studios, one in West Hollywood and the other in San Francisco. The Velvet Mafia contains a significant amount of dialogue, and unlike previous years' productions, the producers cannot hide behind the lush backdrops of New Zealand, London or Greece to distract the viewer from corny production values.

Erik Rhodes screws Fox Ryder / Brent CorriganWatch on or Watch VOD
Erik Rhodes screws Fox Ryder (Brent Corrigan)
Hats off to Erik Rhodes, one of Falcon's newer stable who handles lots of scripted lines and numerous sex scenes with equally strong measure. Falcon's pre-release publicity campaign focused on another actor by posing the mysterious question: Who is Fox Ryder?

Fox Ryder is actually the porn star Brent Corrigan, who is this year's hot potato supertwink.

The Velvet Mafia Part 1 - The fight over Fox Ryder

In the movie, Starr Studios and rival Avalon Studios pursue a mafia-style fight to get the adorable Ryder into their films. The first action episode takes place at Avalon Studios, where Ryder and Avalon brother Rhodes film a hot one-on-one episode.

In its enticing opening, Rhodes takes his time manhandling Ryder's boy butt, his jeans pulled just far enough down.

Rhodes displays his great oral skills sucking on Ryder's luscious pole, followed by a mouthwatering rimming sequence. They ultimately engage in a great flip=flop session with Rhodes plowing Ryder, and then Ryder topping Rhodes. Ryder screws with noticeable vigor. But the hottest moment shows Ryder riding atop the Italian stallion.

Watching Ryder get fucked is extremely hot. This is no exception, if anything, the viewer is left wanting to see more.

No time for more here, just as the scene wraps, Starr's goons arrive with guns blazing and abduct Ryder, stealing a suitcase stuffed with cash.

Meanwhile, bling bling Roman Heart decides to turn a model casting call into a hot fourgy. Bodacious Tommy Blade, long and lean Antonio Madeira and the heavily hung Trevor Knight strip to their tight Rufskin underwear, and follow all of Heart's commands. Ample amounts of cocksucking precedes mounds of juicy asseating.

Is there a gay mafia? Finally, the truth surfaces.
Spitting into pairs, they have white hot sex, punctuated with Heart topping Blade and Knight hammering Heart. Heart, who still has Newcomer of the Year awards falling out of his pocket, has developed into Falcon's total package.

Their sweaty sexplay finishes with Knight's spectacular cumshot: nine explosive long distance blasts, which rain down on Heart's face. (Heart obviously looks caught off guard with Knight's potency)

Derrick Vinyard's Drugged at the Bathhouse

Meanwhile, a West Side Story subplot breaks out. Cassio son Derrick Vinyard and Avalon son Omer fall in love. They honestly look like a really cute couple, too! But walking hand in hand down Santa Monica Blvd causes tongues to wag, and Rhodes will have none of it in his family.

He frames Vinyard by drugging him at a bathhouse, and posing him in some compromising pictures with the staff. After the dirty work is completed, the accomplices (Talvin Demachio, Richie Fine and bouncy newcomer Cory Bolton) have their own, live action three way. Talvin Demachio? Richie Fine? The late 20th century faces have returned to the plasma screen more mature, basically reprising the same roles they enjoyed in their original films. (Demachio - Bang! , Fine - Pleasure Principle)

Bolton is a tall, youthful newcomer with an ass that loves to be eaten. Rhodes joins them, throwing a great screw to the newbie, his head buried in the bed pillow. Demachio tops Fine, wearing his socks throughout.

Once again, Rhodes gets high marks, not only by topping the twink, but also bottoming for Fine.

Part 1 wraps with the film's mighty muscleman scene, pairing Falcon's doyen Matthew Rush with gym built Jason Ridge, who been doing lots of hard training over at Hot House (Trunks 2). These guys go to town eating each other up, culminating with the amazingly powerful Rush throwing a powerhouse fuck into the enthralled Ridge.

See how two muscleguys in their prime mate. Rush turns and holds Ridge in all the positions he wants, screwing him all over a white leather couch, ending with Ridge spraying a big pool of white liquid onto his belly, and Rush dousing the bottom's face.

