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Taking Flight, Parts 1 and 2

Chris Steele
Falcon Studios   FVP154155
, , Brad Patton , Carlo Cox , Christoph Scharff , , Corbin Michaels , , Ethan Marc , Gus Mattox , , , , Kent Larson , Mark Bloom , , Maxx Diesel , Nate Alexander , , Rob Romoni , Tristan Adonis , Troy Punk , Troy Rebel
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Taking Flight, Parts 1 and 2

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Matthew Rush and Jason Adonis fly to London on Falcon Airlines

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Long awaited and much publicized, Falcon's Taking Flight two-part extravaganza is a rousing success. Packed with hot models, great sex, a nice story, it benefits further with impressive sets and intercontinental on-location filming. Someone's investment clearly has payed off. After a nineteen year hiatus (Night Flight), Falcon returns to sexual sagas in the airline industry. The two-parter also is veteran performer Chris Steele's first major directorial project. He handles the formidible duty well, firing new sparks that breathe life into Falcon.

The studio also been busy signing on a boatload of hot new models. Notably, muscle god Jason Adonis has been snagged as a lifetime exclusive. Also, his younger brother Tristan Adonis is now along for the rollicking ride as an adult male pornstar.

Taking Flight Part 1

Jason Adonis tops Ethan MarcWatch on or Watch VOD
Jason Adonis tops Ethan Marc
This is your captain speaking.

Jason Adonis dresses for work, but boyfriend Ethan Marc does not want him to leave so quickly. Marc uses his persuasive skills to keep him there. It all comes down to his ass. After going through an opening round of tender kissing and cock sucking, Adonis delivers one fantastic rim job to Marc's amazing hole. Marc pulls his cheeks apart and writhes on the bed as Adonis works his tongue all over the sphincter.

The powertop easily dominates the petit Marc, pushing his hard boner into the hungry grip of his boyfriend's buns. Perched on his elbows and knees, Marc proclaims how much he loves Adonis' cock as his ass cheeks shake. Flipping him over, Adonis continues his thrusts until he makes Marc cum. Pulling out, Adonis shoots lots of his hot seed everywhere.

Adonis pilots an all-night flight from Los Angeles to London on the acclaimed Falcon Airlines. (He actually looks convincing as a pilot, dressed in his uniform) Just as the Seat Belt Signs switch off, the passengers begin releiving their sexual energy. Cute newbie Corbin Michaels brazenly follows Falcon badboy Bobby Williams into the lavatory. They give each other enthusiastic blowjobs in the small compartment, followed by a hot flip-flop screw. Michaels, first a CitiBoi and more recently bottoming in Dorm Daze, is a pretty hot number.

Williams has a bigger dick, and he rams him long and hard. All the action is photographed nicely within the close confines of an airplane's water closet. They finish with blasts of creamy white lovejuice to mark this quickest of mile high hookups.

Later as the rest of the passengers snooze, newbie Nate Alexander decides to tantalize Tristan Adonis into some impromptu sexplay. The problem is that Adonis' girlfriend is sitting right between them. Fortunately, she must have just taken a strong sleep aid, because she is out cold. Alexander is one of Falcon's new, intriguing models that really commands attention.

Nate Alexander coaxes Tristan Adonis into sex in the middle of a crowded airplane. He pulls his cock of out his jeans, waving it in the air before a captivated Tristan Adonis. At first they cannot touch because of how they are seated. This does not stop Alexander from carefully climbing over the middle girlfriend seat to put his lips on the straightboy's cock. Director Steele mice shows the building tension of a scene with two guys turned on by each other, but do not touch.

In fact, this rings close to an earlier scene in Jocks' The Freshmen. Eventually Alexander gets over to the other seat where he proceeds to suck and rim Tristan Adonis with relative freedom. Tristan Adonis' face displays him thinking how wonderful this all feels. In a fine finish, Adonis tops Alexander who is bent over practically all the way in the girlfriend's lap. Both guys return to their seats to blow their loads.

After taking a walking tour through London Town, the plane's flight attendants get down to business. Flight Steward Matthew Rush drags reluctant co-worker Josh Weston to a sexclub. Rush immediately hooks up with a horned-up Troy Punk, who relishes the opportunity to have the bodybuilder blow his cock. Equally enthusiastic, Rush wraps his red lips around Punk's prick, followed by burying his tongue into the furry bottom's round rump.

Punk aggressively humps his ass back into Rush's big cock. They screw on an ascending metal staircase in several positions, and finish by jacking off shoulder to shoulder.

Elsewhere in the dark corridors, Weston stumbles upon a four man orgy, which he observes but does not intercede. Horny Brit Dean Monroe seems to be instigating a suck fest with Arpad Miklos, Brad Patton and Jean Franko. Monroe (Antton Harri: The Beginning) is definitely one the hottest new Falcon recruits: a sexed-up bottom with handsome good looks. Considering the humongous cocks of these three models, Monroe displays awe inspiring talent with his mouth and ass.

