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The Plowboys

George Duroy
Falcon International   FIC-004
Alexander Strauss , Emil Kys , , Johan Paulik , Leo Husek , Martin Valko , Milos Janek , Palo Cernak , Slavo Jarorsky
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The Plowboys

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Alexander Strauss and Emil Kys fuck on the farm.

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In 1994, director George Duroy was following big dreams to film gay porn in a completely new way never before seen. This entailed using the wealth of talent in recently opened Eastern Europe, and, ultimately, forming his own film studio. However, Duroy's very first films were some gems for Falcon Studio's newly formed Falcon International line. Was he holding back some of his best ideas during this? Possibly. his best material was right around the corner with for what would become the blockbuster movie Lucas Story starring the now infamous Lukas Ridgeston.

The Plowboys, the fourth film for Falcon International, contains plenty of great material in this bucolic barnburner. Filmed out in the rural countryside, there's five great scenes of what can only be described as fucking on the farm. These boys find lots of time for fucking all around the cows, horses and roosters in what looks like one of the Czech Republic's hottest Summers.

Johan Paulik and Palo CernakWatch on or Naked Sword
Johan Paulik & Palo Cernak

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First up, we meet the curly haired, mullet-wearing Alexander Strauss, who lounges around the farm bare chested, wearing short-shorts so tight his balls squeeze out the sides whenever he moves. Strauss approaches the soft-faced, boyish Emil Kys, who kneels in the corner of a barn milking a cow, innocently looking up at his approaching friend.

Strauss silently pulls Kys over to him for his own milking. His giant cock bulges through the boy's cheeks as he jawbones him. Strauss stands powerfully wielding his huge dick, arguably still one of the largest put to film. After getting Strauss off, Kys reclines back on a wooden platform to take his friend missionary. Duroy captures numerous memorable visuals, including a shot of the bottom's face, transfixed in pleasure, looking directly into the camera.

Strauss holds the small guy in his big arms while fucking him. Finally, he jizzes on the boy's bare chest.

The action on the farm continues when Martin Valko from Lukas Story 2, who seduces curvaceous muscle boy Jiri Lubov over. Standing in the door of a log cabin, Valko shows off his tall, lean body, big cock and huge set of balls, causing Lubov to drop the log splitting and come over to suck on his own wood. The two exchange sensuous blow-jobs.

Both models exemplify perfect early male specimens which Duroy was able to secure for film roles early on. Lubov actually continued on for several early Bel Ami films, including Lucky Lucas.

The scene reaches its peak when Valko throws a great standing fuck into Lubov's ripe rear end, leaning himself against the cabin's door-frame. Duroy's numerous camera angles are inventive and memorable. At one point, Lubov looks directly into the camera while getting fucked, slowly licking his shoulder muscle - an action that might cause the viewer to either gasp or faint. Standing over the bottom, Valko quakes in orgasm, shooting all over Lubov's torso.

Next, we find blond Milos Janek (Blue Danube) getting frisky with Leo Husek under the open air roof of the same wooden cabin. Unlike in Pleasure Express where Husek stayed mostly clothed, here we can see the kid completely naked with his long bang and boyish body. His cock still looks just as edible.

Husek bends over to take Janek's big cock up his round ass, burying his face in a pile of hay. Janek fucks him slowly, carefully, finally squirting a big load onto Husek's upturned butt. Sodomy was obviously something Husek was used to engaging in before this. Janek went on from here to appear as one of Bel Ami's early reliable tops, including the famous circle jerk scene in Frisky Summer where he's on the couch comparing erections with Kristen Jensen and Ion Davidov. Too much fun!

Johan Paulik was a Plowboy

Don't go anywhere because next up is one of Johan Paulik's very first scene stealing roles. Duroy first cast Paulik as the bathhouse attendant in Sauna Paradiso, but to be fair, Paulik seemed overwhelmed, and mostly relegated to standing around watching the other guys doing it. Here, Paulik throws himself into the movie. Groomed into a sweet faced young man, he leads Palo Cernak off to a secluded barn for a lengthy roll in the hay.

Cernak starts by giving Paulik a blow-job, whose pleasure-soaked facial expressions are truly priceless. These are the movie star looks that instantly make Paulik one of the most recognized and desired porn stars on the planet. Carnak sucks Paulik off, blowing a giant white load of cum. After Paulik reciprocates, he throws a deep, energetic fuck into Cernak's cute little body. Kissing and shaking, they hump like puppydogs. This amazing anal action culminates with Paulik blowing another copious load.

The movie ends with Strauss and Janek back for more. Janek sucks on Strauss' huge dick until his shoots all over his face. They proceed to sixty-nine, followed with Janek legs up taking Strauss' torpedo up his ass in the missionary position. Equipped like a real stallion, Strauss could sure fuck.

The scene makes for a nice finish to The Plowboys. But nothing compares to the sexy seduction between Valko and Lubov, and especially to the porn star coming out performance of Paulik in his barn romp. To watch The Plowboys is literally watching history in the making.

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The Plowboys Photos:

Jiri Lubov sucks Martin ValkoWatch on
Jiri Lubov sucks Martin Valko
Alexander Strauss behind Emil KysWatch on
Alexander Strauss behind Emil Kys
Leo Husek sucks Milos JanekWatch on
Leo Husek sucks Milos Janek
Alexander Strauss probes Emil KysWatch on
Alexander Strauss probes Emil Kys

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