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Team Play

George Duroy
Bel Ami  
Adam Cartier , Filip Olivier , Ion Davidov , Ivan Fjodorov , Jacques Mellies , Julian Armanis , Justin Marino , Karl Moser , Karl Tenner , Marek Kodes , Martin Eden , Max Orloff , Nikola Gismondi , Oleg Vronski
Czech Boys

Team Play

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Max Orloff (Pavel Novotny) Joins the Team

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Bel Ami shoots into the 21st century with TeamPlay, a full-length feature filled with smooth, young Czech boys playing around pools. We are treated to the life of a very gifted swim team, and their activites both in and out of the water. The boys all look great running around in their skimpy speedos and swim goggles. In the showers afterwards there is much play.

Team Play contains five lengthy episodes, three shorter ones, and a bonus behind-the-scenes documentary that is as enthralling (even sexually) as the main production itself.

Duroy always does very well placing the best scene first in the movie. Teamplay opens with Julian Armanis and grade-A twinkie Oleg Vronski waiting for all the guys from the swim team head off to the dressing room, leaving them alone to hook up. Vronski is a smooth, boyish-looking guy with a great swimmers body and very hot ass. They end up having a great time, with Armanis shoving his huge boy-cock into the tender smooth Vronski. At twenty-five minutes, this is a lengthy scene that is magnificently put-together.

After shots of the team jogging and exercizing, the actions shifts indoors where Karl Tenner and sleek, ruddy-sheeked brunet Ivan Fjodorov, make love beside the pool. Their reflections are captured perfectly in the rippling, blue water.

The scene begins with them embracing, face-to-face. Soom the action escaltes to generous oral action. The anal action is equally hot, with Tenner toppig Fjodorov in a multi-position fuck.

The movie features one dynamite scene in which we see a four way with two couples fucking at the same time. The top is Max Orloff (who has done a number of films as Jan Dvorak and Pavel Novotny). Orloff has a clean-cut, handsome face, a body to die for, and a huge cock. His screwing Nicola Gismondi dominates this scene, and it is worth watching. Orloff just bangs the little bottom senseless.

Ion Davidov's Bel Ami Birthday Party

The movie ends up with a birthday party for Ion Davidov. Like all social events in the Bel Ami world, this is a time where many of the guys pair off and have their own private "party." Armanis and Jaques Mellies get as far as the sairwell before they succumb to their passions. Armanis shows us his top-skills, ramming into Mellies on top of a small bureau.

Ion continues to show off his fantastic top-man skills on Justin Marino and later on Adam Cartier. According to the included documentary, Cartier had never before bottomed before. Their sexplay is firtacious, combined with ardent lovemaking and unadulterated lust. Cartier clearly gets to a point where he finally understands what all the popularity with bottoming is about. His expression is electrifying, and Davidov is a consummate top. The two burn up the screen.

The documentary is interesting and well-done. It includes information on the cast, which is always interesting, as well as scenes that were deleted from the finished version. Mush of this is a prototype to the documentary style Bel Ami has subsequently mastered with its Personal Trainers movies.

Team Play is another solid feature from George Duroy. At this point they were transitioning away from Lucas and Johan, to highlight some new models. Team Play showcases some hot new boy-meat beautiespackaged into another blockbuster.

Team Play Photos:

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