Jean Franko, a Mediterranean stud making his Falcon debut here, has a beautiful big cock, and beautiful-looking ass. He drills Monroe, along with the others. In one memorable visual, Franko and Miklos double penetrate Monroe. In short, Monroe's stamina is jaw-dropping. At the finish, Monroe jacks out his money shot with the loads of the other three dripping off his grinning frame.

We learn that Jason Adonis had discretely followed Josh Weston into the sexclub. He seeks to get intimate with his subordinate at Falcon Airways. Will they fall in love? What about Adonis' bf at home? Watch part two to find out.

Taking Flight: Part 2

Matthew Rush bottoms for Rob RomoniWatch on or Watch VOD
Matthew Rush bottoms for Rob Romoni
Part Two rockets to start with the sexual coupling of superstars Jason Adonis and Josh Weston. The models go all out in their performance, which is romantic, erotic and full of heat. Weston succumbs to Adonis' proposition, and they begin passionately kissing. Following this is a lengthy and satisfying sequence of the two sucking each other's dicks.

For the anal, Adonis is predictably the top. Their sexual performances crackle. Weston appears to love opening up for Adonis. The finest moment of the entire sequence shows Weston on his back, legs spread eagle with Adonis pumping his cock in and out. After this picture perfect moment, they seal their love in the jizm that spurts of out of their dicks.

Following this is a six man orgy set somewhere in the outdoor streets. Maxx Diesel, Christoph Scharaff, Troy Rebel, Mark Bloom, Carlo Cox and Owen Hawk. gather to smoke some cigarettes. They quickly forgo the nicotine for the testosterone. German stud Scharaff is a real hottie, who gets his ass plowed by Diesel. Hawk is always loads of fun to watch. Here he gets screwed by Cox, all the while his own cock stands up at full mast. This scene ends quickly though. We see no money shot from Bloom.

Adonis and Weston's relationship blossoms, but it is time for the Taking Flight crew to go back across the pond. On this leg, co-pilot Gus Mattox (ManMade) decides to switch to automatic so he can get it on with navigator Kent Larson. With a scorching tattoo running down his arm and tufts of manly chesthair, Mattox has become a favorite top in the Falcon stable. He grins, looking like he's having the best time, while Larson blows his cock.

After returning the favor, he tops Larson who sticks his round ass out from a chair in the cockpit. Once again, impressive sets compliment the action taking place in the film. The two move through a vigorous ass-screwing session in the cramped, low ceiling confines of the cockpit. This fun tryst ends with them blowing their money shots, and turning back around to flying the plane.

Matthew Rush gets fucked

Later on the same flight, passenger Rob Romoni gets annoyed at a neighboring passenger masturbating conspicuously next to him. (a quick cameo by porn vet Spike) Romoni finds steward Rush in the kitchen area and complains. This arouses both of them, causing Rush to get on his knees and lather a blowjob on Romoni.

At first Rush tops Romoni in several hot positions. Then, in a remarkable turn of events, Romoni spins Rush around to give him some of the same. Rush looks incredibly hot getting fucked. He is an aggressive bottom, who coaxes Romoni on verbally. Yeah, slam it in there! he grunts, as he gets screwed from behind standing doggie, and also by sitting his muscular body down on Romoni's erection from above.

This sequence is pretty much worth the price of admission alone.

For the final scene, Weston arrives home to his devoted boyfriend Collin O'Neal. The go-teed supertop was patiently waiting for his love with that candle burning bright in the window. Ridden with guilt, Weston decides to have sex with him. For a second time in the movie, Weston turns out another stellar bottom performance. First, O'Neal blows Weston, who has his Calvin Klein underwear pulled down to his balls. The supersexy O'Neal exudes masculinity, easily matching Weston move for move.

O'Neal drills him with his magnificent, thick cock on their living room couch. They finish by firing heavy money shots which leave Weston dripping. And we will let the viewer see the story wrapup for themselves.

Falcon pulls out all stops for this production. Incorporating an obvious budget, Taking Flight will be remembered for its remarkable plane set.

Another thing of note: Part two conatains a well-done documentary on the filming of the movie. This thirty minute production contains a production and content quality like a documentary one might find on a cable television channel. Leaving out footage of bloopers and the cast horsing around, it focuses on Steele getting the shots he wants, filming on the plane set, and the interesting on location trip to London. Kudos to this lagniappe, which adds value the DVD. It clearly is worth an award winning nod.

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Taking Flight, Parts 1 and 2 Photos:

Tristan Adonis and Nate AlexanderWatch on or Watch VOD
Tristan Adonis, Nate Alexander, and the Sleeping Girlfriend
Surrounding Dean MonroeWatch on or Watch VOD
Arpad Miklos, Brad Patton and Jean Franko surround Dean Monroe

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