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Take One for the Team

Chi Chi LaRue
Rascal Video   RV1040
Andel , Cody Scott , , Jason Ridge , Justin Wells , Sean West , Toby O'Connor , Todd Winters
Athletes / SportsHunksUniforms: Sports GearFetish: Jock Straps

Take One for the Team

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Todd Winters takes one for the team

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Lavishing attention on suiting-up in colorful, tight sports gear, jockstraps, shorts and underwear, Take One for the Team mixes in eight jock-type models for four scenes of sweaty locker room sex. The movie does well as spending time on the sexual nature of silently dressing and undressing in the locker room, tensions mounting in anticipation of the physical contact of the game about to ensue.

Often, the hottest scenes use no words. The movie begins with a wordless five minutes where brunet Todd Winters and dirty blond Andel suit-up in the locker room, occasionally stealing glances at each other. They strap on colorful football uniforms before going outside and tossing around a football.

Returning arm-in-arm, their pent-up passion explodes in a torrent of kissing and groping. Andel's bubbleass looks delicious hanging out of his white jockstrap. He bends over the bench, so his playbuddy can stick in his meat.

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Todd Winters

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Todd Winters, a studio Exclusive, is a cute, dark-haired all-American jock type. He tops Andel who is leaning up against a locker, and shoot his cream by running his dick between the Czech's smooth cheeks.

Andel shoots his sweet Slavic cream while Winters continues plugging away.

The next scene is a blonde hair match-up. Sean West and Cody Scott slowly dress in tight wrestling suits. West does so with a rock-hard erection, ginning wide at Scott. The two go out and tussle a bit. Their action quickly turns sexual with Scott on his knees, pulling back the smooth foreskin on West's rod.

Scott ends up taking one for the team here. Doggie-style over a bench and moaning, he chews on his wrestling suit. West flips Scott over on his back, where the two blondes continue their anal workout until they squirt their love juice.

Scene three is a first-class three-way. Justin Wells, Toby O'Connor and Todd Winters suit up to play soccer. Bright soccer shorts and jockstraps abound. Here in his second scene, Winters further demonstrates his sexual prowess.

The boys enjoy some luxurious kissing, licking, sucking and ass rimming. Their butts are all round and tasty. It turns out that Winters sings a high moan whenever a tongue touches his nether region.

Wearing their jockstraps, Winters mounts Wells from behind. Then O'Connor gets the pleasure of feeling Winters' meat pumping inside him. O'Connor's face reveals that when screwed this way, he's rising to heaven. Everyone here turns in a great show.

Jason Ridge takes one for the team

Next, after winning medals in a swim meat, brunets Jason Ridge and Exclusive Eddie Stone get down afterwards in the locker room. As in all the previous scenes, there's lots of foreplay and playing with their sports clothing on. Here they wear tight speedos.

After working on each other's dicks with their mouths, Jason Ridge decided to take this new Rascal Exclusive's ass for a spin. Stone's tall, big frame contrasts with the smaller Ridge. The bottom holds his legs and feet way back in the air like a pro.

Then the two sportos flip-flop with Ridge sticking his bootie in the air.

Director LaRue knows how to capture all the grinding close-ups of sliding meat, plus these well-scrubbed models enjoy talking to each other during their sexplay, urging each other on. They know how to take one for the team.

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Todd Winters
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Todd Winters, Justin Wells, Toby O'Connor

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