After all the sex, it turns out that Ryder has slipped away from the Starr's with all the cash. The tit-for-tat continues. Meanwhile Rhodes calls Omer on the carpet about his forbidden love with the cigar chomping kingpin dad, Warren Avalon (Paul Barresi).

What will become of these dreamy star crossed lovers?

Matthew Rush tops Jason RidgeWatch on or Watch VOD
Matthew Rush tops Jason Ridge
Erik Rhodes points to Cory BoltonWatch on or Watch VOD
Erik Rhodes, Talvin Demachio, Richie Fine prepare to
christen newcomer Cory Bolton

The Velvet Mafia Part 2

The second part begins with forbidden lovers Derrick Vinyard (Spokes 3) and Omer connecting for a countryside rendezvous. In a Hollywood Hills cabin, they declare their eternal love for each other and enjoy a romantic one-on-one. As soon as Omer's mouth touches his lover's cock, the Vinyardisms begin to flow.

Omer sits on Derrick VinyardWatch on or Watch VOD
Omer sits on Derrick Vinyard
Oh I love you, Brandon. I love your ass. You have a beautiful ass. Oh I love you so much....slap me with your cock!

On and on. Vinyard's sexual rap is a highlight to every film he appears in, the this one is no exception. And Omer's beautiful ass grips Vinyard's cock with pleasure, the thrusts radiating out through the bottom's facial expressions.

They both cum with their hips pressed together.

Next, Jason Ridge shares a private video with Matthew Rush, who is quickly becoming drunk on power and himself. The video shows a dynamite sex scene between Trent Atkins (Hot Wired 2) and Brock Penn, another new model with a brickhouse body inked with tattoos. In a prison jail cell, Penn orders prisoner Atkins to do exactly what he wants, which means servicing him and getting hammered by the jailer's fat, hairy cock. Suck this to get out of jail..., mutters Penn.

Penn sticks his ass out for Atkins to munch, leaving it out there for Atkins to devote an unending attention to his forbidden manhole. After this the jailer rough-fucks Atkins bent over a cot, ramming hard and slapping the bottom's buttcheeks.

The muscular Atkins is movie's third model making a mini-comeback. Tanned, rested and ready from years of Hawaii living, he quietly burns up the screen with his tight physique and boyish impetuous looks.

Later, the mischievous Ryder returns to fleece the Starr Studios' offices at night. Chad Hunt catches him red-handed, and while they trade blow-jobs, Heart pops in to join them. Their sex on the desk trinity features Hunt plowing both Heart and Ryder, as well as Heart bottoming for the other two.

Ryder's face reveals that his hole is stretched to the absolute max with Hunt's cudgel.

Chad Hunt stretches Brent Corrigan's butt to the max. The Velvet Mafia finishes with Rush corralling Andy Hunter and Antonio Roca together for a three way. Rush tops Hunter and Rocca, and and Hunter also tops Rocca.

The film ends, and we still ask: Who is Fox Ryder? Well, he should have gotten fucked a lot more in the movie. But other than that, he plays the guy who gets away with everything in the end. Such a conclusion seems fitting for this individual, too.

Falcon goes all out in production, draping the sets in colorful curtains, illumining backgrounds with misty lighting. Solid craft work and competent planning adds to the movie, turning what might have been a dubious movie into a fun franchise.

The Velvet Mafia DVD Extras

The DVD includes a rich selection of extras, notably a set of engaging model interviews.

Rod Barry conducts the one-on-one conversations in a very casual, informative style. Richie Fine puts in a very interesting interview, as do the others. Another innovation, viewers can watch the movie with the sex sounds muted, but the music on. (Perhaps this can be called Dorm Room Viewing Mode)

Solid extras, not throw-aways, give only one more reason to purchase this DVD. As the gay porn business matures, producers increasingly look to new and creative ways of moviemaking. The team at Falcon, along with its sizzling set of models, offer a solid entry that raises the bar, and which almost everyone should find entertaining.

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The Velvet Mafia Photos:

Omer bottoms for Derrick VinyardWatch on or Watch VOD
Star-crossed lovers: Omer and Derrick Vinyard
Brock Penn plows Trent AtkinsWatch on or Watch VOD
Brock Penn plows Trent Atkins
Fox Ryder between Chad Hunt and Roman HeartWatch on or Watch VOD
Fox Ryder between Chad Hunt and Roman Heart

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