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The Last Day

Michael Lucas Marc MacNamara
Lucas Entertainment  
Adriano Carrasco , Bruno Fernandez Gutierrez , , Issac Jones , , Kriss Aston , Rafael Carreras , Will Helm
Euro-Muscle GuysLatinosRimmingHunksCum EatingTattoosMystery/Thriller

The Last Day

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It's the End of the World as We Know It

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The world is gripped in mass panic when the population of Ibeza abandons the picturesque Spanish island, because of a hoax cooked up by porn star Damien Crosse. For those of you still enlightened, Ibeza is arguably Europe's preeminent party island. It is a place where the news of the Higgs Boson would cause everyone to dance the Higgs Bosonova. Instead, scary newscasts claiming the particle experiments have gone awry cause most residents to flee.

Michael Lucas has produced another fine vehicle for porn star Jonathan Agassi here, who runs through the film bossing around Eurohunks, cussing and getting fucked. Much like 2011's Trapped in the Game, we're in Ibeza with Mr. Crosse, instead of Berlin with Harry Louis as the heavy.

The Last Day Three WayWatch Now or LucasEntertainment
Will Helm leads the three-way
Crosse excels playing the crazy bad guy, babbling on about infamy, killing all of his henchmen among the way like the doomed "red shirts" in Star Trek. Did he really deserve to meet the grisly at the end of the film?

Probably the hottest scene comes at the very beginning, when Agassi locates a friendly couple on the island, Will Helm and Kriss Aston. With the same haircut and trim figure as Agassi, it's sometimes difficult to keep the two separate in this stellar three-way.

A trinity of beautiful foreskins leads to lengthy cock sucking. Helm's dick is beautiful. He ends up fucking Aston doggie style, and Agassi on his back, laying on a limestone rock perched above the sea. Agassi gets to fuck Aston as well.

Helm is sexual dynamite, and watching him fuck the other two is great, all under a gorgeous backdrop of the baby blue Mediterranean Sea. Craggy rocks watch the action from behind. From France, Helm and Aston are one of Europe's "real couples" doing it on camera now, even in a steamy bareback episode for Eric of Paris in his Raw Fuck Tapes #5.

It's all quite dramatic, fueled by the beautiful views and Helm's rocketship fucking. The couple shoot big loads into Agassi's hungry mouth.

Porn Star's Ruse Can't Possibly Be True

After this, a skeptical Agazzi decides to start poking around. He finds a television station with videos starring newscasts from the mysterious Kyle K. Kamzot. That's right, folks - Kyle K. Kamzot! The KKK appears in this movie.

Mr. Kamzot was forced to make the misleading videos by Mr. Crosse and his accomplice, the super hung Rafael Carreras. Yes, folks - more good news! Rafael Carrerras is in another great video! He just as exciting to watch as when we first saw him as a Studio 2000 exclusive in the fabulous Deep Plunge (an early directorial work by Doug Jeffries).

Now his fucking is significantly more sensual. He melts onto Crosse's sweaty body like hot candle wax, slowly sliding his extra long meat into his ass. There's exciting footage of Crosse perched in a high windowsill getting fucked, followed by the exciting turn of events where Carreras bottoms for Crosse. Partners in crime haven't fucked so good since Leopold and Loeb!

It turns out, Crosse has a bit of a temper. After their sex, he grabs a pistol and murder's his lover. Surprises? Carreras is not anyone who you'd ever want to kick out of bed, much less empty a loaded pistol into bed after sex.

Damien Crosse shoots the messengerWatch Now or LucasEntertainment
Damien Crosse shoots the messenger in The Last Day
Next up, bad guy Adriano Carrasco ties up Issac Jones to keep him from spilling the beans. The sight of the tattooed hunk strapped to a tree forces them to switch gears. They upshift into high-end lovemaking. Carrasco is your typical Brazilian - stunningly gorgeous, effortlessly sexy, hugely hung and uncut.

What's Mr. Jones to do? Bound to his desires, he eats his abductor's ass, who alternates between sticking it and his dick in his face. Jones is cute to, and a great bottom. Here again though with his haircut, tattoos and body type he bears a striking resemblance to Agassi.

Does Michael Lucas own a mint which has this giant stamp, pounding out similar looking porn stars? Out comes Agassi, then Helm and then Jones.

Jones gives Carrasco expert head. After that, Jones shows that his ass can equally handle the top's Big Gulp. Carrasco happily slides in all the way, fucking him to into a series of great facial expressions. Watch them all.

Jones is the picture perfect bottom, curled up on his back, getting fucked, so hard he's at the point of orgasm. He sums all over his belly, followed a hosedown from the top's own multi-spurt gusher. "The world is not ending. We have to go now."
"Do I have time to douche?"

Jonathan Agassi Busts the Conspiracy

For the final episode, Agassi has just one more bad guy that he needs to take down - Bruno Fernando Gutierrez. In a bar with mirrors on the wall, Agassi offers up his ass to Gutierrez. The Spaniard obliges by fucking him silly in many hot positions, particularly with Agassi looking at himself in the mirror. Gutierrez shoots a giant, hot load in our hero's mouth.

All in all, The Last Day is a fun a sexual thriller. With it's exotic Mediterranean locales, thick accented actors and chases, I suggest Mr. Lucas should think seriously about additional James Bond-style adventures starring the gallant Jonathan Agassi. Nobody does it better.

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The Last Day Photos:

Damien Crosse and Rafael CarrerasWatch Now or LucasEntertainment
Rafael Carreras behind Damien Crosse
Adriano Carrasco and Issac Jones Watch Now or LucasEntertainment
Issac Jones below Adriano Carrasco
Bruno Fernandez Gutierrez and Jonathan Agassi Watch Now or LucasEntertainment
Bruno Fernandez Gutierrez feeds Jonathan Agassi
Bruno Fernandez Gutierrez and Jonathan AgassiWatch Now or LucasEntertainment
Bruno Fernandez Gutierrez tops Jonathan Agassi

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