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The Drifter (Logan McCree)

Tony DiMarco Ben Leon
Raging Stallion Studios  
Logan McCree , Manuel DeBoxer , , Scott Alexander , Scott Tanner , , , Brianna Beach , Dak Ramsey , Damian Rios ,
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The Drifter (Logan McCree)

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A Logan McCree Love Story

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Logan McCree flys in all the way from Germany, carrying a hand selected bunch of lovely flowers, only to discover his boyfriend cheating on him with a hot trick. This dramatic opening starts the excellent Raging Stallion's full-length film The Drifter. It also begins what appears to be a very promising new relationship with film director Tony DiMarco.

DiMarco has been a creative force in many of our favorite film projects at Lucas Entertainment (Encounters: Heat of the Moment, The Intern). DiMarco left Lucas in a highly publicized scene, and crossed the country over to San Francisco to work at Raging Stallion.

R.J. Danvers and Luke Haas Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
R.J. Danvers and Luke Haas tryst on adulterous bedsheets
The Drifter, his first project, is a romantic story wrapped nicely around the studio's current supermodel, Logan McCree. And although McCree takes star honors, the real surprise of the movie is porn star Vinnie D'Angelo, who puts in his most demanding on-screen performance to date. With well over a dozen movies to D'Angelo's credit, The Drifter is a revealing look at his personality, shining throughout the entire movie, as well as in his behind the scenes interview.

D'Angelo believably plays a shy, loner who lives out in the remote woods, moving there after being betrayed by his girlfriend. The plot of the movie brings him to realize that he's gay and has feeling for McCree.

The movie also shows McCree's impressive performance skills. Typically just seen as a silent sex machine, McCree carries lots of dialogue, along with D'Angelo, and together they really make this movie work.

As the opening credits roll across the screen, McCree packs his bag, leaving his flat for the airport. He dashes off a last minute email telling boyfriend R.J. Danvers (The 5th Floor) that he's arriving a day earlier than expected. After arriving in Vancouver, McCree catches Danvers in flagrante delicto with the studly, hung Luke Hass.

Although McCree interrupts the two at the very end, we see the complete tryst, a lusty duet fueled by real passion and unspoken infidelity. Danvers eagerly removes his pants, pulls down Hass' jeans with visible enthusiasm. A small framed photo of Danvers and McCree peers into the camera while the furry bottom eagerly sucks on Haas' uncut cock.

If your boyfriend was Logan McCree, would you cheat on him? Hass' beautiful cock is an ideal icon of worship, drilling Danvers' drooling mouth, and followed by his very hungry hole. Directors DiMarco and Ben Leon capture the exact tone here perfectly, a very hot fuck that culminates with the sting of humiliation.

Logan, I'm Your Biggest Fan

Deeply wounded, McCree walks out, throwing himself into an unprepared trek into the woods of British Columbia. Where will McCree go? Will he find true love, or live a life alone? McCree finds himself lost in the deep, dark forest. For a few minutes, it seems like he's fallen into the unhappy ending of a Grimm's fairy tale.

In the middle of a heavy rain storm, he knocks on the first cabin he sees, and who should open the door wearing nothing but a towel? Vinnie D'Angelo, who at this point looks like a most-friendly bear in the woods.

D'Angelo lets the drifter dry out, sleeping in his cabin on a comfortable cot. The next morning, D'Angelo maneuvers McCree into staying around. At this point who knows what will happen. Is D'Angelo a friendly angel? Or is he going to turn into Kathy Bates from Misery? ("Oh Logan I'm your biggest fan!")

Fortunately, the movie does not take that kind of dark turn. Instead, we watch unexpected love blossom, partly because love is also blossoming in the woods around them. They wander across three campers enjoying a powerful three-way outside their tents.

In this riveting outdoor sex scene, two of today's most sexy film studs, blond Scott Tanner and tattooed stud Damian Rios, share the muscular hairy ass of Manuel DeBoxer. The high point shows Rios getting drilled from behind by Tanner. Rios climaxes by squirting a big, white load of cum into DeBoxer's mouth, who also gets a big taste of Tanner's too.

Later on, D'Angelo describes to McCree of how he was betrayed in love, but by his former girlfriend. Jilted, he choose to live as a self-sufficient recluse in a cabin in the woods. One of the excellent DVD extras is the complete "jilted" sex scene, a very hot bisexual three-way between D'Angelo, Brianna Beach and Dak Ramsey. It is also here that we learn of D'Angelo's hidden gay feelings - he realizes that he loves Ramsey's lips around his cock.

Logan McCree Comes Out

After a tense night where the two guys silently masterbate while thinking about each other, the following day pushes McCree to let the cat out of the beg. He confesses to D'Angelo that he's gay, and that the lover who betrayed him was another man.

During all of this, while lying on the riverbank, D'Angelo keeps on his stomach, teasing us with his sexy, muscular ass. With that magnificent ass in view, McCree proceeds to describe his first gay experience: he ventured into the back room of a club in Germany. A younger looking McCree, his hair cut closely into a mohawk, watching Bo Matthews getting worked over in a sling by Scott Alexander, an inspiring, fresh faced Black guy. Alexander rims Matthews' hole with steady delight.

The Drifter Preview

Watch The Drifter
He fucks him in several hot positions culminating with the top shooting a heavy, wet money shot on Matthews' backside. This inspires McCree to step up for sloppy seconds, showing off his top man skills nicely. He ultimately throws an energetic fuck into Matthews, who has settled himself comfortably into an oversized rubber tire.

Fans will swoon seeing the star of the movie in full action wearing his Mohawk hairstyle, which actually reveals even more swirls of tattoos on the side of his head.

The movie ends with D'Angelo and McCree finding their ultimate bond - a romantic one-on-one alone in the cozy cabin. D'Angelo and McCree ease into things slowly, keeping a noticeable level of tension that makes this entire scene crackle. D'Angelo makes love to McCree in his bed, a surfeit of kissing and body exploration propelled by D'Angelo's topping McCree.

And they both live happily ever after.

Tony DiMarco and Ben Leon have created a spectacular love story that fans will enjoy for years. The DVD includes interviews with both McCree and D'Angelo. A complete entertainment package, Raging Stallion keeps impressing with new levels of high quality.

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The Drifter (Logan McCree) Photos:

Porn Star Damian Rios Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Porn Star Damian Rios
Three Way at the River in The Drifter Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Damian Rios, Manuel
DeBoxer, Scott Tanner
Logan McCree and Vinnie D'Angelo Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Logan McCree and Vinnie D'Angelo
Logan McCree fucks Bo Matthews Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Logan McCree tops Bo Matthews

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