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The Muscle Pit

Blue Blake
Big Blue Productions  
BamBam Micelli , , Damon Phoenix , , Marco Paris , ,
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The Muscle Pit

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Josh Weston and Robert Van Damme head up this musclefest that features double penetration and cum eating.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

If anyone can convince Josh Weston to take two dicks at once, then service his tops by eating their cum, it's Blue Blake. No stranger to controversy, Blake manages to get not one, but two A-listers, Weston and Robert Van Damme, to slurp jizz…and like it.

The Muscle Pit is a frame of mind for the models who appear here rather than a specific place. There isn't a strong story or much dialogue to pull the action together; it's just one nasty sex scene after another.

Director Blake's biggest score here is Robert Van Damme (Musclemen Moving Company), a big muscular lug with soft eyes and an appetite for dick that gets bigger and bigger with each new film he makes. Van Damme's the kind of model that you'd never imagine handling another man's cock, let alone sucking one.

Robert Van Damme, Josh Weston and Brad Rock
Robert Van Damme, Josh
Weston and Brad Rock
But yet here he is in the film's opener, making a meal of gay porn veteran Marco Paris (Trunks 3). Paris eventually returns the favor, but Van Damme goes one better, feasting on Paris' hole is a gloriously filmed rimming sequence. Van Damme seems almost desperate to swab out Paris' crevice, pawing his muscular ass cheeks apart to get at the honeyed center.

It's almost as if Van Damme works is working himself into a heady lather, getting Paris' tight hole ready for the inevitable pile driving. The fucking, of course, is intense, impossible to tear your eyes away from. But it's the closing money shots that will send viewers over the top.

At Van Damme's invitation, Paris dumps his scum onto Van Damme's face and into his open mouth. It's a taste treat that this muscular hottie doesn't shy away from. He gets downright piggy, blowing bubbles with the white stuff to rival even the sluttiest of female pornstars.

After a brief solo interlude, BamBam Micelli showing off his explosively worked out frame, Blake throws the viewer back into the thick of it, pairing Tyler Saint with the always adorable Damon Phoenix (Manhunt 2.0 The Movie). These guys apparently like to toss around the spicy dirty talk, each getting the other more and more riled up. Blue Blake makes sure there's plenty of opportunities for the viewer to admire Saint's wide frame, particularly when he's dicking Phoenix. The scene is capped with another of those spectacular cumshots, gooey strings of Phoenix's batter literally dripping from Saint's open mouth and into his blondish goatee.

Josh Weston falls into the pit

Far and away the most spectacular encounter takes place deep inside The Muscle Pit, a match-up between Josh Weston and two powerful sexual adversaries, Brad Rock (Cowboy Rides Again) and a returning Van Damme. It's a well-matched trio, but the viewer can't help but be enthralled by Mr. Weston, a stunning beauty who's really put on some serious muscle since his Falcon days. His supple hole, however, is appealing as ever.

When he has a sports injury at the local muscle beach, he's given some peculiar but effective first aid. I mean, who can think about a strained muscle when you've got dick in your ass, buried to the hilt?

Not only is Weston's backdoor accommodating, he remains one of the most skilled and eager cocksuckers in the business, working on Van Damme's pole expertly while Rock bones him from behind. Our eager athlete only takes a break long enough to suck on some hot hole, alternating between a grateful Van Damme and Rock.

And later, after prepping his chute with a particularly big toy, Weston performs his showstopper, letting himself be double penetrated by his horny nursemaids. And while Weston isn't nearly the cum guzzler that Van Damme proved to be in the first reel, he lets both men serve up their spunk for a little sampling. For those of us who will never tire of watching this pretty boy get fucked on film, Weston's performance here is completely off the charts and the best reason to dive into The Muscle Pit.

The Muscle Pit Photos:

Brad Rock, Josh Weston and Robert Van Damme
Brad Rock, Josh Weston and Robert Van Damme
Robert Van Damme behind Marco Paris
Robert Van Damme behind Marco Paris
Damon Phoenix sucks Tyler Saint Damon Phoenix sucks Tyler Saint
Robert Van Damme tops Marco Paris Robert Van Damme
tops Marco Paris

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