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Technical Ecstasy

Wash West
Men of Odyssey  
Brett Ford , Chad Kennedy , Dean OConnor , Dennis Lincoln , Derek Cameron , Joe Romero , Jon Eric , Marc Hamilton , Rob Hirk , Sam Crockett , Sandy Sloan ,
Science Fiction/Surreal

Technical Ecstasy Men of Odyssey

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Sexual pleasures inside the machine

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

In Technical Ecstasy, director Wash West tells an interesting story of when virtual reality intersecting with gay porn. There are many reasons to give this little seen video a look - viewers seeking some plot and story to their porn will not be dissapointed. The cast is cute, and the sex is hot.

Wash always makes interesting movies. (How many porns have a drawn art boxcover, instead of photos?)

It starts with Dean O'Connor testing a strange machine that takes him through pre-programmed scenarios involving different situations: cowboys having sex in the country, military cadets in a bunk orgy, interracial couple, plus others.

Deano and bf Derek Cameron We also get to see porn star Dean O'Connor in one of his last roles before he left the industry. Predictably, he is the top with Derek Cameron. As usual, O'Connor facial expression appears as one of innocence and a sense of unbelievability that he's fucking the well-built studly bottom Cameron.

The movie begins with Chad Kennedy standing up totally nude in the desert. He walks down a road and meets cowboy Sam Crockett. They begin by tasting each other's big pricks on the hood of Crockett's car. After sucking and rimming, the two move into Crokett's trailer. Crockett pumps Kennedy's butt long and hard in the trailer. After the two cum, we learn that it was a virtual reality program with Dean O'Connor experiencing the role of Kennedy.

O'Connor goes home to his boyfriend, Derek Cameron. The experiments are turning O'Connor's behavior odd. Unfortunately he has not revealed the tests to Cameron.

Sex/Dream Machine Experiments Unfold

The next two scenes are great: Back at the test studio, O'Connor views a program with horsehung Tony Donovan and black go-teed Dennis Lincoln, who are truly lovers in real life (at least at the time of filming).

Lincoln gets plowed nicely by Donovan, who I never tire watching onscreen. Then Lincoln up ends the usual top-man Donovan for his on-screen deflowering. Interestingly, the character Dean O'Connor experiences through is Dennis Lincoln.

The next scene is in a military bunk room. The guys are turning in for a night's rest, but they are soon all on top of each other. Sandy Sloane, another blonde twinkie who is a real sparkplug, both tops and bottoms.

Meanwhile, these strange experiments bring problems to O'Connor's reality life. Boyfriend Cameron snoops around and discovers the address of the test facility, so goes down to see what it is all about. He's pursuaded to run as a test subject, and goes through the cowboy program (of scene one).

A hot military bunk orgy Despite the limit of only three simulations, O'Connor is frantic, and he smoothtalks the owner/scientist into jacking him into a fourth program. The program is a leather fantasy with Joe Romero and Marc Hamilton playing the active roles in a three-way with Jon Erick.

After the scene should end, O'Connor awakens in the leatherman's (Eric's) body. He goes to his apartment but finds it empty. Director West has crafted a clever surprise ending to boot, so don't forgo this well- done film.

Both Wash West movies Technical Ecstasy and his significantly more famous gay porn The Hole are on FriskyFans' Top 10 Science Fiction Gay Porn Movies list.

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