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Team Players

Chris Ward
Raging Stallion Studios  
Andy Dill , Brad Davis , , Hunter James , J.D. Kollin , , Manuel Torres , , Tan Bender
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Team Players

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Jacob Slader a team player known for his big bat.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Raging Stallion exposes a really active set of playa's in their jocko/sporto entry Team Players. Ripe with big bats and jockstraps, this hot film is a frisky foray into the wide world of sports. The team begins its ballgame by balling in the dugout, where real live unrelated players page the game in the ballfield directly in eyeshot. This interesting segment clearly tests the limits of public sexual activity, and the tension of discovery by outsiders.

It makes this opening suckfest scene of the entire team blowing each other memorable. In fact, director Chris Ward uses additional elements of straight/gay tensions, silent and wordless cruising, plus other similar conventions in all the film's scenes.

Jacob Slader [Watch on VOD]
Jacob Slader
The highlight of the team's suckfest shows Brad Davis taking butch Manuel Torres's creamy load in his mouth.

Next, Pete Ross is enamored with team pitcher J.D. Kollin. He loves teasing the straight and married Kollin with his bare ass in the lockeroom. After sticking his bare buns in his teammate's face while undressing, they run through a hot set of dialogue that gives believability to their spontaneous hook-up. Ross lathers attention all over Kollin, the strong, manly faced model on the boxcover.

Also appearing in the great but overlooked Hot Properties, Kollin is one sizzling specimen of topman talent. Ross acts out what everyone else watching clearly yearns, which is the pent up fantasy from sports days to seize that magic moment and get with a yearned-after buddy on the team.

These guys sure are team players!

Ross's upturned ass gets a complete workover. Pulled apart, eaten and spat in, Kollin drills him over a bench. Their plowing is intense, with the blond's legs pulled and held wide apart until they spew out breathless gushing orgasms.

Arguably the pairing of Jacob Slader with newcomer Tan Bender is the movie's high point in sexual heat. Slader rams the long legged brunet with his signature powerthrusts in the open tailgate of an SUV. The view of Jacob Slader getting his beautiful cock (wearing a thick cockring) pulled out of a pair of Baskit underwear starts a frenzy of sexual lust. Bender is in heaven while getting plowed, his pre-cum glistening off his hard-on throughout the scene. Slader's monet shot is so fast and powerful, it flies out of the camerashot, obviously drenching the bottom.

The Team Plays Maunel Torres' Bat

Macho latino Manuel Torres is so hot, he simply cannot be left alone in the dressing room. First, he is attacked by blondie Hunter James, who whips out his own big cock for an oral blowjob feast. James can't resist blowing his wad, gushing out lots of goo before exiting.

Immediately afterwards, gymbuilt newcomer Derrick Hanson arrives to pick up where James left off. It first begins with Torres slowly exploring with obvious amazement, the contours and texture of Hanson's ass. After running his hands and tongue through there, he plows Hanson in several positions.

Hanson clearly loves the hairy chested stud banging him around the lockers, always appearing quite aroused. The hottest moment shows Hansen riding Torres in ecstasy, as he cannot keep his own hand off his own erection as it bounces around. Both guys ejaculate high powered volleys as the sweat glistens on their bodies.

The film finishes with a four way, delivering even more high powered sex. This time the actions is delivered by pornstar entrepreneur Andy Dill and the really hunky and buff Brad Davis, who has done movies off and on since the early 1990s. (Eager to Sleeze Davis always is a really hot guy to watch get fucked.

Dill, who plays the team's coach, plows through the paces in their weight room until Slader and James enter the picture. What does this mean? James gets Slader's big dick up his ass, while Dill and Davis continue their own sex session. Davis then finishes as the team's thirsty cum sponge, eating and groveling in his teammate's hot loads of love.

Well done to the film's producers and cast for hitting five home runs in a row! Team Players is part of the studio's athletic/muscle line which they fully explores and vets on their website. This brings is a nice dimension to what is becoming one of the most robust gay porn studios in operation.

In a fantasy world, we can imagine what would happen if the baseball team from Channel 1/Electro Video's Little Big League went up against Raging Stallion's Team Players. Who would win? Who knows, but we will wager a bet that they would screw each other silly.

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Team Players Photos:

Manuel Torres fucks Derrick Hansen [Watch VOD]
Manuel Torres tops Derrick Hansen
Jacob Slader in Team Players [Watch VOD]
Jacob Slader tops Tan Bender
JD Kollin tastes Pete Ross [Watch on VOD]
JD Kollin tastes Pete Ross

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