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Gavin Lowe
Raging Stallion Studios  
Adriano Moraes , Adriano Rodrigues , Andre Gaucho , Andre Santos , Carlos Montenegro , Felix Stuhlbach , Gabriel , Marcio Pitbul , Thomas , Vitor Frota , Yuri Brayan
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Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

A bass-heavy pumping soundtrack oscillates wildly to hardcore images of muscle laden models, abundant in San Francisco-based Raging Stallion's Testosterone release. Is this a bad thing? Hell no!!! Showcasing the fellas of, if you enjoy your men ripped, dark-skinned or Latino you're going to be in for a good time.

By the time the credits have passed the viewers senses, our minds are already awash with cock, mouth, and hole. As if we COULD wipe the memory of Adriano Moraes ripped dirty undies barely clinging to the built lad, ass-cheek exposed for the taking, and the movie hasn't started yet…

So we take a front row seat, privy to a sparkling private swimming pool, and marvel at the Adonis-like couple of the first scene - Vitor and Andre Santos.

Marcio Pittbull Watch Now
Marcio Pittbull

Buzzed-headed Santos is swimming lengths, as handsome dark-eyed beauty Vitor strokes his cock and watches the naked lad in the pool. Sitting on the steps he's already hard as Santos floats in for a kiss. Santos doesn't need any persuading – the sight of Vitor's uncut meat floating on the top of the water is too inviting for him not to move in and suck it.

And he does so with gusto, his boyish eyes flicking up at his well hung friend and his mouth opens wide for him, lips enveloping his partner's meat. Vitor wears a beaded necklace and his longer locks pronounce him the king of this scene straight away.

Entering the water, his friend moves onto the steps, offering up his smooth peach ass for Vitor to lap away on. A finger prods at his butt now, as Vitor lustfully chews on his cheeks, adding a playful slap here and there to punctuate their moment. Santos hard-on bounces with satisfaction.

An out of the water blow job follows, and Vitor face-fucks Santos as he kneels before him, girthy veiny cock slipping in and out between Santos pink lips, his own dick swelling with approval.

And then Santos turns around and the sparks really begin to fly when Latino god Vitor stuffs his cock up Santos in one fell swoop and starts fucking away like he's the king of the jungle and riding a captive.

Santos takes a poolside squat down onto Vitor's meaty prick, and rides on it with deep pleasure. The camera angles afford us an extra nice view of his toned brown ass bouncing up and down on Vitor's length.

Clearly a fan of rear entry Vitor reclaims his boy from behind, and then onto the side, not quite the angelic cherub his tattoo wants him to appear. He rams Santos ‘till the lad shoots a creamy load all over his thigh. And now he's ready to cum himself, and he absolutely explodes all down the side of Santos' face. It's hot stuff.

There's a complete change of pace next, with black bodybuilder Gabriel taking center stage and having a swim, moving into the shower, and then the bed for a solo jerk off. His cock is supreme, and his body doesn't leave much to be desired either. The camera floats and lingers until the viewer feels he knows every inch of this model.

And most especially his massive thick uncut black snake which he waggles at the camera invitingly, the angles almost making you believe you're right below him and ready to suck on a huge fucking cock.

Gabriel is quite the looker, with his well developed muscles (his biceps are astoundingly huge), a hot shoulder tattoo, and a couple of piercings. It's almost a shame he isn't paired up here. But little else is left to the imagination. He gets on all fours, rolls onto his front, and lets us, the voyeuristic viewer play out any top or bottom fantasies we might want with him.

Oh my God - Marcio Pittbull wearing tight underwear... Using his own spit and precum as lube, he works himself into a climax spewing ropey streams of white cum out of his huge black cock.

Cover model Marcio Pitbull is bed-bunked up listening to music and playing with his cock through some hot whities, as the sleeping Felix Stuhlbach (Brazilian Sex House) lies below. Pitbull is another ripped fella, and you can feel his animal lust just by looking at the still on the front of the DVD. He's scorching property. Stuhlbach is more boyish and appears to have more innocence to him, clad only in a modest little pair of red and white underwear.

However, appearances can be deceptive. Aroused by Pitbull's prick-pulling, he rises in both senses of the word, a hard-on in his shorts, and a visit to the top bunk where he caresses the now sleeping Pitbull, first with his hands, and then moving in with his mouth.

There's something hot about a hard penis straining through fabric, and something even hotter when the reveal is made, as Pitbull's uncut cockhead is finally exposed and gets to feel Stuhlbachs' tongue flicking all around the head before getting fully enveloped in his mouth.

Pitbull is awake now and enjoys bending over on the bed, instructing Stuhlbach exactly how to rim his ass, and then finger it. But this is all just a tease. He gets on top of the lad and literally rips a hole in the back of his underwear, exposing a cute pale near-hairless ass which his tongue and fingers positively devour.

Next, he gets a string of anal beads and works them up inside one bead at a time, using lube and spit to make sure Stuhlbach takes all but one of the string before firmly popping them out of his friend's willing ass.

And now Stuhlbach is ready for Pitbull's cock, and Pitbull enters his loosened hole and starts banging. Man there's something so hot about ripped underwear, and Pitbull takes full advantage, rocking Stuhlbach to the absolute hilt, and enjoying his pale little rear end.

He takes him in every position thinkable and fucks the boy for quite some time, until finally Stuhlbach is down on the floor, head to the ground and legs akimbo and spread wide with Pitbull fucking away at him from above.

He gets an amazing 4 fingers in, rips this smooth hole open and spits in it, then fucks the cum right out of him, Stuhlbach shooting all over his own upturned torso and chin. Pitbull releases his own wad and spunks up all over his friend. It's a damn fine scene and worth the price of the movie alone.

We get to enjoy another solo scene here, and this time it's a certain dark haired Carlos Montenegro, aka Freddy Navas, who, we are reliably told, won the Mr. Argentina title (and his body work proves it). Fans of Brazilian guys will recognize Montenegro from several Kristen Bjorn movies, including his starring role in 2007's El Rancho. He works out in a jockstrap which beautifully frames his ass as he exhibits himself using weights, squat thrusting, and curling - like his long horse hung dong does when he kindly disrobes for us.

Testosterone snapshot Watch Now

Carlos Montenegro's Solo

Next in the bedroom naked hung Montengro pleasures himself with an array of sex toys – a hot black butt plug, a sleek long dildo – as he caresses his nipples and jerks on his member.

Finally standing up and muscles truly rippling he jerks out a wad into his palm and laps it up for all to see.

Yuri is a well tatted lad with a worked on body to boot. Wearing just a pair of bicycle shorts he chances across Andre Gaucho who wears a beanie hat and some shorts and is sleeping in a chair. Handsome Yuri pulls his cock out as he approaches, and works on getting his meat nice and hard as Gaucho continues to doze.

When he's got himself good and worked up Yuri plays with his new pal, caressing his pecs and nipples, until Gaucho stirs, and whips out a hard-on that is to die for, and that was hitherto hiding beneath those white shorts. It's long AND thick, and Yuri gets on his knees right away and stuffs the mammoth cock down his throat.

He loves it so much he spends quite a bit of movie time sucking on it, and it really is quite something. Finally moving to the bed, Gaucho rolls on a rubber and makes a beeline for Yuri's ass.

In full lurid close-up we get to see every single slippery millimeter of penetration as Gaucho gradually slides inside (and trust us, you would want this to be a gradual assault), until Yuri is positively impaled on this Potemkin of a prick.

He works his from below, from the side, and seems to get off the most when he's gripping Yuri's shoulders and ramming it in from behind, finally straddling him as Yuri tries to stay upright using the bed-frame to keep himself steady, a few little slaps to remind Yuri of exactly who is the boss here, and what happens to guys who arouse a sleeping top man.

Gaucho yanks off his condom and shoots his spew all over Yuri's hairy chest, prompting an eruption of his own from his erect uncut penis.

The well oiled and certainly well toned Adriano Moraes works on a car engine wearing dungarees and a bareball cap. His ripped 200ist pants tease us as his dungarees finally drop to the ground.

He is another muscle man and no mistake, adorned with a beautiful snake tattoo on his back.

He really works is for the camera, and under no pretences, stares at the viewer in close proximity, and tantalizes with his body postures and absolutely massive (but not over-developed) torso…

Moraes finally works his cock from the front of those undies and it's a hot uncut number, a hard veiny knob.

Laying against the car, he plays with himself, and for us, until his tasty looking prick gets slathered with gooey white spunk.

Testosterone Preview

Watch Testosterone

And for the finale we are graced with another Adriano - Adriano Rodrigues who comes across a bright yellow jock-stapped hottie (and with a beautiful dragon tattoo that can't be left unmentioned) named Thomas in a bathroom.

Chalk and cheese, Thomas is almost a skinhead, while Rodrigues sports a proud thick head of curly dark latino hair. Thomas is wearing dog tags and soaps himself up when hot boy Rodrigues comes on the scene. "You want that?" asks Thomas, and that's all he needs to say. Rodrigues is in an instant butt-naked and joining him in the shower.

He gets to know his cock quite intimately, sucking away on the straining shaft like its all he knows. The duo move into the bedroom and cutie-pie Rodrigues continues to suck and suck and suck.

Its an interesting choice to end a porn flick, but not a bad one – in a departure to formula, oral sex is all this twosome want, and it's a refreshing change to break with convention when, in the climax of an 8 scene movie, there's no ass-fucking, just Thomas emitting a huge load all over Rodrigues chest as he in turn shoots on his sweaty abdomen.

And the variety and lack of convention is one of the great pleasures of this title. There are men here to suit every taste, and a truly multi-racial feeling that flows throughout. But the one thing linking all these hot models and sexy scenes? The rippling muscled masculine Testosterone that infiltrates every single minute of this hot manly feature, and every single one of these Testosterone laden models.

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Testosterone Photos:

Marcio Pittbull and Felix Stuhlbach Watch Now
Marcio Pittbull tops Felix Stuhlbach
Testosterone snapshot Watch Now
Testosterone snapshot Watch Now Adriano Rodrigues and Thomas Watch Now
Adriano Rodrigues sucks Thomas

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